DIY Christmas Decorations will let your inner creative god or goddess shine, and will save your money. Using household items, and old Christmas decorations, give your house a fresh look by making ornaments yourselves. Go through the following list of DIY Christmas Decorations ideas that will give a start for your ventures.

Christmas is also the best time of the year to show your craftsmanship and employ your artistic side. It can be a family bonding activity as well, especially if you have kids at home. Teach them the ways to create a cheap but bountiful Christmas with do-it-yourself decorations. Here are some ideas for you to choose from this Christmas. Take a look at these easy and nice DIY Christmas decorations.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

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COFFEE FILTER WREATH: For the coffee lovers, this wreath is perfect for you. Make poofs from the coffee filters by folding and create a flower shape. Keep gluing the coffee filters on a straw wreath until you have every surface covered. Now use a ribbon, red gives a good contrast, to hang it on your wall, window or door.

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FROZEN MASON JAR LUMINARIES: If you want a white Christmas inside your house, then make use of those empty mason jars. Cover the jars with snowy, velvety material you can get from the craft store. Decorate the sides with snowflake shapes using quick-drying white acrylic paint. You can put tea candles or scented candles inside the jars and let it set the ambiance. To top the decor, tie a green ribbon at the rim.

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FRESH DIY GARLAND: So you don’t want to leave the outside of your house undecorated but you’ve used every Christmas decorations indoor? Do not worry; make use of your surroundings. Arrange pine needles to make a bouquet and adhere under that light lamp outside your house. Place a big bow with some silver bells on the middle for an elegant look.

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CLAY CHRISTMAS GARLAND: Instead of the usual paper banners, make use of hard clay, or flat stones. Let your creativity flow as you paint each clay-stone with Christmas doodles using acrylic paint. Punch holes and tie a ribbon so you hang them on your Christmas tree. You can also tie them on a long ribbon strand and hang on the wall.

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DIY HOLIDAY BOOTY: Use old baby booties as decorations. Let your imagination run wild as you fill the booths with baubles, pine cones and pine needles alike. You can also put winter berries. Instead of old laces, use red ribbon laces and tie it into a bow. Glue small pine cones at the end to serve as the aglet.


DIY Christmas Décor to Make

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MONOGRAMMED DECOR: Another simple but elegant decoration to make is a monogramed door decor. Cut the letter you like, either the initial of your name or something else altogether on a piece of wood and paint it red. Adhere a ribbon tied into a bow on top and use a small twine loop to hang it on your door.

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DIY WREATH: Find a circular hard wire and clip colorful flat clothespin side by side with half an inch distance to each other. At the lower center of the wreath, paste paper cutouts of poinsettia flowers using the colors of the clothespin you used. Now it’s all ready for hanging.

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MINI-WREATH: Instead of using one large wreath, use plenty of small ones. Wrap the small straw wreaths with rope, or knitting yarn. Experiment with patterns as you wrap every surface using different colored yarns. Tie a ribbon to hang and for coherence, adhere a bow on top of each wreath. Hang them on the wall.

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DIY CHRISTMAS MANTEL DECOR: Use the empty jars and containers in your house and fill it with baubles. Play with colors and shapes. Arrange them on the mantle. At the center, you can put a picture frame but instead of a picture, use a print out of a word that describes Christmas the most. Display it with candles matching your bauble colors.

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS TREE: If you don’t want to spend hundreds on a tree for Christmas, make use of the different items in your house. Those A-ladders can be used a makeshift Christmas tree. Wrap Christmas lights around it from top to bottom. If you have more than one ladder, wrap different colored lights on each.

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SANTA LOGS: For Christmas, use Santa gnomes instead of the traditional garden gnomes and dwarves. But for a more natural and innovative look, use logs and cut the top diagonally. Paint the diagonal top with Santa’s face. Tie a bundle of these logs in different sizes as one with a ribbon to make it stand and place it on your garden. If you have more time, you can make more than one bundle.

