I’ve always loved Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday, and my entire family celebrates it like there’s no tomorrow. If you’ll ask me, I think Christmas is way more romantic than Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing more romantic than spending the most wonderful time of the year surrounded by all the people you love, don’t you think? Christmas brings out our generous spirits and romantic hearts. Christmas is also the perfect time to show the special people in our lives how much love, light, and happiness they bring us.

And for that, they deserve nothing but the best presents to show much they are loved back. We’ve racked our brains and searched the internet to find the best Christmas gift ideas. We have selected the most special, the most practical, and the most romantic gifts. They’re guaranteed to make that special person feel all the love. Scroll down and start bookmarking your favorites!

Romantic Christmas Gifts from Amazon

Floral Watch:

Romantic Christmas Gifts For Her
Romantic Christmas Gifts For Her

If your lady always gushes at the sight of flowers, instead of giving her a bouquet of orchid, give her this beautiful watch by Nine West, which has a pretty floral dial. At least, these flowers will never die and will stay with her 365 days, every year. Complementing the floral dial are the blush pink straps and rose gold detailing.

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Oversized Wearable Blanket:

Romantic Christmas Gifts For Her

There could be nothing more romantic, (especially during winters) than spending the evening with your loved one, watching Netflix and drinking hot chocolate. But we’ve got you something that will take your date night to another level. The oversized wearable blanket will keep you and loved one comfy and cozy while you watch the cutest Christmas movies.

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Mantra Bangle:

Romantic Christmas Gifts For Her

This bangle has an inspiring text engraved, ‘”You are Braver than you Believe Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think’. It will keep reminding your girlfriend that she’s worth a lot more than she can even think. The bangle is available in three finishes, rose gold, gold, and silver. So pick the one that you think your wife or girlfriend will love the most.

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Press Pause:

Appreciate simple things in life by giving your partner Press Pause, a book that will make her ‘Pause’ and note down everything, be it crazy or weird, bad, in the journal. The blank pages of the journal will encourage her to celebrate accomplishments, appreciate the big and small things, and fine-tune the learnings for 52 weeks.

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Pajama Set:


Yes, we know that nothing would be more comfortable for your girl than your hoodie, or oversized t-shirt to sleep in. But don’t you think you should give her some more options that will keep her comfortable and make her look cute, both at the same time? This classic, 2-piece pajama set, made from silky smooth, high-quality material will last for years, without her worrying about it ever going out of style.

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Dog Camera:

Romantic Christmas Gifts For Her

Believe us, there’s nothing more romantic can taking care of your girlfriend’s pet. This Dog Camera by Furbo will keep her stress-free while she’s out on a date with you as she can watch over her pet right on her phone and can even toss treats to him or her. It even has a sensor that will detect whenever her dog is barking and will send a notification on her phone. She can even calm him down whenever he goes berserk via the Furbo app itself.

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Most Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas

Long Distance Touch Lamp:

This is such a perfect gift for long-distance lovers. One lamp will go to her and the other will remain with you. Connected through Wi-Fi, these lamps will illuminate when the other is touched. So it will make her feel that you’re thinking of her and are always by her side, no matter what.

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Wine Gift Card:

If your beloved is a wine connoisseur, there’s a little chance she’d like a wine gifted by you, unless you know her taste thoroughly. But if it’s just the beginning of a relationship, we’d suggest you let her pick her own drink by gifting her a wine gift card from winc.com. The website has a wide variety of wine from white to red, to bubbly, so she’s sure to find something that will cater to her palate. Once she decides on her favorite wine, it will be delivered right on her doorstep.

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Lé Clair Cinq:

Don’t you hate it when you present your beloved a bouquet of flowers and they go bad in just a couple of days? Nobody wants their gift to disappear in a few days, especially when it involves something as beautiful as flowers. But that won’t be anymore. Preserved roses by Venus et Fleur will last for an entire year. These roses come beautifully packed in a transparent box and come in a wide range of colors. Your duty would be to find your beloved’s most favorite, which we believe, you must be knowing, by now.

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You + Me Mini Cactus and Mini Planter:

Romantic Christmas Gifts For Her

How adorable is this tiny You + Me Mini Cactus planter? We think it’s a perfect gift if your girlfriend or you and your partner have just moved into a new house.  The cactus will keep reminding her how much you love her. So it’s sure to bring a wide smile on the face of your wife or girlfriend whenever she lays her eyes on it. Plus, you can even get your and your partner’s name written on a note or photo card. We think that’s really cute.

