White Christmas Tree Decorations are very popular in all over the world, and there are lot of white ribbon, white and silver hanging ornaments, gift wrappers’ etc etc are available in the market. Christmas is round the corner and here is a collection of white Christmas tree decorations that will get you started.

White Christmas Tree Decorations

Going by wintery mood, snowy white holiday decor always looks bright and modern, so we have gathered some of the most creative and inspiring White Christmas decoration ideas around the web to help you celebrate the season. Read on to witness the collection of 40 White Christmas Decorating Ideas and get inspired. Have fun!

1. The Hearts And Twigs:

White Christmas Tree Decorations
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Let’s start with the most unconventionally beautiful white Christmas tree decorations. Yes, the peach hearts hanging from the twigs! It does suffice for Christmas ambience with a touch of romance.

2. The Christmas Tree Pillar:

White_Christmas (28)
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This white Christmas tree decoration is suited mostly for high ceilings as they are full fledged trees standing like a straight pillar across the hall! Decorate it in any manner or just like in the picture above! I find this absolutely lovely!

3. The Table Stand:

White_Christmas_Tree (2)

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The other idea is to make a great table stand to put your Christmas tree on. Decorate your tree with white leaves, silver Christmas balls and white bows! Makes it look really elegant!

4. White Ambience:

White_Christmas_Tree (3)

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More than just an attractive White Christmas Tree, you could also make your surroundings and other accessories around your house white to go according to the tree. In this was you can have a uniform theme in your house!

5. White Owl Decorations:

White_Christmas_Tree (4)

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Decorate your small Christmas trees with white owls to give it a white glow! These owls looks really cute and you can either hang them on the twigs or simply place them around it.

6. Make A Theme:

White_Christmas_Tree (5)

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Match your surroundings with the Christmas tree, here, white. With a white chandelier and a beautiful collection of glass jars to go along with the tree’s decoration!

7. Lavish Decoration:

White_Christmas_Tree (6)

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Put in all your creativity and come out with something really lavish! The wide variety of decoration, with various white balls of different sizes and other silvery objects will just look extremely pretty and lavish! You may also want to showcase other pieces of art around the tree to make it look absolutely stunning!

8. Keep It Simple:

White_Christmas_Tree (7)

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Opt for some really simple and sober decoration on your Christmas tree. Go for an all white Christmas tree which is dense looking and place it in your living room. Trust me, it will look extremely gorgeous !

9. A Stick-y Affair:

White_Christmas (26)

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Go for a white accessorized Christmas tree made out of attaching sticks in the way shown in the picture! It comes out really creative once you’re done decorating it!

11. Kid’s Favorite:

White_Christmas (23)

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A Christmas tree decorated with everything a kid would love is the best decoration according to me! Place some cute stuffed toys around a beautifully white Christmas tree and wait for all the happiness you receive from the little ones!

12. Aqua Clusters:

White_Christmas (19)

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These silver and aqua balls are a must for your white Christmas tree since they enhance the decorations to a very shiny and elegant one! Hang in some of these Christmas balls and make it even more attractive!

13. Go Non-Traditional:

White_Christmas (17)
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This Christmas, go non traditional with this extremely innovative Christmas tree and it’s decoration! Keep it a white one since it brightens up the mood and hang random accessories ranging from balls to owls to horses and many more!

14. Go Glam On A Budget:

White_Christmas (16)
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Glam up your holiday decor with a flashy and fun celebrity-inspired tree. Trimmed with mini gold sunburst mirrors and pretty pops of pink and red ornaments, this bright white tree is fit for a superstar.

15. Minimalistic:

White_Christmas (22)
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It doesn’t get more minimalist than this tree. I especially love the canary yellow ornaments.

16. All Paper:

White_Christmas (15)
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Go for an all – paper handmade white Christmas tree and wait for all your guests to go awe over your creativity!

17. White Baby Tree:

White_Christmas (18)
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The stump stand for this snow white Christmas tree is so great we can’t even stand it. And the toy train around the base is quite the classic touch.

18. Black And White:

White_Christmas_Tree (9)
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Give a gorgeous black and white ombre to your tree and get ready to gain attention !

19. Spread A Message:

White_Christmas (21)
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Spread the message of peace in this beautiful way!

20. Simple Ornamentation:

White_Christmas (24)
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Not too many ornaments needed for this one- those flocked branches are ornamentation on their own!

21. The Moon Effect:

White_Christmas (20)

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Make a moonful decor with the refection effect. It makes it looks extremely pretty and creative!

22. Match Your Decor:

White_Christmas (6)
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Whether your home is traditional or contemporary , choose a tree color and theme that fit your design. This beautiful white Christmas tree with the purple and pink flocks is a perfect accompaniment to the cool, purple decor in this eclectic living room.

23. Tons Of Tinsel:

White_Christmas (3)

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To recreate the subtle charm of this modern, white designer tree, add generous amounts of soft silver and light gold tinsel to branch tips after ornaments and garland are in place.

24. Go Mobile:

White_Christmas (8)
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Who says your Christmas tree has to stay put? A galvanized bucket  makes a stylish tree container and will allow you to transport your tree to any room in the house.

25. Holiday Cards:

White_Christmas (7)
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Put your holiday cards to good use by cutting them into small designs and using them as decorative items on your white Christmas tree!

26. The One Your Dog Will Love:

White_Christmas (11)
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Since pets, especially dogs and cats love to play around the Christmas trees, you would like to consider making your trees artificial. Take a beautiful white artificial Christmas tree, not a huge one and adorn it with pet friendly ornaments that are harder to chew or swallow.

