What I love about this new trend is that mason jars aren’t just for the kitchen nowadays, you can place it anywhere, use it as food or beverage container, and add a vintage touch to the room. Mason jars, unlike before, can be bought to your nearest stores (even the groceries have it). So it is pretty much an easy to find, beautiful do-it-yourself material. We’ve gathered unique DIY ideas to help you decorate your home this Christmas season with mason jars, so prepare your jars and art stuff because we have a lot of work to do!

Santa Mason Jars


Look at this cutie jar that looks like Santa’s belly! You can easily create this jar with your old mason jars (or even your old sandwich spread containers), some paint, and ribbons! This can be done in 3 easy steps, gather materials, pain on them to look like Santa, add finishing touches (ribbons), and voila, you have your very own Santa jar! Your kids will enjoy doing this with you, I guarantee.

Image Source: Theribbonretreat.com

Christmas snow man mason jar

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Elf Mason Jar Treats


I have seen some Christmas jar DIY ideas that claims they are the easiest to do. But is there anything easier to do than just stuffing your jar with red candy, putting a belt on it, and it’s done? You can make this your holiday giveaway to your officemates, friends, or you can suggest this to your company as your company’s give away. If you own a store, this would be a great token for all your loyal customers. I’m pretty sure they will be more loyal than ever.

Image Source: polkadotchair.com

Mason Jar Candle Holder


This jar may not be one of the colorful decors you will find in Pinterest, but it surely is one of the most creative! Candle holders usually are not the most fabulous decors you will see in a house, this isn’t too, but it will surely catch everyone’s attention because of the printed piece attached to it. You can replace the piece with pictures, old magazines, or pretty much whatever you like. Don’t forget to add the pinecone to add a little bit more Christmas spirit.

Image Source: Pinterest

Knitted Mason Jars


This is one of the most adorable jars I have ever seen. Don’t you agree? Why don’t you try to dress up your jars too this holiday season? It’s easy, you just need to gather up your old sweaters (if you think they are too old to be donated to the less fortunate) and your old lace table cloths, practice your sewing skills by sewing some parts to make your jar sweater fit your jar. Once you’re done, you now have the most beautiful jar this Christmas. It’s best if you put on some lights in it too, so it will be highlighted wherever you put it.

Image Source: Dottieangel.blogspot.hu

Mason Jar Centerpieces


Not all the pretty things in the world are expensive, look at this table top décor, you can easily do it and it’s almost free because you can find the materials at home! You just need a jar, transparent if possible, a few pieces of cranberries (or any other berries if you want), a floating candle, and a ribbon. You can also use old table cloths instead of ribbons if you want. Fill half of the jar with water, put the berries, put the candle in the middle, and add the ribbon to make it more beautiful. It didn’t take 10 minutes of your life, right? I recommend you try this one!

Image source: Aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com

Mason Jar Snowglobes


This one’s not only for your own decoration, you can also make more of this and make it as your Christmas give away to your friends and families, or you can sell them. This is pretty much easy to do, just find a clear mason jar, put a Christmas-related figurine in the lid, gather fake snow (you can use Styrofoam if you want), add water, close the lid, and you got this beautiful piece!

Image Source: Anyonecandecorate.blogspot.hu

Mason Jar Lights


Such a beauty! When you see this outside a house, you will instantly feel the Christmas vibe. Plus, you can make your own Mason jar lantern in few easy steps. Just collect clear mason jars that are no longer used, choose the color of Christmas lights you want to put inside, attach a string to the jar, and there you have it, your own Christmas lantern! I am sure this will be a perfect background to your family pictures this year.

Image source: Allthingsheartandhome.com

Mason Jar Advent Calendar


We already know that Mason jars can be a perfect candle holder, too. But who would’ve thought that you can make it an advent calendar. Find a box (that will hold all the jars), decorate it with pine cones, and other Christmas related stuff, add the jars, and put numbers 1-5. You now have the most creative advent calendar! Recommend it to your friends, too. It’s a creative way to encourage your kids to learn stories from the bible.

Image Source: Atthepicketfence.com

Gold Glitter Mason Jar


If you’ve been doing arts and crafts for a long time now, I am sure you already have modge pudge, paint, and glitters. That’s what you will be needing for this Christmas Mason jar project. Just paint the jar with gold, use modge pudge to put glitters, and you’ll have this shining shimmering Christmas jar!

Image Source: northphoenix.citymomsblog.com

Snowman Mason Jar


Looking for the perfect DIY project for your small mason jars? Here’s an awesome one for you. Simply paint it with white, look for buttons and an orange cloth to create its face, attach a stand, dress it up, add more design, and voila, you have your very own mason jar snowman! Brilliant, isn’t it?

Image Source: Yesterdayontuesday.com

Elf Mason Jars


Want to fill your kid’s room with Christmas spirit? Try this DIY snowman! Just paint the jar white, gather buttons and cloths to make it look more like a snowman. You can also add lights inside the jar to make this your child’s night lamp. Easy to do, right?

Image Source: Craftymorning.com

Christmas Tablescape Featuring Mason Jars


Do you think your table runner looks dull? Why not line it up with mason jars, fill it with berries, put some candles, and you now have the intimate vibe on your dining room. Your dining room will have the coziest feels ever. Try it, you’ll see.

Image Source: Yellowblissroad.com

Solar Snowmen Jars


Tired of having snowman mason jars inside your home? Put it outside! Create this solar mason jar snowman light and have the most unique lamp in town! This jar will acquire light in the morning, and emit light at night, electricity free! Amazing? Amazing!

Image Source: Pinterest

Frosty Mason Jar Lanterns


Want to make your porch shining and shimmering without the need of electricity this Christmas? Try this one! Fill the jar with crystal-like powder like sugar or salt. Add more designs on the outside of the jar, and hang it on your porch. Did it take you more than 10 minutes? No? See, it’s easy to do!

Image Source: Stonegableblog.com

Snowden Mason Jars


Are you not the type of person who decorates your home with glittering things during Christmas season? Want more of an ethnic touch to your place? Try this one! Just wrap your white-painted mason jar with an ethnic looking cloth, add synthetic plant or fresh plant inside, and you now have your very own Christmas décor without glitters!

Image Source: Pinterest

Christmas Mason Jar Gift


Looking for the best Christmas give away? Try this one! For just $5/jar you can send your love to anyone through this. A jar that contains berries and has a candle with it, when you open the jar and put the candle on top of the berries, it will produce a relaxing smell that will fill the room. Perfect Christmas gift!

Image Source: Bloglovin.com