Are you or any of your friends a coffee lover?

Is there any friend who is always up for the coffee and never says no to it?

If yes, then chances are that they might have all the items needed to prepare their favorite brew and in that case, you might not want to gift something which they already have.

Shopping for coffee lovers in life can be challenging, especially when they already have the stuff.

Unique gifts for coffee lovers are the best way to express affection for them because fortunately, coffee lovers are easy to please.

From unique to rare coffees and popular subscriptions to brewing equipment, pre-assembled gift sets to novelty gifts, here is the latest list of gift items that you can share with your friends.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers:

  1. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System:

Christmas Gift Ideas For Coffee LoversThe machine can be kept well on the kitchen counter which won’t take much of the space. It does single-serve, full pot, and fancy drinks. A versatile drink maker you can ever gift. The best part is that even if you only use it to make a standard pot of dripped coffee, it will do that too.

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  1. Two Rivers Coffee Chocolate:

If your coffee lover loves chocolate, then this might be the best gift you can give them. It is combined with 8 different flavors of chocolate and put them all in a beautifully presented box that’s perfect for gifting.

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  1. Bonavita Digital Gooseneck Kettle:

Christmas Gift Ideas For Coffee LoversThe simple kettle will look beautiful on your kitchen countertop which can heat water up to any specified temperature between 140 degrees F and 212 degrees F. It heats up fast and features a counter up timer so you can see how much time is left out. This is just perfect not only for coffee lovers but also for the tea connoisseur on the gift list.

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  1. Caffeine Molecule Key Chain:

A perfect gift for those coffee lovers who are chemistry nerds as well. One of a kind necklace that even the geek in the group might take a while to figure out and once they do, they will hold you dear and keep the gift close to their heart. The best way to introduce the style aspect to a geeky friend.

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  1. GO CUBES Chewable Coffee:

You might have that one friend who cannot function without their caffeine fix. The chewable coffee cubes make an ideal gift for the coffee snobs who are always on the go. The cubes are full of flavor and it can easily replace the liquid coffee of your friend. Give your friend a pack or two and remind them to tread with caution. A gift idea for the one who loves gummy candies. The cubes are a small bite-sized serving of coffee that will give you the boost of energy whenever you need it the most. You can keep them handy to enjoy the flavor and caffeine without waiting to hunt a café.

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  1. Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift:

For coffee lovers, at times, a single gift won’t be enough so why not gift them an assortment of coffees from around the world? The gourmet coffee set is uniquely packed in style to make a wonderful impression. It contains a selection of the best flavors from coffee havens around the world. You can add a personal touch by including a card on each pack.

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  1. Coffee Grit Bar Soap:

If you were raised by a coffee-loving mom then here is a perfect way to show your appreciation for the person who instilled the love for the magical drink in you. The coffee exfoliating soap will take the love of coffee to another level when they will include this unique scrub of coffee in their morning routine. Maybe the best possible routine to start the day with.

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  1. Coffee Stand:

A beautiful stand made from olive wood makes a perfect gift for those who already enjoy pour-over coffee. The simple design makes it easy to use and the polished wood is easy to clean which makes it perfect for the coffee lover who enjoys a more traditional and rustic look in the kitchen.

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  1. Angels’ Cup Coffee Tasting Kit:

Christmas Gifts For Coffee LoversYou might have a friend who is always trying to pick out the ingredients of flavor notes from their food and drinks. If yes, then the angler’s cup sampler boxes are the perfect gift option for that friend. You just have to take a blind unbranded coffee taste test and then mark down the flavors you detect and then record the tasting notes from the app and compare answers with the roastmaster to develop a sense of taste.

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  1. Fred COOL BEANS Coffee Ice Tray:

It is a perfect gift option for those coffee lovers who love iced coffee. The ice tray lets them make ice cubes from coffee so they need not gulp down the drink, plus they are an adorable coffee bean shape. The tray is made from silicone which makes it easy to pop the cubes out. You can even wash it in the dishwasher.

