Top 10 Beautiful Christmas Decorations From Recycled Materials

It’s holiday time! Holidays for most of us is the time for good food, for friends, for family and of course, for shopping! People hop from one market to another just to buy Christmas gifts and decoration for their house. But think about it? Do you really need to buy new decorations every year? You can even buy them once and reuse the same ones every year. But if you are a creative soul, then you can even make some at home, using the materials lying at home. It won’t just help the environment, but will also give you an opportunity to showcase your creative abilities to your family and friends. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Here are ten downright incredible ideas that will spruce up the decoration of your house.

  1. Cork Wreath:


cork wreath

Did you get tons of champagnes as gifts this Thanksgiving? Or did you buy too many bottles of champagnes to celebrate the Halloween and are wondering what to do them? Well, don’t throw the corks away! We have an amazing DIY for you to utilize the bottle corks. Purchase some red bell, wreath wire, and a red ribbon. For the top, you can use a branch of an oak tree of Mistle toe. Both will look beautiful.  And it’s very easy to make and will look stunning hung in your kitchen or dining room. Don’t worry, we have got an idea to utilize the champagne bottles too! Just keep reading!

  1. Keyboard Ornaments:


keyboard ornaments


Do you have a spare keyboard at home? Are you wondering how to get it in use? Well, then we have an excellent idea for you. This craft idea will is sure to get all the attention this Christmas. All you need is a piece big piece of black velvet, ribbon, cereal boxes, gold card stock and the keys from the keyboard. Don’t you think it’s a novel idea?  Even if you can’t get hold of the materials listed here, just tie the keys in the strings to make a Christmas related word. Don’t be surprised if the guests start asking you how you made this ornament. And we’re quite sure they will.

  1. Scrabble Ornaments:


scrabble ornaments

Scrabbles make a great gift for kids. So we’re sure, there must be at least one spare scrabble lying in your house. Or have you lost a few pieces of scrabble and are thinking of throwing it away? Well, then don’t as we have come up with an excellent solution for you. Make Scrabble Christmas ornaments! For making this ornament, all you need is a few scrabble letters, trays and a few tools like a hot glue gun, ribbon, and drill. If you’ve got all these material sat home, then just get started! It won’t even take an hour to complete this craft. But make sure you use some Christmas themed words as irrelevant words and phrases won’t look very attractive.

  1. Cork Reindeer:


cork reindeer

How awesome does this little reindeer look? Cork is a great material for making recycled crafts.  And Christmas or no Christmas, this idea will compel you to make these cork reindeer. And it’s very simple to make. All you need is four corks, twigs or pipe cleaner, two googly eyes, ribbons and red and brown puffball.  There isn’t much folding or cutting required for it. We think it’ll make a perfect activity for kids during Christmas.  Hand them these materials and see them do the magic. Then place the reindeer on your mantelpiece and see the praises coming. It will also encourage your kid to work further on such kind of activities.

  1. Mason Jar Candle Holder:


Mason Jar Candle Holder

Do you have some empty mason jars lying around? Or some sack ropes and some old Christmas tree ornaments? Then you don’t you make a beautiful mason jar candle holder? All you’d need to do is melt a chunk of wax in a pot and add fragrant oil of your choice. Pour the wax into the Mason jar. You can also place a pillar candle inside the jar. Tie the head of the jar with the sack role and decorate with Christmas ornaments. Place the candle holder at your entrance and just see how it transforms the décor of your house.

  1. Penguin Light Bulb Christmas Decoration:

Image Source:

Light bulb Christmas decoration

Are tired decorating the Christmas tree with the same old, store bought decoration? And do you think that DIY crafts are too complicated for you? Then we’ve got a simple and creative DIY from Goods Home Design! Just don’t throw out the burnt out light bulbs. All you need is a couple of old light bulbs, acrylic paints in different colors, glue, scissors and other decorative items. The author has painted penguin on this bulb, but you can try out other designs as well. Light bulbs covered with glitters will also look beautiful. And it’s easy too! Just get creative with whatever supplies you have on hand.

  1. Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree:


Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

Are you feeling creative? Then gather some cupcake liners and make a tiny Christmas tree out of it. Just keep cone foam, some cupcake liners, and dowel cord in hand before going ahead with this idea. If you are using a white cupcake liner, then either leave them white or paint and affix some stickers or sequins on it. The length of the tree is totally up to you and of course, the number of cupcake liners you have.

  1. Wine Bottle Decoration:


wine bottle decoration

As we had promised to you, we have got an idea to use the spare wine bottles lying in your house. Get creative and start painting the wine bottles using the acrylic paints. The reindeer bottle looks beautiful here. So try to replicate it. Even we’d love to see your work.

  1. Coffee Filter Wreath:


coffee filter christmas wreath

Isn’t this wreath simply stunning? And you can even imagine how simple it is to make. You just require coffee filters, hot glue gun, cardboard and seasonal decoration to begin. You can even paint the wreath, or select a brown colored coffee filter. It’s totally up to you. Can you guess the amount spent in making this wreath?  It didn’t take more than $10. And the best part is that it’s eco-friendly too! What more do you want!

  1. Paper Snowflakes:


paper snowflakes

Got some spare thin paper or colored papers lying at home? Or are you tired of using flashy decorations every Christmas? Then try making these simple paper snowflakes. It’s the easiest craft for the kids to do. Just download the snowflake template from the internet and get started. But iron the paper first to remove the creases and wrinkles. String the snowflakes with some thread and put on the window. Let’s share a fun fact with you! Paper snowflakes have been a staple holiday decoration since the Victorian Era. And do you know why? Because the production of the paper was mechanized during that era, making it more readily available.

In a nutshell, you just need some creativity and a few of easily sourced products to create these masterpieces. Have you ever made a Christmas ornament from recycled materials? Or are you planning to make some this Christmas? Share with us by commenting below!

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