Christmas is almost here! Aside from your family and friends, co-workers are usually included in the list of those who you should give gifts to on Christmas. But sometimes purchasing so many Christmas gifts tend to make a hole in your bank balance. Therefore, surprise your co-workers with some lovable yet inexpensive Christmas gifts and this gesture shows that you care about them. If you have no idea what to give to your co-workers on Christmas, this list of Christmas gift ideas for co-workers might help you.
Here, we listed down some of the best Christmas gifts for co-workers. Most these Christmas gifts are ideal or practical. Some of them are homemade or personalized for you to be able to give some personal touch to your co-workers Christmas gifts. Scroll down below and may you find the best Christmas gifts for co-workers this Christmas 2020.

Best Christmas Christmas for Coworkers 2019

We summed up and gathered some of the best Christmas gift ideas for co-workers this coming Christmas 2019. Below, you’ll find a number of ideas on what to give to your co-worker on Christmas. Let’s start.

1. Scented Candles Gift Set

Office works can be stressful. So, these aromatic or scented candles can be a perfect gift for your co-worker. These candles feature colourful mandala designs. They can refill these cans with another scented candle. You can also add gift items to accompany it which could include bath oil or scented soap. Make sure that the accompanying gift added matches the candle fragrance. You could even add a small box of chocolates or tea bags, or a cute stuffed toy. . This is a budget friendly gift as well as it is quite reasonably priced as well.

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 2. Office Desk Accessories, Desk Signs


Another wonderful Christmas gift for your co-worker is desktop accessory. It could be some stand-alone post-its, calendar or notepad. Here are some cute and adorable desk signs accessories. This is such a gift that they would use regularly. It is a gift that could be elegant or custom made. This is a budget friendly gift as well as it is quite reasonably priced as well.


3. Work Would Suck Without You Coffee Mug

This Christmas, let them know how much you appreciate them and how much you want them to be your co-worker. With this personalized mug, you can put some wordings or appreciation message to your co-worker.: There are various reasons because of which coffee mugs make for an unbeatable gift such as they help to start the day off right. Also, they are a conversation starter and also people become attached to their mugs so the recipient is going to remember you forever. They are affordable too. As we know that gifts come in all shapes and sizes but they typically lack in exact specificity to the person to whom we are making the gift. Different collections of uniquely crafted mugs are available online as well as in the stores in the market.


4. Thank You for Being Awesome

You can also show your appreciation, at the same time, compliment them with personalized coffee tumblers. This tumbler features inspiring message for your co-worker.: It is long lasting as it is durable & lightweight, it can take a beating and still remain leak free and sturdy. The outer body is made of silicon to covered for a softer finish. It is a safe choice for your loved one. Also its unique double walled vacuum insulation design with vacuum-seal cap keeps your drinks hot or cold for up to 6 hours and it weighs just over half a pound, lightweight and easy to take on the go, and is perfect for outdoor activities in car on-the-go, long hikes, treks, bike rides, hot yoga classes, long road trip, in your car or even a backpack.


5. All-Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Set

Here’s another wonderful Christmas gift idea for your co-worker especially for those who are working in office. Sometimes, working in office can make someone’s lips dry. Your co-worker would surely love to get lip balm set. With pollution rising so much these days a lip balm for soft lips is an essential. It provides 22 hours moisture for your lips. . It adds a touch of colour on your lips and provides long lasting care and moreover your loved one is going to love this gift.


Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

When giving Christmas gifts to co-worker, you don’t have to spend tons of money, especially when you have to gift a number of them. Of course, you still need to buy some gifts for your family and friends. So, choosing some inexpensive but good Christmas gifts for co-workers would be wonderful. Here are some inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for your co-worker.

6. Rose Gold Silver Pen with Rose Gold Silver Cap

Here’s a beautiful set of pens with rose, silver and gold colour. They might look luxurious and expensive but you can get them for less in some online shop like. It is a unique gift to match anyone’s style. Pens are widely appreciated by anyone as a gift, due to their distinctive features such as light weight, glossy appearance, and perfect finish.


7. Motivational Quote Keychains

Inspire them as they work with these motivational and inspirational key-chain gift. these key-chain feature some motivation words and quotes that they will surely love! These are made from flexible silicone rubber with a large metal key ring for holding keys, key chain accessories, and key ring attachments. The best part about them is that conveniently packaged in bulk and these inspiring key chains make great gifts. It is a one-size-fits-all, these useful key chains are suitable for all age groups and it is the most perfect gift for all.