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  1. Coffee Joulies:

Christmas Gift Ideas For Coffee LoversThe stainless steel, beautifully polished coffee joulies contain a phase change material that cools off a steaming cup without watering it down. Once the interior material of the joulies liquefies and cools down the coffee, the process reverses allowing the heat to transfer back and forth which makes your coffee remain steady at 140 degrees F for around 5 hours in a thermos. It comes in a beautiful gift box and has the shape of a coffee bean.

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  1. Death Wish Coffee:

Christmas Gift Ideas For Coffee LoversDeath wish is a company which delivers some of the most caffeine packed java on the planet. Your average cup of black coffee delivers a smart but not an intense 100 to 200 mg of caffeine but a cup brewed from a death wish beans translates into 600+ mg of the stuff. And the main thing is that their coffee beans are Fair Trade certified and organically grown ensuring that the whole process of gifting a killer cup is done above board and with respect to both the farmers and the earth. It is the strongest coffee in the whole world.

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  1. Coffee Bean Ring:

Bohemian coffee lovers are by no means left behind in the season. The coffee bean rings keep the flame burning till it’s time for another cup. Before anything else, they make it clear for all and the sundry that you need a coffee fix. They are creative and stylish and give everyone a reason to smile.

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  1. Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup:

These signature cups will easily be recognized by coffee lovers but the sad reality is that they are disappearing fast and being sold a lot in the market. This cup is a ceramic replica of the original. With this gift, coffee lovers can immortalize the treasured icon and keep the memory for a long.

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  1. Coffee Cup Heartbeat Hoodie:

Christmas Gift Ideas For Coffee LoversWinters and coffee go hand in hand and for those whose heart belongs to coffee, here is the best way to show your love and care. Gift this unisex hoodie that has so much to say than words could ever say. It defines love for coffee in the best and the most creative way.

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  1. Coffee Lip Balm:

If you have thought to gift something to that coffee-loving friend then this is the best gift item for this winter season which comes with organic oils and brewed overnight with a high grade of Turkish coffee. The lip balm is the best way to keep the enriching aroma of coffee close to you all day. You cannot get a better way to keep the caffeine flame alive.

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  1. Creative Coffee Lovers ‘Coffee Therapy’ Gift Set:

A unique gift set for the java lover in your life. The therapy set comes with a wooden pour-over block, grounds, a mug, coffee filters, and a magnetic poetry set. While the coffee blooms, your friend can start on their next award-winning poem.

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  1. Drift Away Coffee Subscription:

Driftaway Coffee is a small-batch coffee roaster based in Brooklyn which has an eye for both equality and quality. They are best known for connecting the coffee drinkers to the coffee farms that grow the beans and even have a “Farmer Feedback” program which lets you send feedback right to the farmers. A personalized subscription is a wonderful option, especially for any coffee drinker with taste preferences that are hard to pin down.

Their tasting kit along with prebuilt gift options is a perfect way to expose your “giftee” to Driftaway’s large selection of high-end beans. Once your friend has the first tasting kit under the belt, they can use the Driftaway app to track what they like and tailor their subscription accordingly.

The best thing is that their coffees are also shipped within 12 hours of roasting, so you know those beans are going to be uber fresh.

  • Personalized subscription with a “tasting kit” option.
  • A company that connects farmers with coffee drinkers and is focused on ethics.
  • Ships within 12 hours of roasting.

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  1. Volcanica Low Acid Coffee:

While rare and unique beans can be real fun to shop for, sometimes it is simply the gift of the right kind of well-known beans that leaves the drinker satisfied and smiling and that is what brings these beans in the top 4. If you have a friend who loves the java but wrestles with bouts of heartburn from the high acid content, then the coffee brewed with Volcanica’s Low Acid Coffee Blend can be the real remedy to keep their minds at ease, eyes open, and tummy content. It is sourced from some of the best beans in the regions like Sumatra and Brazil. The low acid coffee blend is a high-end yet affordable option that will be the perfect gift to put under the tree of coffee lovers.

