Top 40 Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

If you are planning a cozy and traditional Christmas wedding, table centerpieces can turn out to be your real show stealers. Amazing designs with candles, pine cones, ornaments, and wood slices can add festive vibes to your wedding decor. These centerpieces look beautiful in any form. Whether you are looking forward to a white Christmas wedding or a colorful affair, there are many fascinating ideas that you can incorporate into your decoration. For your help, here are given the top 40 Christmas wedding decoration ideas that you can use and get creative.

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1. Antique Wedding Centerpiece:



Lantern resembles antiquity. In the day time, place beautiful flowers and green sticks to make it an adorable centerpiece for Christmas wedding decor theme.

2. Christmas Wedding Centerpiece With Ornaments:

Design your wedding centerpiece in Christmas season with minimal effort. Decor lavish red colored ornaments with crystal clear glass display arranged on a white tray.

3. White Floral Centerpiece:



Perfect Christmas themed wedding decoration for winters! You can hang pictures of wedding couples to add glory to this beautiful tabletop centerpiece.

4. Christmas Tree As Centerpiece:

This is a beautiful setting of small Christmas tree on the table with stunning floral decoration. This is a superb idea to make your wedding decoration look more elegant and appealing.

5. Stunning Christmas Centerpiece:



Make table tops in your wedding look gorgeous with beautiful dried Christmas tree packed with eucalyptus leaves, colorful flowers and hanging candle holders as ornaments.

6. Candle Decoration Centerpieces:

Enhance your winter Christmas decoration with lighted candle fringed with pine tree leaves put in a clear glass jar display.

7. Classical Red and Green Centerpiece:

Decorate tabletop with classic centerpieces concentrated on green and red colors. White flowers look awesome with green and red centerpiece decoration in this decor.

8. Silver Centerpiece:

Dried tree beautifully painted in silver looks amazing with red roses. This makes an awesome centerpiece for winter weddings.

9. Wooden Centerpiece For Winter Wedding:

Create an adorable table centerpiece of wooden branch slice in a minimal style. Light a candle in its middle, add some greenery and love sign for an elegant look.

10. Round Candy Centerpiece:

It is a great idea to decorate the table with red and white themed centerpieces decked with round candy and snowflakes tied with a white ribbon.

11. Golden Reindeer Centerpiece:

Reindeer is an important part of Christmas decoration. Prepare a golden centerpiece in reindeer shape for a gorgeous golden wedding theme.

12. Purple Themed Centerpiece:

It is an ideal choice for purple theme wedding party organized in the winter. It is a charming display to celebrate wedding and Christmas eve together.

13. Tall Centerpiece:

A tall centerpiece can easily grab attention and it is an interesting idea to add in Christmas wedding to impress invitees.

14. Red And Gold Centerpiece:

Red and gold create a classic combination in Christmas decoration. In a winter wedding, arrange golden ornaments and red floral in a transparent glass jar for magnificent display as the centerpiece.

15. Bright Red Centerpiece:

Arrange glossy ornaments in a platter organized with green pine leaves to make a striking bright red decoration.

16. Green Christmas Wedding Centerpiece:

Give a green look to your Christmas wedding arrangement with these shrubs decorated with red ribbon knotted in the mid of stem.

17. Rustic Style Christmas Wedding Decoration:

Craft your Christmas wedding centerpiece in a rustic style. Decorate table top with white flowers arranged in a vase made of birch and tie it with white dotted ribbon.

18. Shabby Chic Centerpiece:

Give a shabby look to your winter wedding with the pine cone, pine leaves, red flowers, and berries placed in a vintage bowl.

19. Minimalist Christmas Wedding Decoration:

Have you planned your wedding in a short time? Try this minimalist center table decoration to add an elegant look to your decoration.

20. Candle Lantern Centerpieces:

Create a cozy ambiance by placing lighted lanterns in the center of your wedding table. It looks flawless for an evening filled with luminaries all around.

21. Nightmare Before Christmas Centerpiece:

Add a creepy style to your wedding decoration with Nightmare Before Christmas theme as done here.

22. Fruity Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Decoration:

Decor your wedding table with fruity centerpieces accompanied by berries and eucalyptus.

23. Easy Christmas Wedding Centerpieces:

How about making an easy but amazing centerpiece for your Christmas wedding. Set a glass bowl filled with glittering ornaments, pine cones, and greenery. A red candle pillar is setting the perfect tones!

24. Pineapple Christmas Tree Decoration

Nothing is better than decorating your wedding with natural arrangements. Try this pineapple Christmas tree in your centerpiece decoration.

25. Shabby Chic Wedding Decoration:

Placing an antique metal centerpiece filled with eucalyptus and roses to give a shabby chic look to your wedding decoration.

26. Christmas Cake Centerpiece:

If you are fond of cakes, then this idea is for you. Decorate your wedding cake with cranberries, ribbons, etc. and place in the center of the wedding table. Surely, it will draw a lot of adulation.

27. Candle Decoration:

A glossy glass candle stand looks stunning as a centerpiece. Decorate it with few ornaments and wine glass for perfection.

28. Log As Centerpiece Decoration:

Arrange a log decoration in your wedding along with pine cones, cranberries, pine leaves, and ornaments for a classic look.

29. Floating Candle Centerpiece:

It is an excellent way to decorate your winter wedding with little efforts. Floating candles arranged with flower petals can add a splendid style to your wedding decor.

30. White Christmas Wedding Decoration:

White looks stunning in a wedding theme. Decorate your wedding with a white lantern as centerpiece covered with green leaves and glitters spread on the table.

31. Gorgeous Christmas Wedding Centerpiece:

Prepare wedding centerpieces of clear jars filled with pine cones, red berries, glittering snow, and other traditional Christmas settings.

32.Twigs and Pine Cone Decoration:

Give a warm feeling to your winter wedding with these stunning candle ornaments in a vase filled with pine cones.

33. Frozen Centerpiece:

Winter wedding is incomplete without ice decoration. Arrange a frozen centerpiece for your Christmasy wedding.

34. Mason Jar Centerpiece:

It is a brilliant idea to create a fusion of mason jar decoration with rustic settings for a wedding centerpiece.

35. Tall Vase Centerpiece Decoration:

Create an enigmatic Christmas wedding decor with a tall vase filled with shiny baubles and stunning floral.

36. Burlap Centerpiece Decoration:

This simple decor is accentuated by the rustic vibes added by burlap and a rustic platter.

37. Minimal Floral Decoration:

A floral centerpiece always looks special and festive, It is the perfect decor for a winter wedding.

38. Timeless Beautiful Decoration:

A classic combination of white and green is making this decor stand out.

39. Cranberries Centerpiece :

A tall centerpiece decorated filled with cranberries can add the tone of festive red to your wedding decor.

40. Rustic Centerpiece For Christmas Wedding Theme:

This is a beautifully rustic and charming centerpiece for your wedding table. Handmade tags are adding a minimalist charm to it.

These are the top 40 ideas to create unique and adorable Christmas wedding centerpieces. Add a lot of festive charm to your wedding with these fascinating ideas.

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