Decorating your home for the holidays need not be an expensive affair. Holiday decors can last you for many years, as long as you store them in boxes properly. When your decors look tired and old, you can spruce them up again using stuff that you can get from your own kitchen. For a completely different look, you can recycle old decors, and you can make brand new ones that are very personalized and very unique.


There are hundreds of websites that feature tutorials on how to make your own holiday decorations, but not everyone has the time to visit them one by one. But don’t fret. We’ve scoured the internet for you for the best design inspirations and DIY projects for this holiday season. These are all gorgeous and elegant holiday decors that are inexpensive and high on wow factors. Are you ready to amaze your friends and families? Read on and find out more!

Christmas Decorations From Recycled Materials

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CD Ornament. Plain transparent Christmas balls can be instantly transformed to dazzling holiday trinkets. Got old CDs or DVDs just lying around the house collecting dust? You can cut them up in odd-shaped pieces and glue them on to your holiday balls. They look fantastic, especially when you turn on the Christmas lights!

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Button Christmas Tree Ornament. Did you know that you can recycle old buttons to fabulous Christmas ornaments? Pick out the ones that come in shiny finish, or holiday colors like gold and silver. Simply glue them on to your Christmas balls. Tie a golden bow for that complete holiday look.

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Christmas Ball Air Balloon. Add a fun and quirky twist to your holiday decorations. Turn your Christmas balls into mini hot air balloons! Simply cut out small boxes that will serve as your basket. Paint them in your favorite colors and attach strings so you can hang them on your tree branches outside!

Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations

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Wall Christmas Decor. Know how those Christmas balls lose their strings and just keep falling from the tree? You can save yourself the hassle of picking them up each time and stringing them anew. Why not put them in a shadow box frame? Pick out the shiniest and most colorful Christmas balls, mix the big and small ones, and just glue them in place.

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Rustic Ornament. Even food can be used as holiday décor. Recycle dried fruit like lemon and hang them with cinnamon sticks on your tree. Your family and guests will gush over these unique and lovely decorations. More importantly, they will fall in love with the wonderful smells that come from your Christmas tree!

Recycled Christmas Decorations to Make

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Cork Reindeer. An ingenious way to use cork bottle stoppers as Christmas decorations is by turning them into reindeers! And you better make them red nosed reindeers, too! You’ll be needing cork bottle stoppers, twigs, tiny bells or chimes, and small red beads. Simply stuff the twigs to the cork bottle stopper to form the neck and the legs, as well as the antlers. Decorate the necks with bells or chimes, and glue the red bead on the reindeer’s nose.

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Button Ornament.  Another creative way to recycle buttons is to make them into a Christmas ball. Glue colorful buttons however big or small onto holiday balls. Decorate with glitters, or in this case, white beads. Finish off with a lovely bow on top and it’s ready to be hung on your tree or wherever you fancy.

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Soda Tabs Wreath. Did you know that soda can tabs also make lovely Christmas decorations? Recycle them into a festive Christmas wreath that you can put on your front door. It’s very inexpensive to make. You’ll only be needing soda can tabs and ribbons in Christmas colors. Simply weave to styles that you like!

Christmas Decorations Recycled Materials

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Light Bulb Penguin. Old light bulbs can be recycled into fun animal decorations as well. Turn old boring bulbs into cute and fun penguins by painting on them and hanging them around the house for the children to see. All you need for this project are some paints, some strings to hang them with, and a ton of creativity. Aren’t they just adorable?

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Corky Trinkets. Cork bottle stoppers can turn into these lovely holiday decorations! How intricate they are will depend on your design skills and creativity. But start off with some poinsettias, gold trims, and ribbons. Add trinkets that reflect your personality, and you’ve got some really nice and personal decors.

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Nerdy Balls. Book nerds will go crazy over these holiday ornaments. Tear off pages from old books into small strips. Roll them up and fill up a Christmas ball with them. Add some glitter or confetti for added color. Tie with some gold ribbon and hang on your Christmas tree!

Making Recycled Christmas Decorations

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Cap Wreaths. Don’t be so quick to throw those beer caps in the trash. They make unique and pretty holiday wreaths. Find the most colorful caps in the bunch. String or wire them together to make a circular wreath. Add some festive-looking ribbon and it’s ready to be hung!

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Tin Can D’ Snowman. Ordinary tin cans can transform into these beautiful holiday snowman decorations. Paint three pieces of tin cans of different sizes. Place black buttons for the eyes and the mouth, and different colored ones for the shirt. Glue on the arms and the nose. Adorn with a scarf and a hat, or anything else fun and creative you can think of.

Recycled Christmas Ornament

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Puzzle Ornaments. Who knew puzzle pieces can make great holiday ornaments? If you’ve still got puzzles you no longer use, you can recycle them and turn them into these pretty babies. First, color them in bright reds or greens. Glue them together into shapes of candy canes or stockings. Add some Christmas ribbons or glitter and they’re all set!

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Paper Snowflakes. Snowflakes in a bottle? Sounds lovely! Tear off colored pages from a glossy magazine. Remember, the more colorful, the better. Roll them up, coil them,and glue together to form a snowflake. Make sure it fits inside the bottle. Embellish with glitters for that added flair!