Christmas is the season of joy and celebration and we all love to exchange gifts to show our love and affection to our dear and near ones. You may be looking for Christmas gifts for family, relatives and your friends. Here is a list of great Christmas gift ideas for couples to guide you in buying that perfect gift for your loved one.


Here is a list of great Christmas gift ideas for couples to guide you in buying that perfect gift for your loved one.

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Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Buying gifts for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. We always say that it is the thought that counts. So make sure that the gifts are something that will convey your heartiest wishes for them on Christmas. We have some couples Christmas gifts and ideas which you can use this year.

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Bold Loft “Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases 

No relation is perfect and there will be times those couples will go through a fight and they will be needing comfort. For those times a floppy pillow can comfort a person and this pillowcase will remind them that they love each other. It’s a sweet way to make them remember the love that they have for each other.

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His and Hers Coffee Mugs 

Couples will grow old and beauty will fade. This couple coffee mugs make for a great gift for couples . Have the names of the couples mentioned on the cups and they will surely have a bright morning everyday when they share their morning coffee together.


Customizable Photo Frames for Couple

Photos remind us of the sweet memories and the sweet times we have spent with each other and what better time to re-live those moments than Christmas ? A personalised picture frame works perfectly. Another great Christmas gift idea for couples is by taking a photo of them and have it framed in a personalized picture frame. You can also make it extra special by having the photo hand painted instead. Or better yet, make an entire photo album of photos with the couples in it. You can get attractive couples frames from many stores online.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples 

While you want to make the gifts a thoughtful one, you should also need to consider trying something new. Let’s think of something, out of the box this Christmas. Unique gifts are thoughtful and also make the recipients amazed. Here are some unique Christmas gifts that you can try giving to a couple.


Bride and Groom Decorated Gourmet Caramel Apple Gift 

For newlywed couples this Christmas surely has new meanings . You can add more excitement with a Gourmet Bridal and Groom Decorated Gourmet Caramel Apple Gift. This gift as they share the sweetness this Christmas.

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Personalized Couple Ornaments 

Personalized gifts are always welcome as Christmas Gifts by everyone. Couples love dressing up their home together which gives them scope to bond and work together. Help them decorate while giving them the best gift that both of them will enjoy.

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Christmas Shopping Vouchers 

With people whom you’ve been giving Christmas gifts for a long time, you might find yourself running out of new gift ideas to give them. In this case, spare yourself the pressure of coming up with an entirely new idea and just give them some gift-shopping vouchers. They can get whatever they want with the voucher, so its’ guaranteed that your gift will be appreciated. It also saves you time and effort and nt to mention you are spared from problems of gifting wrong items.

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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Christmas is a great holiday to celebrate. As much as possible, we have to make sure that we get the best gift for our recipient this Christmas. However, great doesn’t mean expensive. We still need to put much thought to it so that could come up with great gift.

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Comforter Set

For couples who loves to decorate their house a stylish set of comforters will surely be a welcome gift. Give them a decorative comforter this Christmas. It will add style to their bedroom.

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His and Hers Couple Watches 

Buy waterproof high quality fashion casual couple gift watch. Time is important for hardworking people. Give them a watch to keep them on track of time.


Mr and Mrs Scented Candles 

Give them the warmth on the chilling days of Christmas season with this beautiful and personalized couple gift ideas for couples. The scented candles would surely set the ambiance of romance for Christmas.

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Companion Christmas Gifts 

Companion gifts make the best Christmas gifts for couples. It makes them feel that they are an inseparable unit. There are many kinds of companion gifts available in the market such as his and her wrist watch, companion towels, or a pair of his and her hand gloves. Best of all, these gifts lasts for long and are practically useful.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

It may be difficult to find gifts for couples who have nearly everything. The best way to give them a gift is find out what they like and give them something memorable.


Personalized His and Hers Apron

Holiday means vacation. And if one is on vacation, she/he would love to spend their time with their loved ones and better half. how about spending sometime in the kitchen? Of course they will so have them something that will remind them they’re couple in a sweet way. Here’s His and Hers pair of aprons.

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Willow Tree Promise 

When couples are away from each other they try to find a willow tree to make a promise. Bring the symbol of willow tree to their house with this figurine. It will remind them of all the sweet promises they have made with each other.


Silver Wine Coaster

This wine coaster are for couples who loves to drink wine or have a collection of wine. This is a special design and engraved for a person who collects wine.


Christmas Holiday Vacation Packages 

If you have enough bucks to spend, why not give your couple friends the ideal Christmas gift a friend can ever give? I’m talking about an exclusive holiday package for two. This is ideal both for new and an old couple as it allows them to enjoy each other’s company in extreme privacy. Your friends will surely appreciate and remember you for this gift.


