Top Minimalist And Modern Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Christmas means lots of fun and some unique decor ideas for your home. Modern interiors demand minimalist yet contemporary Christmas decoration. And, it starts with the tree! You need not opt for a heavy Christmas tree infused with shiny baubles screaming traditional styles. Rather, you can prefer modernistic trees with trendy decorations and unique ornaments. It can be a tree made from string lights or an alternative tree with minuscule decorations. Here are given the top 40 minimalist and modern Christmas tree decor ideas for the modern homes.

1. The White Beauty:



There can’t be anything more minimalist yet elegant than this all-white Christmas tree decorated with white balls and flowers.

2. Christmas Tree Dress Decor:

A tree decorated like a voluminous evening gown. Can’t get more innovative than this!

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3. Handmade Pallet Christmas Tree:

It s minimalist and elegant. A beautiful star and lots of tiny baubles are adding the festive charm to this decor.

4. Minuscule Christmas Tree:

A table-top Christmas tree is an excellent idea for smaller spaces seeking contemporary holiday decoration.

5. Eco-friendly Christmas Tree:

This year, celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas with this innovative idea.

6. Crafty Wooden Christmas Tree:

This one is a unique DIY Christmas tree idea. Loved the snowflakes and animal ornaments hanging from it!

7. Metal Table-Top Tree:

We call it minimalism at its best. What’d you say?

8. Scandinavian Minimalism:

This is a stunning Scandinavian design with minimalism and modernism at its core.

9. Small And Stunning:

This is a small and absolutely stunning Christmas tree decor with sparkling colorful baubles accentuating its beauty against the modern room settings.

10. Christmas Tree In Burlap:

Tiny Christmas trees wrapped in a burlap and adorned with some frost for natural accents is looking adorable with white candle pillars.

12. A Pretty Nordic Christmas Tree Decor:

This beautiful minimalist Christmas tree decoration can complement any modern home.

13. A Wonderful Christmas Tree of Sticks:

This one is creative, unique and appropriately minimalist as well! It has ample space under the tree to place the Christmas gifts for the whole family.

14. Minimalist Silver Decor:

This decor is so breezy and uncluttered. It has only silver ornaments hanging from the tree.

15. Simple Norwegian Decor:

A Norwegian style of decor with modern interiors and furnishing is adding charm to this simple Christmas tree.

16. Naturally Crafted Christmas Tree Decor:

This modern decor is accentuated by the handmade fabric ornaments and small pine cones.

17. Silvery Christmas Tree Decor:

Drenched in silver accents, this is a pretty Christmas tree decor for the modern families.

18. Minimal Christmas Tree:

Just 2-3 wooden ornaments hanging on this small tree are making it look so modernistic and minimalist.

19. A ‘Birdful’ Decor:

This one is cute and simple at the same time. Isn’t it?

20. Modern Christmas Tree Decor For Outdoors:

Have Christmas tree in the front yard? You can decorate it minimally with small light bulbs or tiny ornaments.

21. Modern Red And White Decor:

This minimal decor is looking unique and special with red baubles on white tree. The neatly wrapped Christmas presents in same combination are adding to its beauty.

22. Hanging Ornamental Decor:

This decor is unique, innovative and thoughtful. Perfect for small spaces!

23. Baubles Christmas Tree Decor:

A small Christmas tree decorated with shiny baubles will look beautiful in any corner of your home.

24. Gem Of Minimal Decoration:

Love gemstones? You will love this decor as well with the tiny gemstone shaped ornaments hanging from its branches.

25. Soothing Decor With Candles:

A Christmas tree decorated with white candles will look so minimalist yet festive for any contemporary setting.

26. Contemporary Black & White Decor:

Tree branches with string lights and pretty ornaments are looking so plush in this decor.

27. Amazing Minimalist Tree Decor:

This decor is sharing festive vibes without being too overboard. The striped paper strips are looking cute in this decoration.

28. Nautical Christmas Tree Decor:

A unique theme for Christmas tree decorations. It is modern and beautiful.

29. Glossy Christmas Tree:

This glass tree with small shimmering ornaments is looking very elegant.

30. Christmas Tree Decor With Dove On Top:

This is such a soothing a pretty Christmas tree decor for modern homes.

31. Mesmerizing Decor With String Lights:

Some beautiful baubles and string lights are making this tree look so charming.

32. Christmas Decor On Branch:

An elegant Christmas branch with trendy colorful ornaments. It is completely minimalist and chic.

33. Miniature Tree Wrapped In Ribbon

Bead string, jingle bells, and white ribbon, what else can you ask for in a modern Christmas tree decor that is elegantly minimalist as well?

34. Beautiful Star Topping Decor:

A huge star set on the top of a plain tree is making this decor simple yet effective.

35. Exquisite Wooden Christmas Tree:

This decor is enhanced by the wooden logs and shining baubles over them.

36. Christmas Tree Decoration With Fairy Dolls:

Little fairies handmade with felt are looking absolutely adorable as ornaments on this tree.

37. Innovative Decor With Teak:

This decor is minimalist and a unique DIY for the people who love innovation.

38. Gorgeous White Christmas Tree Decor:

This one is simply minimalist and trendy.

39. Creative White Decor:

Not only the tree, but the whole decor is so contemporary in this idea. The advent calendar is making it completely Christmasy in appeal.

40. Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Decoration:

A wall hanging Christmas tree with shiny ornaments is defining minimalism with its design.

These are the top 40 minimalist and modern Christmas tree decor ideas that you can try for your home on this Christmas.

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