8. Bath Spa Gift Basket

Christmas time is usually vacation time. It’s time to relax and have fun. Add some relaxation to your co-worker by giving them some inexpensive spa gift basket. They don’t have to be too expensive. Just choose a set with essentials like bath soap, lotion, etc.: It contains selected products designed to woo that special someone. The products in it are lightly perfumed to leave your skin soft and fragrant. They are also designed to give a long lasting-freshness.


9. Tracking Water Bottle with Hourly Time Marker

Here’s another good and practical co-worker Christmas gift idea. What a great way to remind them to be healthy, isn’t it? With this tracking water bottle, they can keep a track on their water drinking habits. Many people don’t drink enough water in a day, especially working professionals. So, with this one it will help them and remind them to drink the required amount of water. This one even as hourly marker. That’s really one thoughtful and useful gift for your co-worker that is budget friendly as well.


10. Benicci Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

This Christmas gift is perfect for co-workers who love coffee or tea! This set features copped mugs, jiggers and straw. A perfect set for those who are always on the go! As we have known that chilled drinks in copper cups offer an extra-cool sensation

For centuries, the most scientific benefit that we know of using the copper mugs is the maintenance of temperature.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers


11. USB Desk Fan

Give some comfort to your co-worker with this small-sized desk fan with clips. It’s USB-cord powdered fan which can be connected in a computer to run. With its compact feature, it won’t hinder their workspace while giving a perfect air circulation. It has an exceptionally unique design and also has adjustment angles. Now a day they even have touch control and you can even adjust the speed. They also have USB functionality so they serve as an ideal gift as along with the fan they offer several other benefits too.


12. Double Layer Electronic Accessories Organizer


People nowadays have own different gadgets and electronic devices. Sometimes, they tend to just put them all-together in their bag and then they end up twisted together. With this electronic organizer, you can store and organize those cords, USBs and players/: It will be your best companion wherever you go for sure. It has sufficient capacity to hold stuffs so your loved one can just say goodbye to the mess that gets created when everything is not organized properly. Its reasonable space layout works really well. It is also made up of waterproof material with a soft touch. As it is durable so it can protect your stuffs well in humid conditions. As it does not fade easily also as colour fastness is high. It provides a full protection for your electronics accessories and cables. Also, there are multiple types of inner pockets to ensure the best organization for your gadgets inside the gadget travel bag and is also easy to find.


13. Smiling Ceramic Pot

Make your co-worker smile on this Christmas day,with this smiling ceramic pot. You may include some indoor plant to make it even more wonderful. People often keep a cactus plant on their work desks, hence you can plant a cactus in this cute smiling ceramic pot and gift it to your co-worker. If you are giving this pot without a plant in it, you can always load it with candies and chocolates and wrap it with beautiful green and red wrapping paper on it. And yes, don’t forget to add a little thoughtful Christmas wish in it, either you can keep a letter or pick a Christmas greeting card!


14. Running Ant Message In a Bottle Capsule Letter

A chill pill would be a wonderful gift to anyone especially to those who are working under pressure. This is a budget friendly gift as well as it is quite reasonably priced as well. These tiny capsules have little paper kept inside. So, you can just write cute little messages for your co-worker or simply write wishes for him or her in it and send. The paper notes inside it has a cute golden ring around it, so that you can just roll it back easily and keep it inside the capsule. And yes, cover it with a gift-wrapping paper so that none can guess what’s actually inside it.


15. Adjustable Foot Rest

Here’s another perfect Christmas gift for co-worker. Let them relax their tired foot with this foot rest massager. They would surely appreciate the thought of giving them some comfort. This adjustable foot rest has 2 adjustable heights, so your co-worker can keep it under the desk and use it. This foot rest is firm and soft and has massage and make those long working hours easy and comfortable.


Small Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

16. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Here’s another Christmas gift that your co-worker would love! An Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Humidifier. You may also include some samples of essential oil to this gift. This will keep your co-worker calm and stress-free during those long and tiring office hours. The person can also keep it in their homes.

17. DIY Sugar Cubes


I am sure everyone of your colleague would love to indulge themselves in tea or coffee break. These super-fancy and super-cute DIY sugar cubes in a decorative jar or box is definitely going to add a lot of sweetness in your relationship with them. To make them just mix together sugar and a bit of water until it becomes similar to wet sand and then place them in moulds and pack the silicon mould tightly. Allow the sugar cubes to dry overnight and then pop them out of the silicon mould. And in this way you will end up with super cute sugar cubes!