Personalized Couples Keepsake Box

Personalized Keepsake boxes will make for perfect gifts for couples. They can keep knickknacks and pictures etc to make them remember those special days. You can get these below.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Lower budget doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything with worth. Try these gifts for the couples which will bring smiles on their face without burning a hole in your pocket.

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His & Hers Couples Gift Heart Stainless Steel Pendant Love Necklace Set 

For a low-budget try this set of pendant for couples. You can get these types of lockets at most novelty shops and they come with dual chains and gift package It’s a sweet and romantic gift couples will surely cherish.

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Personalized Engaged Couple Christmas Holiday Gift Expertly Handwritten Ornament

Personalize gifts are a better way to say things that you can’t express like love and gratitude. Get special Handwritten ornament made for them with their special date or message written.

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Romantic Heart & Rose Couple Keychain

Romantic gifts are easy to find even if you’re low on budget. Like this keychain made of metal for young couples in love. This key chain rings connects together. Just like couples they always have to find a way to connect to each other and give each other love they deserve. Surely this will make them feel appreciated and loved.


Romantic Christmas Cards 

Christmas cards are classic ways to send Christmas wishes to your couple friends. You can send store-brought cards but it’s preferable to make them yourself. Creating a personalized Christmas card especially for them will make them feel extra special and will surely bring a smile to their faces. You will find many DIY tutorials online to make that special card for them.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples Under 50

Find a modern gift for younger couples this Christmas.

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Jewelry Christmas Gift Couple Pendant

Give couples this necklace that has a crown shape charm that never fades. Let them show the world of their love with this necklace.

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A Pregnant Couple Personalized Clay Dough Ornament

For young couples who are expecting to have a baby this Christmas. Make them smile by looking at pregnant mom and dad clay dough ornament. You can also present them with toys and apparel for their expecting baby.


Couple Sweatshirt 

Couple shirts are still in fashion. It will be nice to see them wearing identical shirt together. So make them a personalized couple shirt with their name inscribed or better small pictures made digitally.

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Personalized Wooden Wall Art 

This is a nice idea to gift couples with their initials or names made into cool wooden wall art that they can keep with themselves forever. It will surely be an appreciated gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Married Couples

The Year is about to end and before the New Year start, let’s cherish the last moments left for this year.

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Precious Moments Dated Couple Ornament 

Building memories with your partner are precious and priceless. In fact, finding your partner is priceless.


Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Coffee Lovers Care Package Gift Box 

For those who have built their friendship with couples it is about time to appreciate their goodness by giving basket with goodies. Coffee Baskets are great way to earn Brownie points from Coffee lovers and you can get them at affordable rates too.

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Kettle Pizza Deluxe 

You can give this to any couple. Now they can cook pizza anywhere they go. They just have to bring charcoal to fire up the kettle pizza. They can also use it for get together or simply to bring their children to trip. Like for a camping trick this works great .

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Perfect Christmas Gift Hamper for Women. Photo Credit:
Perfect Christmas Gift Hamper for Women. Photo Credit:

Christmas Home Decorations or Christmas Giveaways

Home decor make excellent gifts as it allows you to be crafty and creative. Unleash your creativity by creating custom-made home decorations that cater to the tastes of the recipients. They will surely appreciate your taking time to create something for them, and you will enjoy the process as well. Wrap them into a gift basket and present them with a thoughtful handwritten note.


Christmas Gift Baskets

Keep your gift simple and sweet with a Christmas basket of assorted items such as cookies, chocolates, candies, muffins, truffles, crackers and many more. Sweets raise people’s endorphin levels, so what better way to put a smile on their faces than sending them a basketful of these goodies?

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Corporate Christmas Hamper

There are many Christmas hamper and corporate Christmas gifts that you can browse both online and local gift shops. Try to think of practical Christmas hamper supplies before purchasing. Make sure that the couple would both like the items you put on it. Better yet, you can buy a separate hamper for each of them. For example, wine gift basket for the guy and spa gift basket for the lady.


Wine and Cheese Christmas Gift Basket

For a romantic touch, you can give them a wine gift basket or gourmet Christmas hamper that includes a bottle of their favorite wine and a beautiful bottle opener. You can get gourmet Christmas Hampers or Gift Baskets from many stores or you can assemble the gift basket with items purchased separately.

We hope these Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples have helped you decide. Remember that a thoughtful gift and a special personalized touch always helps to make the gift special. Enjoy and make the Couple’s Christmas memorable with a wonderful gift.