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During Christmas season, people are busy preparing their home for the huge celebration. Apart from hosting Christmas parties and shopping for Christmas hampers and Christmas gifts , they also spend some time decorating their home with colorful ornaments and Christmas decorations whereas the most popular is Christmas wreath. The circular shape of Christmas wreath connotes that God has no beginning and has no end. They are mostly a mixture of leaves, flowers or twigs that are formed into a round shape and usually used as ornaments, mostly for Christmas decorations.

Do not be frightened if you don’t have skills in making this; try to experiment with things to produce a unique and original Christmas wreaths–use your imagination and creativity. Besides, any style of Christmas wreath would look great when arranged beautifully—even better if you can place ribbons, Christmas balls, pinecones and the likes. You can hang them at your front door or at your windows to welcome this coming holiday season. Market is usually flooded with artificial Christmas wreaths. You can even find whole Christmas wreaths in low prices. But if you want to create your own Christmas wreath, you may want to consider these Christmas wreath ideas.

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Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Wreath is a popular Christmas decoration made of mostly green, wood or fresh materials. It is mostly used to decorate the front doors in Christmas season. Wreaths come in different forms, styles, size and colors.

Image: Trendy Tree

Wreath #1

Image: Centsational Girl

Wreath #2

Image: Pinterest

Wreath #3

Image: Tatertots And Jello

Wreath #4

Image: Live Love DIY

Wreath #5

Image: Shelterness
Image: Shelterness

Bundle up some large pinecones to form a round shape and add some garlands around it to form a pinecone wreath. Hang it with a satin yellow ribbon to add color.

Image: SouthernLiving
Image: SouthernLiving

Use your creativity and bundle up some sort of natural materials like holly, magnolia, pine and ivy to achieve a colonial Christmas wreath.

Image: Etsy
Image: Etsy

A Santa Claus inspired Christmas wreath is perfect for this coming holiday season. Hang it at your window or front door to people to see and admire. A very nice and unique idea for a wreath.

Do-It-Yourself Christmas Wreaths

Image: The Sweet Escape

Marshmallow Wreath

Image: Tried and True Blog

Scarf Wreath

Image: This Old House

PVC Wreath

Image: A Thousand Words

Joy to The World DIY Wreath

Image: Artsy Chicks Rule

Framed Ornament Wreath

Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas

Image: Twelve O Eight

Canning Jar Wreath

Image: Six Sister’s Stuff

Christmas JOY Wreath

Image: Just Destiny Mag

Nice and Simple Wreath

Image: DIY Til We Die

DIY Mesh Wreath


Don’t worry if you have a tight budget! You can still make a Christmas wreath out of newspapers. Try making a cone and build it up to form a round shape like this one.


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Wreath Star! That’s the idea in this Christmas wreath. An easy project that you can finish in a matter of minutes. Get red and white ribbons, leaves from Christmas tree, and star-shaped supplies like cookie cutter. Arrange the stars on a working table, forming round wreath. Tie them together using red and white ribbons. Adorn it with Christmas tree leaves.


Christmas Wreath Craft Ideas

Image: Pinterest

Let it Snow Mesh Wreath


Round up subtle colored thread balls and make a wreath out of it. Add some snowflake cutouts for decorations and it’s ready to hang. Perfect for a dark colored door but you can always mix up the colors to make a perfect wreath.

Image: Etsy

Grapevine Snowman Wreath

Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas


This is a classic Christmas wreath with all the traditional colors. Gather Christmas balls of different colors and arrange it to your wreath. Add some greenery and leaves to add natural effect. You can also add some cotton to it to achieve the snowy effect.

Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

Image: Pinterest

The Grinch Christmas Wreath


Spray paint your pinecones with a silver color and add some blue leaves for a very snowy reindeer wreath! Perfect to hang at your front door for people to see and admire.


This wreath can be used for Halloween as it contains pumpkins and witches. But you can always hang it this Christmas season. It will be fun to see something different this coming holiday.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Image: Etsy

Elf Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Battery Operated Christmas Wreaths



Today, Christmas wreaths come with different designs and styles. There are so many Christmas wreaths for sale that are battery operated that enable to light it. Usually, battery operate wreaths can have lights on it that you can turn on to have it a sparkling light in the night.

Mesh Christmas Wreaths

Image: Etsy
Image: Etsy

This is such a beautiful mesh Christmas wreath using mesh ribbon as the main material. You can use mesh ribbons of different colors such as red, green and red. Other ornaments like christmas balls and twigs can also be used. Don’t forget to include your Christmas greetings in the middle.

Image: Etsy
Image: Etsy

How about a Gingerbread house in a wreath? You can easily achieve it with this kind of Christmas tree decorating idea.

