Christmas trees are an unavoidable part of Christmas decorations and decorating our house with Beautiful Christmas Trees is an excellent way to spread Christmas cheers and spirit. Christmas tree decorating have always been a tradition and here is  some beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas pictures are here for you.

beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas

Most Beautiful Christmas Tree on Pinterest

Christmas Trees

Here’s a festive Christmas tablescape featuring a winter village houses with snowy scene and a beautiful miniature Christmas tree. The tree is decorated with pinecones and bright colored red Christmas balls which made the whole scene extra wonderful.


Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree

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Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Multicolor Lights


Nowadays, artificial Christmas trees are more common than the natural ones. Most of the trees that you can buy from the market comes with pre-lit feature. No need to add Christmas light strings on them.


Red and Green Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is quite festive with its bright red ornaments that goes along well with white decorations (snowflakes and stockings).

Christmas Tree with Star top

This is such a very lovely and beautiful Christmas tree. Decorated with Christmas balls with different colors and vibrant Christmas light, this surely will be a center of attraction in any living room.

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Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! It’s about time to set up your Christmas tree. Yes, Christmas tree is probably one of the most apparent signs that you’re ready for Christmas. It’s time to hang those ornaments and tinsels and light it up with those colorful bulbs.

Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree


Src: Amazon

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  • Full shape measuring 4.5 feet in height (including stand) and 37 inches in diameter
  • Features 100% PVC Classic Needles
  • Composed of 886 branch tips and 300 clear lights
  • Covered by a 5-Year Tree & Foliage Limited Warranty and 3-Year Limited Light Warranty
  • Includes tree stand, storage bag(s), cotton gloves, extra bulbs and fuses, and on/off foot pedal

Christmas Tree Pre-lit with 35 Clear Mini on a Plastic Tree Stand


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Because of the season’s immense popularity, there are literally thousands and thousands of Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can incorporate to make your home a more magical place this Yuletide. Christmas is a time for joy and laughter. It’s a holiday meant for people to be thankful for their blessings and to spread some holiday cheer wherever they go. Christmastime is also a chance for your home to shine… literally! Show off your Christmas spirit this year by getting inspired by these Christmas tree decoration ideas that will definitely earn you some good points in Santa’s list.

So, what are you waiting for? Set up your own Christmas tree and make it welcoming for Christmas is coming. Let’s spice up the holiday and get into the spirit of the season with these different Christmas tree ideas we have that will surely make your home merely ready.

Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


This is, no doubt, one of the most elegant Christmas trees that I’ve seen as I browse. This one features extravagant ribbons and baubles, from gold to red.

Stunning White and Silver Christmas Tree


While the first tree boasts its gold elegance, this one has its striking elegance with its silver ornaments and decorations.

Image Source: Trendytree

Country-Themed Christmas Tree

Enjoy these woodsy Christmas trees…


For those who want Christmas trees with mellow, calming colors, you may opt for rustic themed Christmas tree. Instead of mesh ribbons, you can use burlap. Opt for gold and white ornaments too.

Image Source: vintagenewsjunkie

Rustic Christmas Tree Decoration


Here’s another rustic Christmas tree decoration idea that you may want to pull off this holiday. The wooden ornaments and pinecones goes along well with the tree. The brown ribbon wrapped around the tree with the greetings on it made the tree stunningly gorgeous.

Image Source: Pinterest

Stunningly Elegant Christmas Tree


What a gorgeous way to decorate a Christmas tree. Decorated with mesh ribbons, flocked pinecones, ornaments and artificial peppermint decor, this Christmas tree is truly one of the most beautiful trees I’ve ever seen.

Image Source: Homedecorators

Wonderland in White


Simplicity is beauty and this is quite true when you look at this Christmas tree. Simply decorated with white garland and a few white ornaments, this can totally rock your living room.

Colorful Christmas Trees


This looks like an eye-candy… figuratively! Having all these colorful candy-looking ornaments.

Image Source: Homeedit

Light and Delights


This one is truly a sight to behold. I totally love the combination of red and gold poinsettia, Christmas balls and ornaments. The deco mesh ribbon add elegance to it.

Image Source: Lovethatshot

A Rainbow Christmas Tree


How I love this tree! It’s an artificial white tree adorned with layers of Christmas baubles with different colors creating this kaleidoscopic theme. Clever!

Image Source: Pinterest

A Rainbow Christmas Tree


This is the other version of a rainbow tree. But this time, green Christmas tree was used, but the colors of the Christmas balls still stand out. Love it!

Image Source: Inspiredbycharm

Floral-Themed Christmas Trees


You can use artificial flowers and berries when decorating your Christmas tree. Add some deco ribbons to it and you have this beautiful tree.

Image Source: Pinterest

Tree of Teddy Bears


I would totally love to have a Christmas tree like this in my home. Who wouldn’t love a tree with lots and lots of huggable teddys on them.

Image Source: Sparklette

Traditional Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


Keep it simple and traditional by adding Christmas lights, a few gold and red Christmas balls, red poinsettia and gold ribbons. And of course, no traditional christmas tree is complete without a star topper on it.

Image Source: Pinterest

Green Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


But if you want to try something new and bolder, you can use solid theme like this one. Just a bunch of mono-colored Christmas balls and a few elegant strings on them.

Image Source: BHG

Tall Christmas Tree


Enjoy the holiday season with your family and loved ones as you hang out in this beautiful, tall and elegant Christmas tree.

Image: Thriftydecorchick

Rustic Christmas Trees


This is one of the most glorious rustic Christmas trees I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with those tiny white garland wrapped around it and the burlap ribbon. I didn’t know that dull looking burlap can make a Christmas tree as breathtaking as this.

