To embrace the Scandinavian style decoration, there is no better time than the winter holidays, when the cold and snow can help your fantasy of living in a cozy chic cottage feel a little more realistic.

Try something new in the form of Scandinavian Christmas decorating if you want to keep things nice, minimal and trendy.

Scandinavian is also known as a Nordic style and is famous for its trendy and modern decorating which is mainly characterized by rustic, cozy and minimalist style. It is all about black, white, wreaths made up of leaves, woodsy, pine cones, rustic lanterns, twigs and tree branches. To add colors to your decorations, use berries, fabric decorations, stockings and tree ornaments.

Scandinavian designs became popular in the early 1950’s which celebrates simplicity and functionality.

There is no better time to get your feet wet when it comes to trying out Scandinavian traditions than Christmas. During recent decades, the Scandinavian Christmas celebrations have become more secular events.

Scandinavians have December as the darkest time of the year as it is located at the top of Europe and is composed of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. During Christmas, they have longest nights and great winter. It is also said that Scandinavians are creative in terms of ideas of Christmas decorations and they are resourceful in making use of the things in their surroundings.

The Scandinavian Christmas decorating can create a tranquil and a peaceful atmosphere in your holiday home. We have been decorating our houses in different styles until now but this season let us try something new.

Scandinavian style is popular because of its natural beauty and coziness. The traditional Scandinavian Christmas is all about green and red so you can start filling up your home with these colors along with deer figures, rough wood decorations, pine cones, fir branches wreaths and stars. For minimalist look, use grey, white, green and black: fir trees without decor, candles, white pot with moss, fir branches decor and natural wood.

Here are some latest ideas:


Use a spray of wheat stalks bound by ribbon which adds a rustic refinement to a box wood wreath. Use artificial winter berries to light it up and silver bells for some jingle.



With a smorgasbord of cool crisp trimmings, set the scene. Use straw stars to mock cross stitched ornaments. To complete the look, use a tree skirt of sheep skin and gifts in solid hued paper.


Create a playful reindeer project with a couple of corrugated card board boxes and handy templates.

For this idea, print the template on a paper and trace the head twice and the antlers once on corrugated card board. Cut 2 head patterns and score along the dotted lines. Use a knife to cut partially through the card board which allows the card board to fold easily along the line, to score. Making sure that the scored lines are on the inside, place the heads together so that they match. Glue the nose section together so that the 2 heads are connected at the nose, matching exactly. Once done, allow glue to dry. Open the heads to form a V and insert deer antlers in top grooves. Place rectangular brace in back. In grooves, add the antler prongs. To the either side of the nose, glue red construction paper. To draw a circle for an eye, use a black sharpie. In the wreath, place the reindeer head of your choice.


from second hand cable knits and fair isles, stitch up a row of no sweat sweater stockings and stuff with presents along with silver glass holders which glows on the mantel. Use store bought and homemade wheat wreaths, staggered on the wall above the mantel. Use old sweaters to make these stockings. You can create a pattern of your own. Cut sweater on the pattern.


Embellish an evergreen garland with berry branches and ornaments which resembles snowflakes and pinecones. Drape some greenery along a doorway or staircase hand rail and hang the ornaments from ribbon loops to create a perfect and elegant entryway display.


Make a no fuss natural center piece by loosely cinch craft store wheat stalks with white and red ribbon. Simply store faux snow inside clear glass vases and nestle stalks on top. Surround it with almonds in the shell and evergreen cuttings for an easy organic elegance.


Get an embroidery hoop and download a pattern to your computer and print it on an iron on transfer paper for dark surfaces. From the paper, cut the copied design and then iron it on a white linen fabric. Cut design from the fabric. On the wooden frame of an embroidery hoop, center the image and then place the larger hood on top of it. Around the edges, pull the excess fabric tightly so that it lies flat as you push down on the larger hoop. Tighten the screw and cut all excess fabric from the back of the hoop. Hang the ornament using a small piece of wire through screw hardware.


With leftover wheat reeds, wooden craft shapes, hot glue and a red marker, the star ornament comes together in minutes. For the idea you will need, ½ yard of fabric for making around 2 dozen ornaments, stiff iron on fusible backing from fabric store, knife and a blade and sharp scissors.