Fresh Christmas Wreaths

Image: Pinterest

Evergreen and Pinecone


Want an eco-friendly Christmas décor for your front door? Then this Christmas wreath idea is for you. You can buy a grapevine wreath, with at least 16 to 18 inches diameter. Adorn it with faux apple fruits with vibrant color. Use glue stick to attach the apples to the grapevine. Add more greenery touch to it by adding pinecones, sprigs and some Christmas balls.

Image: WomansWeekly
Image: WomansWeekly

You can collect some flowers over the course and dry it to make an everlasting wreath for this Christmas season.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Nature gives us natural materials to achieve this beautiful wreath. If you can’t find something like this, you can always try and experiment with flowers that are seasonal to your place.

Lighted Christmas Wreaths

So how would you make your Christmas wreath visible during the night? That’s easy! Light it! Yes, You can put Christmas light on it and turn it on during the night. It’s not just the bright light it gives, Christmas light also add ornamental effect to the wreath.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

See how this wreath became elegant with its light wrapping around the it. The shapes of the Christmas light also add beauty and elegance on it. This is perfect as outdoor Christmas decorations.

Pictures of Christmas Wreaths

Image: ShowMeDecorating
Image: ShowMeDecorating

Having this kind of wreath is very inviting and surely is jolly. Every color compliments each one, just add some quote to it and it’s ready to hang! Perfect at your front door for people to see.

Image: Flowerona
Image: Flowerona

This is a gorgeous Christmas wreath with mellow pink roses sticking out. This wreath has the balance of colors that is pleasing to eye. Best if you hang it inside to make it last longer.

Image: Pinterest

Poinsettia Flower Wreath

Martha Stewart Christmas Wreaths

Image: MarthaStewart
Image: MarthaStewart

Another unique way for your wreath. Collect memorable pictures of you and your loved ones or share letters to open for Christmas. A fun way for a unique wreath idea.

Image: MarthaStewart
Image: MarthaStewart

This is a doorknob wreath with an elegant touch. Shiny silver Christmas balls with a silver ribbon are a simple yet elegant way for a doorknob wreath idea.


This is s unique gift boxes wreath for your front door to match. Try to look for a ribbon that will compliment the color of your door and achieve this unique look.


A paper wreath with a sparkly effect on it is a unique way to lighten up your wall and add a sturdy feel out of it.

Christmas Wreaths for Windows


Rustic Christmas Wreaths


This is good if you have a tight budget this holiday season. Dried leaves and pomegranate can be a wreath. You can also try other fruits and experiment with it.

Grapevine Christmas Wreaths

Image: Froufrugal
Image: Froufrugal

Round up a grapevine or collect some twigs to form a round shape and add some shiny ornaments to it for a colorful unique look.

White Christmas Wreaths

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…. Just like the popular Christmas carol, you can also apply this idea when decorating a Christmas wreath. All you need is pinecones, grapevine and some sprigs.


Make it a snowy Christmas for your wreath this coming holiday season by adding snowflakes, cotton balls and white feathers to it. Create a ring using the grapevine and affix the sprigs and pinecones to it. Spray white paint on it. Visit your craft store and find some dried ornaments to add to your white Christmas wreath. Perfect for your white Christmas!

Christmas Ball Wreaths

I’ve a riddle – what is round and sparkling around your Christmas tree, it’s not the light; it’s not the glitters – but Christmas Balls! Yes, those round and shimmery balls are not just for Christmas tree, you can also use it as your wreath. Visit nearby craft store and buy straw wreath with at least 20 inches diameter. Wrap your wreath with felt or fabric. Affix your Christmas balls to it, filling spaces. Add some ribbons and sprigs to it for additional touch.


Build up you wreath with all the red ornaments and add a gold ribbon on top of it to make it glamorous. This will surely shine while hanging on your front door.

Easy and Small Christmas Wreaths


Simply hang this wreath at your front door or window with a wide red ribbon attached to the bottom, and wait for the snow to fall for a breezy Christmas season feeling.

Modern Christmas Wreaths

Image: Houzz
Image: Houzz

Gold. Yes, you can make a wreath with just gold ornaments. It fits mostly at everything plus, it has this classy and elegant feeling when you see it.

DIY and Handmade Christmas Wreaths


These set of flowers brightens up the wall with its yellow finish. Try to choose colors that are close to your wall paint and slowly start adding some subtle colors to have a radiant finish.

Elegant Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas


Colors of green and red traditionally are Christmas colors. Stick to the green pine leaves and add some shiny green and gold ornaments to make your Christmas wreath shine with elegance.