Are you organizing a Christmas party, especially for kids? Or are you confused regarding how to decorate the yard for the Christmas? Well, if you have nodded along,  then why don’t you consider using inflatables for decoration?

It’s a standard practice to decorate the yard and the front lawn during Christmas. And when it comes to decoration, you have to let the kids have their share of fun too. What better way to decorate your garden, yard or living room than putting up the inflatable displays of your kid’s favorite characters. Kids will totally love seeing an eight foot tall Santa Claus greeting them in the Christmas morning.

More than fun, Christmas inflatables are easy to store and can last for a number of years.  Besides, you get a life size inflatable for quite a reasonable price, with which you can decorate large spaces. So it’s a win-win situation for both mommy and children. Create a fun and memorable scene in your garden with these ten inflatable Christmas decorations.

  1. Olaf And Sven:

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sven and olaf inflatable

Are you planning on hosting a Disney themed Christmas party? Well, then Olaf and Sven inflatable will make an excellent addition to your party. It’s an adorable inflatable showing Olaf seated on top of Sven, the reindeer. If you’ve seen the film, you must know that Olaf and Sven were great friends in the movie and we can see their friendship in this inflatable too. The festive wreath around Sven’s neck is enhancing the overall look. These cuddly characters, dressed in their Christmas best, come with bright, LED lights that will glow all night long.

  1. Kevin, The Minion:

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minions inflatable

Minions are favorite Disney character, not just kids, but adults too. And we love them too. The minion featured here is Kevin, and we can’t express in words how cute he is looking here. Dressed in his classic minion costume and Santa hat, Kevin is all set to rock the Christmas party. And do not miss to notice the candy cane in his hands. We wonder who is the lucky child who’ll get the candy cane from his hands. We hope Gru won’t mind Kevin’s absence from his laboratory during Christmas!

  1. Santa:

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santa inflatable

Set the tone to your holiday décor with this Santa inflatable. It seems that Santa Claus is currently in the North Pole and is getting ready to meet the kids. He’s also carrying a huge sack with him. He must have brought some great gift for the little children.  This darling will waddle into the kid’ hearts in no time. Trust us on that! As for using the inflatable, just plug in the inflatable, stake it down and witness the magic, unfold. Moreover, Santa is a classic figure, so you can deflate the figure and store it for next year’s use.

  1. Christmas Tree:

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christmas tree inflatable

How beautiful does this majestic Christmas tree look? The inflatable can beautify even the grumpiest of decorations.  In Fact, its lighted design and colorful patterns make this tree perfect for nighttime display. And the best part about this inflatable is that it can be used for many more years to come, provided you keep it safely.

  1. Mickey:

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Look who has come to attend your Christmas party! It’s none other than our favorite Santa. Doesn’t he look cool dressed in the Christmas clothes and hat? Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous Disney characters. During Christmas, hundreds of Christmas related decoration show this famous mouse dressed up in funny and cute Christmas costumes.  The only thing missing here is Minnie Mouse. So if you are planning to hold a Christmas themed party and want to include Mickey, and then make sure you get his beloved too! And we all know that girls are fonder of Minnie than Mickey. So why disappoint them? Or why not buy an entire set of Disney characters? Even Mickey will love staying with his friends.

  1. Santa And The Elves Entrance:

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santa and elves entrance inflatable

What a way to greet your little guests! Santa and his elves have come with everything to make your garden look festive. We’re sure the kids will start feeling festive the moment they enter the party through this gorgeous inflatable entrance. And it will also steal our neighbor’s attention during Christmas ;).

  1. Snowman:

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snowman inflatable

Snowmen are super cute. They look cuddly with their fat belly and face the cold just for the little kids.  This adorable snowman will bring holiday cheer to everyone in the neighborhood and will produce giggles from the kids. And the backdrop is looking great too. You can even use this pic as an idea for decorating your backyard.

  1. Nativity Play:

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Nativity Scene Inflatable

Create a complete Christmas scene in seconds with this adorable nativity play inflatable. It will make a great addition if you are hosting a nativity play. Nativity play is an excellent way to narrate the story of the birth of Jesus Christ to little kids. Even if you are not hosting a nativity play, this inflatable will look beautiful in your house. It may even compel the kids to ask stories about Jesus Christmas and the situation revolving his birth.

  1. Snow Globe:

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snow globe inflatable

If simplicity and subtlety are not what you exactly like, then this giant, inflatable snow globe might be the perfect thing for you. The humungous snow globe features an enormous Christmas tree with a Snowman and Santa’s sled on its side. And the inflatable is giving the décor a very striking look.  This inflatable will also match well with other inflatable products you choose for decorating the yard. And it has internal light, too!

  1. Christmas Wreath:

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christmas wreath inflatable

Gone are the days when you’d spend hours on end making the perfect wreath. Now you can bring the holiday magic to your yard in a matter of few minutes with this inflatable wreath. The wreath will make a quick fix for days when you don’t feel like making a wreath.  You can also present this inflatable as a Christmas gift to your near and dear ones. Don’t you think it will make a unique gift?

Note- Inflatables are filled with air and can be easily punctured by sharp objects. If something like this happens, then it will lose its use. Even high temperature can melt the inflatables. So be careful about these things while setting the inflatable.

Christmas inflatables are readily available these days in homeware stores. And they are not very expensive. So just head to your nearby home ware and decoration store and pick the one you like the most. And make sure you visit the store early November. Most of these products will be out of stock even before December comes. And if budget is the concern for you, they try getting a few during the clearance sale.  Which of these inflatables did you like the most from this list? Tell us by commenting below.