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Open When Letters


Do you ever have one of those really bad days when nothing seems to be going right and you feel like nobody appreciates the work that you do? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get that instant validation when you open these Open When Letters from the love of your life? They’re very easy to do, and very, very romantic. In need of a good laugh? A pep talk? Feeling lonely? Need to know how much he loves you? Open a letter and start feeling the feels! See More at thedatingdivas.com

100 Reasons why I Love You Book


Let’s admit it. We can spend all day reading about how much people love usand hearing about the things we do that make us lovable. The 100 Reasons Why I Love You book will make that special someone grin from ear to ear, feel weak in the knees, make her catch her breath, turn her into a weepy mess, send butterflies to her stomach, and all the other silly things love makes us do. This is one gift that’s so easy and inexpensive to make, but one that they will cherish and keep reading for a long, long time. See More at thedatingdivas.com

Personalized Decorative Frame


That song you first danced to during your friend’s wedding that ended up being your official love song? That line from the movie When Harry Met Sally that you know by heart because she just loves it so much, and you once uttered them to her on one of your dates? You can put these words that hold very special meaning in your lives into this personalized decorative frame. It’s an elegant, inexpensive and very romantic Christmas gift that will always remind you of your happy times.

Dear I love You Digital Clock

Such a lovely , romantic idea. You can pretty much write your greetings on that glass part of the digital clock. Love this one!


Romantic Couple Mug

How about getting a couple mug? But instead of just getting ordinary one, make it personalized.


12 Days of Sexy Christmas


Ice Cream Sundae in a Box

If your significant others love sweets, this romantic christmas gift idea can be your option.


You and Me Carved Tree


Gift with Romantic Quote

Here’s a cute way to write your christmas greetings that is really related to your Christmas gift. The greetings itself made the whole present a romantic one.


Memory Mold

Such a pretty creative gift idea.


Sweet Treat in a Jar

If you love to bake, how about making some cute and yummy treats and give them to your someone special on Christmas day? You can put those little desserts on a mason jar and seal it with cute ribbons. Don’t forget to include your romantic christmas message on it.


You Light up My Life

Oh, this is pretty creative way to display your photo. This could be your romantic christmas gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Un-BEER-able with You

If you someone special love to drink, how about this romantic christmas gift idea? I’m sure he’ll be glad.


Date Night Gift Box

Celebrate the Christmas eve together while watching movies and eating those treats. This is a perfect romantic christmas gift for couples.


Cute and Romantic Christmas Gift

How cute and romantic this Christmas gift is. Everyone would love to receive a gift as cute as this!


Wine with Funny Prints

Instead of giving a dull, boring wine, spruce it up with a witty, creative and funny quote. There are lots of free printables you can find online.


Mason Jar Bloody Mary Gift

This is a perfect romantic Christmas gift for your special someone who would love to have a shot and celebrate the Christmas the Mary way. Put those little bottles inside a mason jar. Don’t forget to include some spices and other treats also.


Chocolate and Wine Gift Basket

To celebrate the occasion for its symbolic importance, a gift basket is the easiest homemade gift the can be accomplished creatively with a variety of personal touches.

Romantic Photo Mosaic


Take your photo collections up a notch with this awesome photo mosaic that’s sure to bowl your sweetheart over. You can make it yourself but you still end up with something that looks so professionally done. Gather all your photos together, big and small, close-ups or panoramics. Choose the prettiest one as your main photo that all your smaller photos will create. Print and put in a lovely frame. See More at thedatingdivas.com

Literally Sweet Gift


Sweets for your sweet! This Christmas gift idea is both sweet and thoughtful. It’s so easy to make, and so inexpensive, too! Print out labels that you have designed with your own romantic messages and cut them out. Stick them on to your decorative jars or buckets and fill them with all kinds of sweets that your sweetheart craves for. Gummy worms, M&Ms, Maltesers, marshmallows — mix everything up for that burst of flavor. See More at thedatingdivas.com

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Wooden Martini Glasses


Night caps with your honey just got more exciting with these gorgeous wooden martini glasses. These stylish glasses are made from black walnut with a powder coated aluminum finish. Your cocktails are colder longer in these wine glasses, and they look sexier set atop your kitchen counter. Let’s drink to that! $110.00 at uncommongoods.com

Shave Set for Him


Scruffy-looking boyfriends need not be problem anymore with the Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set. Now you can cozy up and smother his face with kisses without getting an unplanned facial scrub from his face bristles. This shaving kit comes complete with a hair brush, a monogrammed apothecary mug, a hypoallergenic shave soap, and brush and razor stand. Now your man can start shaving in style! $32.98 at amazon.com

Ticket Stub Diary


For that special man in your life who feels the most alive when going to a rock concert, a music festival, a theatre performance, or even a movie screening, this ticket stub diary is the perfect gift. Never throw away a ticket again and keep everything in this scrapbook / diary that he will surely love. It comes with sleeves that can hold any size ticket, with a space on the margin to write little notes on. It’s a sentimental and romantic gift that your guy will definitely love. $12.00 at uncommongoods.com

Phone Charging Dock


Make sure that you’re always connected and his phone’s always fully charged with this awesome driftwood iPhone charging dock. He will love its polished smoothness and natural aesthetics. It’s sexy and functional and will be a great addition to his home. Its design is simple and versatile, perfect for different personalities. $72.00 – 88.00 at uncommongoods.com

Property of….