18. DIY Hot Cocoa Mix


Who does not fancy a hot cup of cocoa during the cold winter months? This Christmas, take a few mini plastic cylinders and fill each of them with different types of chocolates, cocoa powder and other ingredients like marshmallows to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate. I am very sure your co-worker will appreciate this gift.

19. Color Changing Coffee Mug for Co-workers


Surprise your colleague with a cute smiling face or any other graphic for Christmas on a heat changing mug for coffee. This will not only be a fun surprise but also Christmas appropriate.

20. Station Desk Accessory Holder


This station desk accessory holder is a very thoughtful gift for the colleague. While working on a table we often tend to lose small all accessories but this will definitely help to locate them better. For Christmas, you can tie Red and green ribbon around it.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

If you want to give something special yet inexpensive gift to your co-worker, you may consider DIY gifts. By making them yourself, you might be able to save some bucks and at the same time, give them something that you personally created. Here are some ideas.

This station desk accessory holder is a very thoughtful gift for the colleague. While working on a table we often tend to lose small all accessories but this will definitely help to locate them better. For Christmas, you can tie Red and green ribbon around it. . This is a budget friendly gift as well as it is quite reasonably priced as well.

21. Pocket Notebooks Set


Pocket notebook gift sets at easily available in the market at a very inexpensive price tag but these are a very useful gift for co-workers. Put them inside a decorative paper and you can also put a cute pencil and pen along with it. The pocket notebook set is perfect for jotting down ideas and it also gives you leave to carry paper around with you so that you are able to write when your creativity strikes unexpectedly. It has lined pages to work on, so you never run out of time for note taking or idea documentation. Also, it fits in your purse or pocket perfectly so you can take notes while you travel and write down things you want to remember or take down that idea you want to write about when you get free later on. It stays at your fingertips and is durably built so is a long lasting gift as well.

22. Nothing Bundt Thankful Gift


This is a wonderful idea to thank your co-worker with a spoonful of yummy and delicious Bundt cake. This homemade gift is not only a friendly gesture but also endearing.

23. Cookies or Candy in a Jar


It is absolutely no secret that everyone loves receiving cute and delicious candy and cookie treats for this festival. To make this, all you need are homemade cookies and treats and put them inside a Mason jar decorated with Christmas ornaments.

24. Painted Mug


Painted jar with customizing letters for your co-workers is a gift which they will definitely appreciate this holiday season. You can also paint reindeer, Santa Claus and Christmas stars on them.

25. Mason Jar Lid Magnets


Simple DIY of photo (of your co-workers) magnets made from mason jar lids is definitely going to impress them. Personalised gifts have a very warm up appeal and shows how thoughtful you are. Did you just love mason jar lid magnets when you were growing up? I mean everyone had them back in those days and almost everyone was quite fond of them. From those adorable little fruit magnets to alphabetic magnets which kids could learn to spell with, everywhere you used to see mason jar magnets in every house.

If you used to love them, then you are going to love this idea of a gift. You can make this using raw materials which are easily available in the market and you can fix the material with the help of a glue gun. The recipient is always happy to receive them as a gift as these are quite useful for daily purposes and are appealing and attractive as well. They can be prepared with the help of glass stones, crystals, wood, cements and alphabets. You can even make photo magnets using photos of the recipient and it gives a sense of personal touch to the recipient. This is a budget friendly gift as well as it is quite reasonably priced as well.

What to Give to Coworkers on Christmas

Still can’t decide what to give to your coworkers on Christmas? Scroll down below and take a look at more Christmas gift ideas for coworker!

26. DIY Peppermint Lip Balm


Winter season means dry lips. This holiday, gift your colleague DIY Peppermint Lip Balm which are completely homemade and chemical free. With the temperature falling so much these days a lip balm for soft lips is an essential. It provides 22 hours moisture for your lips. It adds a touch of colour on your lips and provides long lasting care and moreover your loved one is going to love this gift. Lip balms are made with cocoa butter, essential oil and Olive Oil or castor oil to give you the enriching and moisturizing effect which would keep your lips healthy and soft all day long. On the other hand, you would require cocoa butter, castor oil, and sugar granules to make home-made and chemical-free lip scrubs to exfoliate those dry layers on the lips. Pack these lovely skincare items into small jars and gift them for Christmas.

