Top Silver And White Christmas Decoration Ideas

Silver and white color combination look surreal. It is reminiscent of the icy winter days. So this Christmas,  forget the traditional green and red and opt for silver and white theme instead. It is neutral and can be used all winter long. Here are 40 brilliant ideas to help you transform your house into a home straight from the fairytale.

  1. Sparkling Topiary:



Wrap the wire topiary trees with sparkling garland and add glass bits or rocks as a substitute for soil. This idea will turn even the warmest of the house into a winter wonderland.

  1. White And Silver Ornaments:

White and silver ornaments look elegant and exquisite, especially against fresh boughs. You can even add a few glittered snowflakes to add loads of shine to the décor.

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  1. Hang From The Ceiling:



Suspend white and silver snowflakes from the chandelier for a quick decoration. You can hang the snowflakes at varying heights for more interest.

  1. Silver Tableware:

It is a shame to the family heirlooms to leave the silver dinnerware unused. You must take them out at least, for the holidays. Top a silver tray with a white dinner plate. Next, roll a white linen napkin in a silver ring and place on the plate. Easy, isn’t it?

  1. White And Silver Tree With Colorful Ornaments:



If you still want a brighter tree, take a white and silver and decorate it with colorful ornaments. Even black decorations on white trees look dramatic.

  1. Something For Your Coffee Table:

Give a contemporary look to your house with this decoration idea. We love the silver votives and twigs used in place of flowers.

  1. Blingy Napkin Rings:

Create a star studding table setting with this lovely idea. Roll the white napkins and slip them though silver or rhinestone bracelets. You can even consider making your own napkin rings using rhinestones.

  1. Sparkling Votives:

Make your candleholders reflect your vivacious personality with this lovely idea. Coat the glass with glue and roll in clear glitter. Attach a white or silver trim and you are done.

  1. Little Angels:

This idea is downright adorable. We loved the addition of little wooden angels, silver glasses as candle votives and shimmering snowflakes.

  1. Silver Christmas Tree:

This silver tree looks incredibly gorgeous. It will make a perfect addition to your modern décor.

  1. Silver And White Living Room:

You do not always have to go over the top to give a Christmassy look to your living room. In this idea, the focus is one the mantelpiece.

  1. Silver Candlesticks:

Here’s a fancy way to add fluff and fancy to your Christmas décor. Click the link for full instructions.

  1. A Basket Christmas Tree:

Here’s another lovely way to deck your Christmas tree as per your theme.

  1. Deck Your Dining Room:

Make the Christmas tree the focal point of your dining room this Christmas. Add a few white and silver ornaments here and there and you are done.

  1. A Vintage Décor:

Here’s a lovely way to deck your yard. It has a perfect amalgamation of green, white and silver.

  1. A Branch Tree:

A branch tree decorated with silver ornaments would look beautiful on your side table.

  1. Ethereally Beautiful:

The decoration idea seems like has been taken straight from a fairytale film. It’s ethereally beautiful.

  1. Add Some Festive Touches:

Do you have some extra ornaments lying in our house? Then put them to use by displaying them in cloches or clear glass vases.

  1. A Stack OF Ornaments:

This idea is utterly cute, especially the bearded Tomte.

  1. A Pop Of Red:

If silver and white combination is getting too much for you, add a pop of color by placing red vases near the silver tree.

  1. White And Silver Tablescape:

We loved the silver ornaments, white candles, and pinecones used in the decoration. You can leave it all winter long, even for the New Years.

  1. An Earthy Touch:

Bring an earthy touch to your décor by placing these cute little ornaments on the center table.

  1. JOY:

Purchase silver berries or jingle bells from the hardware store and place in a white pitcher along with a JOY ornament.

  1. Shelf Shelf

    On The Wall:

Deck the wall shelf with silver baubles hung from white ribbons, white tissue flowers, a white plate and a reindeer statue.

  1. Neutral Centerpiece:

Fill a large ironstone tureen with steaming soup and place on the dinner table for a lovely arrangement. You can even scatter silver ornaments, glass trees and votives for an added effect.

  1. A Simple Christmas Setting:

Glitz up the plain tableware by adding some silver baubles and metal cake plates.

  1. Silver Christmas Tree And White Tableware:

Here’s another simple, yet effective white and silver decorating idea.

  1. A Gorgeous Mantelpiece Setting:

The mantel of this house is dressed with a large mercury Christmas tree and silver ex-voto. The addition of bottlebrush trees, greens, and giving a lovely touch to the house.

  1. A Warm Centerpiece:

This led glitter branch will add sparkle and a romantic glow throughout the celebration.

  1. White And Silver Christmas Tree:

We love this unusual white and silver Christmas tree. Very different from what we had seen before.

  1. Silver And White With Red:

This table setting idea is perfect for a winter dinner party. You can also go for blue or teal colored table runner.

  1. Silver Candles On Mercury Glasses:

Here’s a lovely centerpiece idea for you. The silver candles are coated with glitter and placed on mercury candleholders. If you want, you can skip the blue and add white ornaments.

  1. A Soothing Christmas Table Decoration:

This is such a fresh white and silver modern decoration. Gather a few silver candle holders and place white pillar candles on it.

  1. Silver Reindeer:

Place a silver reindeer and silver and white ornaments in front of a mirror to showcase the beauty of the holidays.


  1. For Blue Lovers:

So you want a silver and white décor, but cannot part with your favorite color blue? No worries, add a blue touch to your silver and white décor by placing blue ornaments.

  1. A White And Silver Centerpiece:

Create a simple, yet stunning tablescape with mercury glass candle holders and silver jingle bells. It will emit a twinkling glow that will bring holiday spirit to the house.

  1. Holiday Themed White And Silver Bookshelf:

We love this white and silver holiday themed bookshelf. The addition of Brown is enhancing its beauty.

  1. Silver And White Ornaments Garland:

Make use of your old baubles by making this lovely garland for your kitchen. It’s standing out against the white backdrop.

  1. Snow House Village:

Do you have your child’s dollhouse or castle lying in your storeroom? Then bring it to use by making a beautiful snow castle.

  1. White Tree With Stacked Gift Boxes:

Stack some well-wrapped boxes near your white Christmas tree and see the difference that it creates. Do not forget to decorate the tree with ornaments.


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