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  1. Wacao MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker:

The straight-up espresso maker in the gift list is both a coffee maker and a fun novelty gift. It is a fully portable travel espresso maker. It brews a decent shot and can easily be stowed away in a small pocket of your luggage to be shipped out. The small size factor makes this novelty gift that can be kept in a coffee lover’s back pocket.

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  1. COFFEE HOUSE Soy Candle:

This one of the greatest blessings from the Gods of coffee. Picture a candle that fills the space with a natural coffee scent and allows you to bathe in its goodness. It makes the best gift for that friend who is hard to please. The magical appeal of this candle cannot be resisted easily. You can surprise your better half by lighting this candle and running a bath.

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  1. Lagoon ID5 Coffee Table:

Everything is in the name. Sometimes the best coffee gifts are not the beans or the brewer but the table which holds them all. If you are a fan of coffee and some trendy furniture then the Lagoon ID 5 coffee table will be the ultimate experience for you. It is made up of natural stone in the Caribbean which is one of its kind and takes a few months to design. If you love customization then you can get built-in LED lights, phone chargers, and more to build right in the design.

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  1. Cappuccino Ring:

The sterling silver coffee ring provides endless opportunities to make someone’s day and offers a wonderful way to invite that special friend for coffee. The coffee lovers will surely find it hard to resist because the ingenious idea sets you apart from other suitors. It makes a wonderful impression and also says a lot about your creativity.

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  1. Coffee Addict Charm Bangle:

For a fashion-forward friend, sometimes few things are more difficult than choosing a gift but the beautiful bracelet here does all the hard work for you. This lovely piece has a high potential of becoming the style statement. Coffee lovers will love the creative charm. Take the love of coffee to the next level with this unique accessory.

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  1. World Atlas Of Coffee:

It has everything from maps to fascinating photos, which a true coffee lover would want to know about brewing methods and coffee geography. The book is a must-have for all the coffee lovers which were written by a World Barista Champion “James Hoffman”. If your coffee lover friend has every brewing device then this book will make a perfect gift option.

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  1. Coffee Mug Lover:

Don’t you hate it when your coffee gets cold while you’re getting ready for work or when your busy doing household chores? Yes, there is an option of heating the coffee, but the taste just doesn’t stay the same. So what should you do? We’ve got a perfect device that will keep your favorite person’s coffee warm while he gets his other jobs done. This mug warmer heats up within 2 minutes and will keep the beverage warm until it’s switched off manually. And it’s quite inexpensive too.

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  1. Coffee, Books, & Rain Pillow Cover:

If the coffee lover is one of those people who’d rather listen to the rain outside and curl up with a good book and a hot mug of coffee than hopping in clubs, then this pillow would make a more than perfect gift for her. The design of this 18×18 cushion is very neutral, hence will complement any and every décor, adding to the cozy atmosphere. Since the cover is made of high-quality cotton linen, you can put it to wash whenever it gets dirty and it won’t even lose its charm.

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  1. French Press Coffee Maker:

Only a real coffee lover will understand the importance of a French press. In case you’re wondering, French Press is a manual coffee making device, unlike a traditional coffee machine, where everything is done electronically. This French Press by OXO is really great for beginners and is extremely easy to use. It’s made of stainless steel and comes housed with a glass carafe, that keeps the coffee warm in between all the procedures. Even cleaning is a breeze with this French press.

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  1. Coffee Themed Slippers for Women:

Here’s an adorable Christmas gift idea for those people who eat, drink, and even sleep coffee. Imagine her sipping her morning coffee wearing these ultra-cozy and furry slippers with “But First Coffee” print on it. These slippers are very easy to maintain too. Whenever they get dirty, she can just throw it into the washing machine and they will come out squeaky clean.