Get a cotton patterned fabric and iron it on a stiff iron on fusible web. Download and trace the pattern on the back side of webbing. Cut it out using scissors. On top of reindeer back, pierce a small slit with your knife and slide a 3 inch wire through for hanger.


To create some simple ornaments, weave high contrast ribbons. Layer the lengths within mini embroidery hoops and using a double stick tape around the inner hoop hold the ribbon in place.


Spray a dusting of powdered sugar subs for some snow in a forest of Chocolate Ginger Bread Cake. Baked in the decorative tree Bundt pan, the chocolate ginger bread cake will spruce up the holiday party in Scandinavian style with ease. For this idea you will need: Flour: 2 Cups, Unsweetened Cocoa: ¾ Cup, Ground Ginger: 1 ½ TSP, Baking Powder: 1 ½ TSP, Baking Soda: ½ TSP, Salt: ¼ TSP, Butter: ¾ Cup, Packed Brown Sugar: ¾ Cup, Granulated Sugar: ¾ Cup, Ginger: Grated and Peeled: 1 TBSP, Eggs: 3, Blackstrap Molasses: ¼ Cup, Low Fat Buttermilk: 1 Cup, Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips: 2 Cups, Confectioner’s Sugar: 1 TBSP.


Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F and coat 12 cup decorative tree Bundt pan with non stick baking spray. Sift together cocoa, flour, baking powder, ground ginger, baking soda and salt on a sheet of waxed paper. With mixer on medium high speed, in a large bowl, beat butter and sugar until it gets creamy. Beat in some fresh ginger. Reduce the speed and beat in the eggs, 1 at a time and then molasses, keep scraping the bowl with rubber spatula. Add flour mixture with buttermilk. Beat until combined and scraping the bowl occasionally with rubber spatula and then fold in the chocolate chips. In a prepared pan, pour the batter and bake for an hour and once done, let it cool down. Dust with confectioner’s sugar before serving.


If you are looking for some simple table decoration ideas then try this one in which you just have to snip the branch tips from the Christmas tree and place one in a clear glass votive at each place. Sprinkle handful of small vintage ornaments in gold and silver randomly down the center of the table and ground the arrangement with few tall candles.


Snip off a piece of a branch from your big Christmas tree and place it in water to create a pint size Christmas tree for the table top which you can easily place in the guest room or a drawing room to welcome your visitors in a special way.

Scrap Wood Advent Calendar:

If you are on a crafty side then try to create a Nordic style tree out of some small wood scraps. It will look beautiful in its own way. You can either paint it or leave it bare. You can also attach small packages to turn it in to an advent calendar.


Another way to bring in the touch of woods in the house is with an armful of bare branches. You just have to plunk them in a bag vase and attach the ornaments, holiday cards and other decorative embellishments of your choice.


If you have a set of basic table linens and basic white dishes then all you need to re create a Scandinavian look are few red accents. If you are not using the items which are not too holiday specific then re – use them this year and create a wonderful look by combining red and white.


With a candle light simple green wreaths hung from each windows, welcome the visitors in from the cold. You can create these wreaths easily using wreath forms from a local shop and greenery snipped from the trees outside.


Blooming flowers of any sort are always welcomed in winters and the delicate white blossoms of paper whites look fitting alongside the natural holiday decor. Use cluster pots by filling them with blooming bulbs in the center of the dining table or along a buffet table. Make sure that paper whites have a strong fragrance once in full bloom and if you are sensitive to flower fragrances then choose a different plant.


Do not limit yourself to the tree. Use white Christmas lights and drape it on shelves and mantels, coil it inside the glass vessels or wooden bird cages, hung them vertically in the corner of a room. Keep trying to get interesting versions of covered twinkle lights as they make wonderful accents too.



Use potted tree cuttings for this idea. Get a group of vintage containers and fill them with fresh tree cuttings for a display which will last for months if cared properly.


If you are in doubt for the Scandinavian decoration then stick to simple palettes. Pair down some neutral palettes for a greater appeal of the Scandinavian approach to decorating. Natural wood, white, putty grey along with metallic hue create a peaceful mood and not to forget that white, wood and red are cheery and fun.


Wood in all of its forms is an essential and the most demanded element of Scandinavian decorating. If you have a wood stove or a fire place then make it attractive with display of logs in smart and stylish ways.