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WOODEN LOG WREATH: Cut logs horizontally until you get plenty of circular slices. Glue them to each other side by side in a circular manner. Voila! You have an instant wreath. You can tie a bow on top and it’s all ready to hang on your door.

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WOODEN REINDEER: If you’re good with wood carving but not an expert, why not make this decoration to utilize that hidden talent. Using different pieces of wood create a reindeer figurine. Fit the slimmer wood pieces on the larger one for legs and the branching pieces as the antlers. Use olives for the eyes. Tie a collar of pine needles and place the complete trinket on a nest of pine needles on your front porch. You can do more than one so your reindeer is not alone this Christmas.

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

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DIY TREE ORNAMENT: Christmas trees come in different shapes and sizes. Why not make miniature Christmas trees to hang on your large one in the living room. Thread a ribbon and beads alternately until you create a tree shape using a needle and thread.  Secure the end with a loop and it’s all ready

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SCRABBLE TREE ORNAMENT: Your old scrabble pieces can also be used as trinkets on your Christmas tree. Play with words and thread them with beads for an elegant look. Love, joy, happiness, etc., be the word master this Christmas with your mouthful words on the tree.

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BEAD ORNAMENT: Be creative with beads this Christmas. Glue them side by side until you create a shape you want to. Play with colors, and shapes. Traditional shapes include snowflakes, hearts, and candy canes. Using a nylon string or yarn, make a loop for hanging purposes.

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DIY OLAF SOCK: Frozen is a hit last winter, and this winter, the Frozen fever has not died yet. For your Frozen loving kids, make a Christmas decorations using home items that embodies the Frozen characters. Olaf is a good choice. Fill socks with cotton or rice; with use of hair elastics, tie the socks to mimic Olaf’s proportions. Glue in the orange felt nose and black felt hands. Use a pair of white pompoms for his feet and a pair of googly eyes.

DIY Christmas Decorations for Kids

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CUP ADVENT CALENDAR: For the excited kid, the advent calendar is the highlight of the season. Create an innovative advent calendar using cups. Fill each cup with treats and cover it with colorful paper. Paste the number cutouts on the cover and arrange the cups on a Christmas tree shape. You can hang it on the wall, and excitedly await Christmas tree.

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TIN CAN SNOWMAN: Using empty milk cans, stack one on top of each other with the largest at the bottom. Paint it with and dress it like a snowman with a strip of cloth for scarf, black buttons for eyes and the mouth, an orange cutout for the nose.

DIY Christmas Table Decorations

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BAUBLES CENTERPIECE: Instead of cupcakes, use the cupcake stand as a stand for your baubles. It will add elegance on your table this Christmas. Do not be afraid to play with textures, and patterns on the baubles. It will only add beauty on your centerpiece.

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HO HO HO CENTERPIECE: Paint large red baubles with white “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Put a ribbon tied in a bow on top of each bauble and place it on a tray. To add elegance, place winter berries on the tray around the baubles for a coherent look.

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CANDLE DECOR: Create a simple yet elegant centerpiece with a piece of white candle on a plate. Stack white and silver baubles on the place surrounding the base of the candle. It adds elegance on your dinner party as well as sets the mood, whether you go for formal or casual dinner setting.

DIY Christmas Yard Decorations

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DIY SNOWFLAKES: Using large strips of wood create snowflake mobiles. Paint it them white for the complete effect. Add in the lights and hang it on the ceiling of your front porch. It creates a homey feel to the exterior of your home.

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MELTED SNOWMAN: If you’re good with carpentry, this idea will suit you the most. Cut and odd shape wood, complete with curves to mimic melted snow. Place a round white ball on top and decorate it like Frosty the Snowman’s head. Install lights on each corner of the melted snow imitation. It is perfect for a playful Christmas.

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RUDOLPH FENCE: Create a fence post that is creative and innovative this Christmas with reindeer heads made of wood. Wrap fairy lights and dress the post with ribbons to complete the look. Welcome Santa and his reindeers for Christmas Eve with this decoration.