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  1. Collapsible Reusable Metal Straw:

This one’s not just to be carried by coffee lovers, but everyone. It’s a reusable, collapsible metal straw that will reduce waste and keep the environment safe. Imagine if everyone started carrying these straws. It will stop plastic and paper waste to such a great extent. And since it’s collapsible, it can be kept anywhere, whether it’s your purse or jeans pockets. Plus, it also comes with a cleaning brush, so it sorts your hygiene issues as well.

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  1. Coffee Themed T-Shirt:

This one’s a perfect gift for someone who just cannot function without having her morning cuppa. This t-shirt, with the quote “First I drink coffee, then I do things” will explain her mood in the best way possible. We also liked how simple, yet stylish this t-shirt is. Even the printing isn’t over the top and can be worn to every casual event.

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  1. K-Cup Carousel:

We totally, totally loved the K-Cup Carousel, which will keep all her Keurig at one place, all organized.  If you want to make our gift even meatier, add some Keurig cups to it, especially if she isn’t acquainted with the brand yet.

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  1. Collapsible Cup:

This coffee themed gift is for someone who’s always on the go. It’s kind of cute how tiny this silicon cup turns into when it’s folded down. The cup also comes with a heat sleeve to protect the hands from getting burnt, which is really thoughtful. The quality of the cup is also excellent and it’s claimed to be virtually indestructible and meant to last a lifetime. Pair it with the collapsible straw and it will make a perfect Christmas gift for a coffee lover.

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  1. How To Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean:

We don’t mean to say that your friend doesn’t know how to make coffee. This book just teaches how you can make the coffee a bit better than you usually make. “How To Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean” teaches the best way to roast, grind, and brew the coffee beans so that you get the best out of it. It also features the best coffee gadgets and step-by-step instructions on how to operate.

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  1. Personalized Coffee Scoop:

The coffee lover in your life will definitely appreciate you for giving this extraordinary gift featuring a personalized solid oak coffee scoop. We all know how important it is to measure the perfect quantity of coffee to get that strong taste. Plus, the scoop also keeps the coffee fresh by resealing the bag, which is really thoughtful. And most importantly, you get a message or the name of the recipient engraved on the scoop, which will make him feel even more special. It doesn’t end at that. It includes a coffee bag and a coffee tamper as well, making it a complete set to prepare the most perfect coffee.

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  1. Handpresso Espresso Set:

Since we listed portable travel mug and straw, we thought it would be a good idea to include this Handpresso Hybrid Auto Set to our list of Christmas gifts for coffee lovers as well. He/she can make use of it whenever she out, camping, hiking, or traveling.

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  1. Love You A Latte Art Print:

Display the sentiment that you have for your partner with this Love You A Latte Art Print art. It’s a perfect gift for those who can’t do without both, coffee and their partner. He/she can display his art in their kitchen or dining room. The print itself is exemplary as it’s painted with metallic gold ink, which gives a glamorous touch to it.

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  1. Coffee Body Scrub:

If you’re planning to give her a coffee soap, you can consider pairing it with this delicious smelling Coffee Scrub. This Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub is rich in nutrients and will exfoliate her skin, thereby removing dead skin cells. Not just that, this coffee scrub also claims to work on stretch marks, cellulite, varicose veins, acne, and even eczema. So it’s definitely worth trying.

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  1. Coffee Mug Coasters:

This one’s a perfect gift for people who’ve just moved into a new house. Why? Because coffee mug coasters are the last thing they would think of buying for themselves. This one’s a gorgeous set of 6 coasters with Persian and Turkish designs. The colors are so rich and the patterns are so vibrant that it will brighten up any space.

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Here ends the trending list. Remember, when it is about choosing the best gift for your coffee lover friend, consider whether they prefer a particular brewing method or prefer experimentation with different coffee makers. Are they the sort of person who enjoys more utilitarian gifts or like coffee themed décor? Keeping the personality factor in your mind along with other interests of your friend, choose the best gift.