27. Bows Everywhere:

White_Christmas (1)
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Match your tree to your gift wrap or vice versa. Create a bright, unified look by using the same festive blue bows on both the Christmas tree and the gift wrap this holiday! I love the idea of matching striking blue and yellow colors. Breathtakingly beautiful.

28. Clustered Ornaments:

White_Christmas (9)
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A designer trick for adding depth to your Christmas tree decor is to cluster similar ornaments together then hang them inside the tree and along the tips of branches. A must try! You can combine any colors of your preference. You can also use decorated ornaments.

29. Light It Up:

White_Christmas (5)
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Live in an apartment or loft with holiday-decorating restrictions? Bring the bling to your tree in a safe way with battery-operated or plug-in candles, like these gorgeous chandelier candelabras.

30. One Dominant Colour:

White_Christmas (4)

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Decorate your Christmas tree with one dominant colour just like in the picture. Illuminate your tree with one saturated colour keeping the base white. Since every colour looks good on white, you can choose very easily as to how to decorate it.

31. Bright Neutrals:

White_Christmas (10)
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Bright, cheery neutrals are a great fit in almost any interior design, making them ideal for holiday decorating. This crisp, white tree is anything but bland when trimmed with modern parchment-colored ornaments and minimalistic garland. Make a beautiful, modern statement in your home with this easily adaptable, less-is-more approach.

32. Lights Will Suffice:

white christmas

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Deck up your tree with nothing but simple lights lined from the inside to make it look naturally bright! The old adage that says “simplicity is beauty” is pretty accurate in this one.

33. Blue Baubles:

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Glass ornaments add a designer touch to any tree whether you want a classic or contemporary look. Blue baubles go with all types of themes!

34. Stars And Everything Else:

White_Christmas_Tree (1)
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All stars and glitter is a favorite amongst all! It’s simple yet pretty! The wicker basket made it rustic yet elegant.

35. Candle It Up:

White_Christmas_Tree (8)
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Placing candles on your tree? Well, that is quite unique! Just be careful though as this can be fire catcher.

36. Let It Be Frozen:

White_Christmas_Tree (11)

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Make the most of this snowy season and get some really beautifully decorated DIY Christmas trees just like this one. It can be of any reference, like here it is of the movie, Frozen! Cast your outdoors with ribbons and handmade snow crystals and icicles and adorn your custom made tree!

37. Paper Star:

White_Christmas_Tree (10)

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A star crafted out of paper is quite a decoration! Go for it! This will go along well with flocked christmas trees with golden christmas balls and ornaments.

38. A White Snowman:

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For a simple and quick Christmas decorating solution, transform your tree into a fun holiday character, like this adorable snowman. It’s pretty easy to pull off. First, put a snowman Styrofoam ball with black hat. Hang three black balls that will serve as “button” of the snowman. Lastly, wrap it with a scarf to complete the snowman look.

39. Classic Meets Modern:


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Mix trendy with traditional. Classic silver and gold ornaments and beaded garland complement a trendy monogram topper on this chic, simple tree.

40. White Wooden Christmas Tree:


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Stack your presents nicely this year thanks to the clean design and shape of this Christmas tree alternative. Add a coat of white paint to make this really stand out!

41. Santa-themed White Christmas Tree


Here’s a cute Santa-themed white Christmas tree. Topped with a vibrant red Santa hat and decorate with red and green ornaments, this white Christmas tree will definitely be a center of attraction in your home this holiday. You can add Santa shoes, red tree skirt and wrapped gifts and voila!

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42. White and Dreamy

Are you singing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…” Dream no more and make it happen with this stunning and lovely white flocked Christmas tree. Complete the look with yellow Christmas light, gold Christmas balls and wrapped with white ribbons.

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43. Colorful Against White

Decorating a white Christmas tree can be both easy and tricky. While you can pretty much put different colors on it since it’s plain white, arranging them the way it won’t look messy is the tricky part. This white christmas tree from Makely Home totally rock it. I love the combination of colors. It is indeed colorful.

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44. Outdoor White Christmas tree Decor

What a great way to greet your guests on holiday. A totally white christmas tree in a white vase, decorated with blue and teal christmas balls, this outdoor white christmas tree decoration is pretty stunning. You can pull if off easily this holiday.

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45. White and Gold Combo

Keep it classic and traditional by using mellow colored decorations against white Christmas tree. Use golden Christmas balls and golden geometric ornaments.

46. White, Gold and Black

Like mentioned earlier, decorating a white christmas tree can be easy. Any bright and vibrant colors would stand out against it. In this small christmas tree, the gold stars and black ornaments made it totally stand out. With some added ornamental greetings and hearts, this is pretty breathtaking especially when lights are on.

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47. White, Winter Wonder Tree

But if you don’t like too many colors in your Christmas tree and want to keep it as white as possible, you can use silver and white ornaments.

48. Miniature White Christmas Tree

This is such a cute Christmas tree. Decorated with pink and silver ornaments, you can place this in your counter on holiday.

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49. Red and White

50. Themed White Christmas Tree

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Great! You can decorate your white christmas tree with some star wars action figures and collectibles. Since your tree is white, the colors of your action figures will definitely give the tree an amazing twist. Don’t forget to add some ornaments and Christmas balls too, preferable silver or white. Top it with metallic silver star.

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These are some of the many brilliant ideas for decorating white Christmas trees! Have a snowy Christmas and if you come across other innovative ideas, do share with us in the comments below!