You simply need a small empty tub, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, peppermint essential oil, beeswax and a tinge of natural colour. Melt everything to together and put it inside the small tub.

27. DIY Bath Bombs


This Christmas, gift your co-workers luxurious bath bombs which are completely chemical free and homemade. The natural scent and essential oils will be a treat to their senses for a luxurious time. To make these, you need baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, corn-starch, natural colouring pigment, almond oil, and essential oils. First, add the dry ingredients and then slowly add the wet ingredients. Put them inside the mould and let it set. These ingredients are extremely inexpensive and easily available in the market and therefore you can easily make these home-made gifts at home. Make sure you gift wrap them attractively

28. Cute Sticky Notes and Page Markers



There are various cute sticky notes and page markers available in the market within a budget-friendly price tag. These cute and adorable goodies would be highly appreciated as Christmas gifts for your colleagues.

29. Rice Krispie Treat Kiss


It is so much easier to make this cute little rice Krispy kisses with the message for the Christmas written on the thin strip of paper.

30. DIY Santa Tizers


These cute little hand sanitizers are the perfect souvenir for Christmas. They are not only useful but also very easy to make. All you need are—Aloe Vera gel, vitamin e oil comma peppermint essential oil lavender essential oil and rubbing alcohol.

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

Most workplace and offices usually organize secret Santa even every Christmas. They usually come with particular item to gift to like something soft, something long, something fluffy. In that case, you may want to consider these options.

31. Christmas Treat Jars


Make small mason jars decorated in snowman, reindeer and Santa Claus outfit and fill them with small Christmas treats for your colleagues. Treat jars can simply include cookies and chocolates which are loved by everyone. Who doesn’t like cookies and chocolates right? If you have been whacking your brain to come up with cookies idea, we have already listed for you. You can pick from the traditional butter cookies, almond cookies, orange cookies, the lovely chocolate chip cookies, brownie cookies or oatmeal healthy cookies for gifting your friends or family. We would advise the lovely cookie jar to be decorated with ribbons and decorated gift tags to make it look aesthetic.

Do you know you can easily make chocolate set home with only a couple of ingredients at your disposal? Well, this is absolutely true. To make chocolate at home, you would require cocoa powder, dark chocolate slabs, butter, and vanilla essence. To make white chocolate, you would require cocoa butter, milk powder, and vanilla essence. You have to pour this mixture into the chocolate moulds and let it refrigerate for around 6 to 7 hours.

32. DIY Paperweight


These cute little paperweights are definitely going to bring that instant joyful smile to your co-workers, when you customize it according to their preferences.

33. Spill Proof Coffee Cup Holder


Your fellow worker is surely going to thank you for this thoughtful spill-proof coffee cup holder on the desk.

34. Scented Candle


This gift of the scented candle is definitely a wonderful gift for your religious co-worker who’d thoroughly appreciate it.

Handmade Christmas Gifts for co-workers

For me, handmade Christmas gifts are the best. Imagine, someone put their effort and time just to make a special gift for you. It’s something priceless. So if you are thinking of making some handmade Christmas gifts for your coworkers, here are ideas to consider.

35. DIY Christmas Ornament


Make glitter and sparkly Christmas ornaments in this holiday season and gift it to your co-workers.

36. Mini Christmas Trees


Christmas tree is the essence of the holiday season. Therefore, gift these attractive little Christmas trees to your co-workers to place it on the desk.

37. M&M Cookies In A Jar


Fill the jar with homemade cookies and M&M toppings and give this to your co-worker for Christmas.

37. Pen/Pencil Holder


Glitter wrap or unicorn pencil holder is going to be a cute little attractive piece on your co-worker’s desk gifted by you.

Sentimental Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

38. DIY Planner


A customised planner made by you is surely going to be a useful and budget-friendly gift for your co-worker on this occasion.

39. DIY Snowman Donuts


What can be more adorable than snowman doughnuts for Christmas? Not only are these delicious but also inexpensive and easy to make at home.

40. Heat Transfer Vinyl Christmas Pillow


Heat transfer Vinyl Christmas pillow is something you can easily make at home; decorate it according to your likes and gift to your colleagues.

These are some of the amazing inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for your coworkers which you can consider for the holiday season.