This next Christmas gift idea is definitely for your eyes only! Fresh white boxers with all rights reserved just for you. Gift your guy with this cheeky pair of boxers and get your kick on real quick. Whether he prefers boxers or briefs, this will definitely be his favorite pair, all because it came from you. $22.95 at personalizationmall.com

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

What I love About You


Women love romantic gestures no matter how big or small. Her photo in your wallet, giving her sweet kisses when you’re out with your bros, holding her hand in public, cooking her favorite dish just because — women love these. She will definitely love this personalized“What I Love about You by Me” book. It’s very romantic and truly sentimental, and all you need to make this gift is a pen and the countless things you love about your woman. $10.00 at uncommongoods.com

Cool Notepad Clock


Keep track of time when you’re busy playing hooky with your woman. Make sure she has everything checked on her to-do list. Give her this cool notepad clock and she will never be late or disorganized ever again. This Christmas gift idea is all kinds of practical in a clean and modern package. $25.00 at uncommongoods.com

Red Heart Egg Rings


Why make plain old sunny side ups when you can make heart-shaped ones? Give your honey this Trudeau 4-inch Red Heart Egg Rings and breakfasts will always be a happy and romantic affair. This works great with pancakes, too, if you’re a big pancake lover. You’ll both be looking forward to waking up in the morning and whipping up breakfast together in your jammies. $6.97 at amazon.com

Cookware Set


For that girl you love who loves to cook, what could be a more perfect gift than a set of cooking pots and pans? The Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick Cookware Set will set your girlfriend’s heart aflutter and her lips aquiver. It’s gorgeous and comes in different delightful colors. Look forward to more delicious home-cooked meals when you give her these for Christmas! $96.99 at amazon.com

Digital Camera


Capture precious moments with your sweetie and take selfies to a whole new level. Give her this adorable Nikon J2 HD Digital Camera for Christmas. It’s light and handy so she can take it anywhere. And it’s packed with cool features that don’t complicate and confuse. $347.94 at amazon.com

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Cool Coffee Maker


For the man in your life who can only utter intelligible words after a strong cup of coffee in the morning, this is the perfect Christmas gift. The Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central is every coffee lover’s dream. It’s a programmable coffeemaker that lets you brew coffee 24 hours in advance, with a cool auto shut-off feature. Now that’s one less reason for him to be cranky in the morning! $78.11 at amazon.com

Mouse and Keyboard Combo


Spice up his workstation with this unique and attractive USB wireless RK Keyboard and Mouse by Impecca. Typing up those work emails need not be dull and boring when he has this cool keyboard in mahogany color. He will love its sleek design and smooth finish. Best of all, it’s environment friendly! $74.31 at amazon.com

Wine and Cheese Tote


Do you like to go out on picnics, go to outdoor concerts, or spend days at the beach?The Picnic Time Meritage Insulated Triangular Wine and Cheese Tote will be the perfect companion! Carry your wine bottle and glasses in style in this nice and portable bag. No breakage, no spillage, perfect dates all the time. $55.99 at amazon.com

All My Love for You Body Pillowcase


Cuddling and snuggling just got cuter with this All My Love for You Body Pillowcase. The best relationships are those that are filled with laughter and silliness. These cute pillowcases will certainly lighten the mood when there’s a fight brewing. And it’s a playful reminder that life need not be serious and stressful all the time. $29.99 at boldloft.com

Reasons Why I Love You Stones


When he gets uncomfortable with grand expressions of love, subtlety is your best friend. Surprise him with this set of Reasons Why I Love You Stones. These stones may not be enough to tell him why you love him. But there are nine excellent reasons here that he will forever keep within arm’s reach. $20.00 at shop.gifts.com

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas For Her


For that special woman in your life, she deserves only the most beautiful things. Give her something beautiful to wake up to every day, like this RoomMates Gerber Daisies Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decals. They’re easy to apply and easy to remove as well. Now who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by all this prettiness? $10.71 at amazon.com


Leaky faucet? New wall décor to hang? Redecorating the kitchen? Give her the right tools for the trade and let her try her hand at fixing stuff. This Apollo Precision Tools Household Kit in hot pink will definitely make her life a whole lot easier! $39.99 at amazon.com


For the woman who has too many accessories and still complains that she has nothing to wear, this is the perfect gift. Get her in the mood to organize with this cute Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer. She can hang it in her closet and she can easily browse through everything and pick out the perfect pair of earrings to match her outfit. Pretty neat, right? $19.19 at amazon.com


Sipping her favorite hot drink just got more adorable with this personalized Love Always Wins mug. Plus that Tic Tac Toe design is just plain delightful. Win her over and be in her good books for a long time with this creative Christmas gift idea. Love really does always win! $10.45 at personalizationmall.com


Surprise that special woman in your life with all the little things she loves. Put everything in this cute personalized Sealed with a Smooch Tin. Enjoy the look of delight on her face when she reads your personalized sweet message. Truly a unique, unforgettable but inexpensive gift! $19.95 at personalizationmall.com