Image source: Thelilypadcottage

Christmas Village Houses


This one is pretty clever, unique and creative. I love how the houses served as the “ornament” to decorate the tree. This is a Christmas village and a tree rolled into one.

Image Source: Rivercityvillagers

Country-Style Christmas Decorations


Feel the winter holiday with this gorgeous flocked Christmas tree. This makes me want to experience celebrating the Christmas eve in a cottage with a fireplace. Quite cozy and homey.

Image Source: Pinterest

Silver, Green and Purple


Go grand and bold. This Christmas tree speaks of boldness with its unique purple and gold ornaments, which made this look grand.

Image Source: Pinterest

Well-lit Christmas Tree


This is a perfect Christmas tree for those who want to a bright and colorful corner in their living room. Use Christmas balls of different colors. Then, wrap a ribbon around it. Don’t forget to arrange your wrapped gifts under it.

Image Source:

Teal and Ribbons


Teal is a gorgeous color for a Christmas tree especially when partnered with silver and sparkling lights. This tree looks very elegant with its teal christmas balls and white deco mesh ribbon.

Image Source: Flickr

Blue, Silver and White Combo


Teal can also go along well with flocked christmas trees.

Image Source:

Classy and Fabulous


Make your christmas tree elegant and stunning by using silver, gold and white decorations.

Image Source: BHG

Wrap it with Ribbons


While most christmas trees have lights on them, you may opt to have one that doesn’t have any. You can still make it stand out by using vibrant and bright colored decorations and ornaments.

Image Source: Overstuffedlife

Burlap and Ornaments


Image Source:

Family Christmas Tree, Literally


A Christmas tree decorated with white pompom garland, silver ornaments and burlap ribbon. What made this tree unique and extra special is that it displays family photos.

Image Source:

White, Gold and Silver


Here’s a creative way to decorate a Christmas tree with deco ribbons. Gold, white and brown ribbons are tied together and wrap the Christmas tree. the gold and silver ornaments beautify the tree even more.

Image Source: Pinterest

Flocked Christmas Tree


Flocked christmas trees create the ambiance of snowy and winter wonderland which made it most popular nowadays. It’s easy to decorate them too. Just a  few gold and silver Christmas baubles will do the trick.

Image Source: Pinterest

White and Red Christmas Tree Decor


Yet another must-have ornament on your Christmas tree. Tinsel garlands can give your tree a special kind of sparkle. Just drape the garland properly and you’ll have a tree to be proud of.

Image Source: Google Image

Traditional Green and Red Christmas Tree with Swag


Image Source: Flickr

Gorgeous in Plaids and Poinsettia

2014 December Dreams Tree #1 by RAZ Imports
2014 December Dreams Tree #1 by RAZ Imports

A gorgeous Christmas tree featuring red poinsettia, colorful Christmas baubles, plaid ribbons and beautiful ornaments. The red deco fabric made a beautiful skirt for this tree.

Ribbons Christmas Tree Decorations


Here’s another dreamy christmas tree decorated with gold christmas balls and brown cheetah patterns ribbons. I love the white stars that add beauty on it.

Image Source: Pinterest

Silver Christmas Tree Decorations


Image Source: IHeartNapTime

White Christmas Tree Ideas


White decorations stand out in this green christmas tree. Instead of using the traditional red poinsettia flowers, the white version made this tree unique. the white bird figures and snowflakes add beauty to it.

Image Source: Pinterest

Purple Christmas Tree


Image Source: Flickr

Coastal-themed Christmas Tree


Image Source: SandandSisal

Crystals and Sparkles


Image Source: RogersGardens

Purple and White Christmas Tree


Image Source: Pinterest

Beautiful and Dreamy Christmas Tree


Image Source: Cleanandscentsible

Light it Up


Different colored lights gives your tree a cozy and Christmas-y appeal. You can choose to have simple multicolored lights or alternating multicolored lights. Either way, your Christmas tree will look very charming.

Image Source: Flickr

Gold Christmas Tree Decors


Elegance is very prominent in this one. The gold Christmas balls, poinsettia flowers and ornaments made this stunningly beautiful.

Image Source: Flickr

Flocked and All-white


Image Source: Pinterest

Giant Christmas Tree for Outdoor


A magical, giant Christmas tree for the outdoor. Wrapped with a giant blue ribbon and decorated with giant blue Christmas balls.

Image Source: Flickr

Black, Silver and White Decorated Christmas Tree


Image Source: Pinterest

Modern and Grand Christmas Tree Decor Idea


A festive and colorful Christmas tree featuring red, white, and green decorations.

Stunning White Christmas Tree with Shabby Chic topper


Oh my, this is simply beautiful! Not just because it’s bright but it looks so dreamy and you can definitely feel the yuletide season with this.

Image Source: Frenchcountrycottage

Drop Light Decoration


Image Source: Pinterest

Well Decorated Rustic Tree


This is one of the best ways to decorate a flocked Christmas tree. Colorful red ad blue ornaments stand out against the snowy leaves of the artificial christmas tree. To make it look rustic, the designer put it in a tin pail.

Image Source:

Mesh Ribbon Decoration


This christmas tree features Turquoise, Blue and Bronze ornaments and deco mesh ribbons.

Image Source: Pinterest

Christmas Tree on the Wall


This unique Christmas tree is perfect for outdoor. You can simply outline a tree shape using a green garland. Then, add christmas light on it, tracing the outline of the tree. Complete it with a star on the top.

Image Source: Pinterest