For the snowy day, this Scandinavian decor idea would be the perfect option and it will look splendid outside a holiday party home. You just have to fill a container with water and place a smaller container inside it. In the smaller container use some rocks to displace water until the top is roughly at the level of water. Once done, arrange the leaves, acorns and berries in the water below. Set the containers outside to freeze for a night and then unmold.


Scandinavian decoration is mostly about the natural ornaments and two toned decorations. In this stairway decoration idea, you will need to use fresh garlands which can be beatified by sparkling Christmas lights and white Christmas stockings.


You can opt for minimalist small Christmas decor if you have issues related to space for your decorations. Simply decorate a miniature Christmas tree in a jar and to increase the beauty, place a candle nearby for a perfect Scandinavian look.


This DIY idea can easily be done at home. The working instructions are simple for creating the Nordic Gnomes. For this idea you will need: felt, Card board Cone Shapes, Embroidery Floss, Cotton Balls, Wood Doll Heads and a Hot Glue Gun. A perfect Scandinavian DIY idea.


To get the look of a perfect Scandinavian home, simply decorate your tree with white and silver ornaments, chairs draped with sheep skins, white paper star lantern and a table brightened by white candles.


To get the real Scandinavian touch in your home decor, decorate the clay ornaments with your favourite Scandinavian inspired motifs. Do not forget to make enough to give as gifts. For the idea you will need: start by rolling the clay in a thin, even sheet and then cut out some shapes using a cookie cutter in different sizes. Once done, poke holes on top of all the ornaments using a straw. Now start the baking process. Once the clay has been baked, set them aside to cool and start designing and decorating it. You can use metallic and black paint. Finish off the ornament with bakers twine. If you have some smaller sized ornaments then keep them aside for personalized gifting option and use the larger ones for decorating your tree in Scandinavian style.


Craft out this delightful snowflake ornaments out of wooden beads and twine in different sizes for a full Scandinavian display on the tree or the wall. Do not forget to include your family members and kids to make small ornaments. For this idea, you will need: Jewellery Wire: 24 gauge, Natural Wood Beads: 12mm, String or a Ribbon for Loop, Wire Cutters, Round Nose Pliers.

Cut a wire strip of about 2 arms in length and thread in 6 beads to the end of the wire, leaving 4 inches on the tail. Through the first bead thread the wire back and pull it taut completing a circle. Now thread 5 additional beads on the wire. Through the second bead from the top thread the wire back. Try to align the bead so that the holes get on the sides which will make it easy for you to add ribbon or a string for hanging. Thread 2 additional beads and then thread the wire through the bottom bead of the arm. Do not forget to keep the wire taut as you work. Once you thread the wire back through bead 7, you will be able to make arm tight and secure. Through bead 2, thread the wire and repeat steps 2 to 4 until you have created 6 arms to complete the snow flake. Around the inner circle wind the wire a few times to secure it in place and trim off the excess wire with wire cutters. For hanging, attach a piece of ribbon or a string.


You can make this Scandinavian garland using a Cricut and a tree template but if you are skilled then make your own garland. Do not forget to use a paint dipper basket for a chic tree stand. This DIY Christmas tree garland is a perfect option for a Scandinavian look this season. For this garland, print out a Christmas tree template or upload a cricut tree template in to cricut design space then trace the trees on the poster board or cut a tree using cricut explore. On the twice, evenly spaced apart, glue the Christmas tree using a glue gun and your DIY Christmas Tree Scandinavian Garland is ready to be used.


Do not forget to decorate the outdoors if you have got them. Light up the path of your guests to your home with the latest Scandinavian decor idea which is going to be the finest homemade decoration you can make this year. Pick your twigs along with pine and spruce and tie them together in one long garland.

Simply pour 4 wax candles on a decorative plate and decorate it with leather nails and wooden beads, put some granaries around and you are done. Do not forget the yellow lighting for a perfect elegant touch of sparkly Scandinavia.

Here comes an end to the list. You do not have to be super minded, supervised, more decorative and creative for implementing these ideas. Simply try one or few of them but do not forget to mix up your own ideas because we have possibilities which are never going to end. Try them, show off your creativity skills and get performance appraisal from everyone this season.


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