Top 40 Christmas Decoration Ideas In Gray

When thinking about Christmas decoration, the first thing that you need to decide on is the color scheme and theme. Should I opt for metallic? Or minimal Nordic theme? Or should I go traditional with gold, red and green? These questions are bound to enter every mind.

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This Christmas, why don’t you go for the grey color scheme? Grey décor is minimalistic, rustic and gives a cozy vibe to the house. So enhance the Christmas decoration in your home by following the gray color scheme.

  1. A Grey Living Room:

This gray colored living room is exuding warm and cozy vibes. To make it pop, the blogger has used evergreen garlands.

  1. Grey Walls:

Grey walls will guarantee that your Christmas tree gets all the attention. So if your house has gray walls, decorate your Christmas tree lavishly.

  1. A Roaring Fireplace:

This idea is for the urbanites living in an apartment. You just need to make a faux mantel and then hang stockings from it.

  1. Gray Stockings:

If you want to add an understated charm to your house, hang gray stockings from the mantelpiece.

  1. Add Some Red:

Here’s a cozy red and gray idea for you. To replicate the idea, you have to place some gray and red cushions, blankets, and place near the Christmas tree.

  1. Fairytale Lights And Feathers:

A crackling fireplace makes a truckload of difference in the cold winter evenings. If your house is decorated in gray themes, embellish the mantelpiece with wreath and feathers.

  1. Centerpiece:

For the centerpiece, take a silver platter and put some pinecones, white pillar candles, and some grey decorative items on it.

  1. Raspberry And Gray Living Room:

Berry shades make the house warm and welcoming, and when it’s against matt gray backdrop, it will look contemporary and chic too.

  1. Black And Gray:

This cardboard Christmas tree with fairy lights will make a great addition to your decor. Would you believe if I say that these lights are made with paper boxes?

  1. A Contemporary Living Room:

This lovely room is decorated entirely in gray- both dull and metallic. The Christmas tree is decorated with silver and gray ornaments, and the gray leaf garland is exemplary. The highlight is the mirror console topped with Mercury accessories.

  1. Living Room With Mood Enhancing Lights:

Just as you can see in the picture above, even you can use mood-enhancing light to create a festive atmosphere.

  1. For The Windows:

This grey window is decorated with tiny snow globes, metallic candles, and reindeer figurines.

  1. A Gorgeous Centerpiece:

The twig wreath here is decorated with faux flowers, cardboard tree cutout, pinecones, pillar candles and tiny ornaments. It will make a stunning centerpiece.

  1. Tiny Houses:

Spread a black cloth on the table and dress with pinecone shaped, house shaped and regular candles. It will look beautiful.

  1. Gray Cups Candleholder:

Take some gray cups and fill with dried greens and pinecones. Affix a thick, white candle in it and you are good to go.

  1. Beautifully Decorated Gifts:

Wrap the gift boxes with dark paper, secure with a twine, and the jingle bell. You can use mitten shaped cookies as the gift tags.

  1. Another Idea For The Entrance:

This entrance is decorated with gray colored vases. The browns and greens are complimenting it well.

  1. Christmas Tree Decoration Idea:

The Christmas tree here is decorated minimally with black, white and steel ornaments- all three go perfectly with gray interiors.

  1. For The Bedroom:

If you have a subtle grey bedroom, dress it up with a lighted wreath. Hang some string lights from the curtains as well.

  1. Tiny Houses:

If you want to give your house a rustic makeover, place tiny, house-shaped lanterns on the mantle or wooden shelf.

  1. Out And Out Gray:

This comfortable and cozy décor can be achieved by selecting knitted or crocheted furnishing and warming up the space with candlelight.

  1. A Beautiful Outdoor Decoration:

This is an extremely tremendous decorating idea we have seen in a while. We wonder if you can paint the exterior of the house gray to achieve this look. And ample use of lighting is a must.

  1. Faux Berries:

Take a large, white colored tumbler and put some grey faux berry vines in it. Place it anywhere you think it will look good.

  1. I Am Wishing For A White Christmas:

This one looks truly magical. And trust us, grey and white combination looks ethereal.

  1. Ornaments:

These exquisite ornaments would look fantastic hung on black, white or green Christmas tree. And it would go with your décor too!

  1. A Simple Idea:

Take a suede, velvet colored handbag and filled with small gift boxes. Hang it from the entrance door and you are done.

  1. Light It Up:

Club some grey colored pillar candles together, tie with a twine and tag and place on the mantelpiece. Your house will be filled with a soft glow.

  1. Dress Up The Outdoors:

For the outdoors, put some gray cushions and a blanket on the wooden bench and deck with lanterns.

  1. A Stunning Dining Hall:

Red and grey combination never look so beautiful. It looks like it has been ripped off a fairy tale book. The glittering icicles and clear baubles used for the chandelier look beautiful.

  1. Table Decoration:

For a grey themed Christmas, you have to pay attention to the table decoration as well. Spread a gray tablecloth and use white tableware for a great look.

  1. A Grey Lantern:

For the outdoor decoration, paint a lantern gray, slid a lantern inside and put it out for decoration.

  1. White And Gray Mantelpiece:

A black and white advent sign is placed on top of the mantelpiece. The elf stockings are a welcome addition.

  1. Accordion Ornament:

These gray accordion ornaments would look fabulous on white or black Christmas tree.

  1. A Dash Of Color:

The blogger has, very beautifully added a dash of color in her gray décor.

  1. Gray Entrance:

The entrance of this lovely house is decorated with gray candle holders topped with white pillar candles, and a gray bench with wrapped gifts on it.

  1. Grey Tree:

This grey Christmas tree is decorated with grey and brown ornaments. The rest of the decoration is brown.

  1. Cut Out Christmas Tree:

This white wooden Christmas tree is decorated with advent calendar boxes, along with a house shaped lantern, reindeer figurine, and white wooden Christmas tree.

  1. Hang Some Gifts And Stockings:

Hang some gifts and stockings from the shelf to dress up the corner of your house.

  1. A Faux Safety Pin:

This is one of the loveliest ideas we have seen in a long time. The faux safety pin is definitely the highlight.

  1. Gray Wreath:

The mantelpiece of this house is decorated with gray twigs and pinecones wreath. And mantelpiece is topped with pillar candles and evergreen wreath.


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