Christmas Season comes with a huge amount of happiness and good luck for all of us and that is the main reason we wait for Christmas so eagerly. Not only Christmas is a festival of happiness, but also the Christmas holidays are equally important. These Christmas holidays can prove to be a great time when spent with friends and family. But no one would call their friends and family to their place if it does not feel like Christmas at their home. To make it look like a Christmas friendly abode, lots and lots of hard work, or maybe smart work is required. You can decorate your home with wonderful things so that everyone can enjoy themselves at your place and have that amazing Christmas feel being inside your home.

One of the most important parts of Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. No Christmas party is complete without a beautiful Christmas tree in the room or anywhere in the house because people will get the feeling of Christmas only if there’s wonderful looking Christmas tree and it’s going to be even more spectacular if you decorated the Christmas tree yourself. Take the help of your close ones or do it yourself. It’s easy both the ways because these Christmas tree decor ideas that you are going to read below are equally great and easy to do at the same time.

The Classic Colours

Pompoms are everybody’s favourite, and I even more interesting to see on a Christmas tree at your place. Decorate your Christmas tree using colourful pom poms and try choosing colours which are vibrant and elegant at the same time. You could use red, blue, green and white and use them together to get a wonderful look for your Christmas tree.

The A B C Ornament

Another great idea for a kid friendly Christmas tree is hanging alphabet ornaments around your Christmas tree. This is a great way of making your kid excited about the alphabet and it’s learning and enjoyment together for your lad.


The Shades of Pastel


These Spectacular sculptural stars really pop out and gain attention in this Christmas decor idea and look very classy on your Christmas tree. You might also like to fill the whole Christmas tree with these sculptural star hangings as these looks wonderful hanging around your Christmas tree.

Doing It with Red Ribbons


The colour of the Santa clothes and the bag of his gifts is red. This shows that the colour red has a different level of importance when it comes to Christmas. So, there can be nothing better than using red ribbons around your Christmas tree to wrap it beautifully. You might want to go around and round with the ribbons around the Christmas tree and it’s going to look so pretty that even you won’t be able to believe that you decorated it with your own hands.

Floral Base


Along with decorating the upper side of the tree, that is the leaves, you must also go for decorating the base as nothing is complete if the base is not perfect. Decorating the base of the Christmas tree with this floral-fringe tree skirt will prove to be a great idea to get the base right of the Christmas tree. Is my just complete the little incompleteness in your work while decorating it.

The Colourful Felt Garland


The multi coloured ornaments on your Christmas tree will be perfectly matched with these multi-coloured felt garlands. This might give a finishing touch to your Christmas tree decor and this will also add to the beauty of the complete look that you will receive at the end.

The Mini S’mores


Adding these s’mores to the decoration is going to add to the charm of the beauty of your Christmas tree. Try these in the outdoors and deck your tree out from your house to let the people watch your beautiful tree.

The Rustic Snowflakes


Rustic snowflakes and poinsettia cut-outs with a little favour of the fringes are going to look wonderful on your Christmas tree. Try cutting out pieces of paper on rusty sheet in the shape of snowflakes and poinsettia and attach them all over the Christmas tree.

The Happy Lights


One of the smallest and best things that you can do to decorate your Christmas tree is spreading the happy face lights around your tree. The smiley on these lights brings positivity to people who ever look at the tree and what’s better to bring a smile on a person’s face just by looking at the tree at your place?


The Star Garlands


Using the star garlands is also a good idea for decoration of your Christmas tree. Can easily get star Gardens anywhere in the market wherever you go for Christmas shopping. These are easily available and cheap. Also, you can add your own touch to the star garlands by painting the stars in golden, white and red. This will make your garlands even more interesting when you put it on the. You may paint the stars on the garland using spray Paints as it’s easy to do it this way rather than painting them with a brush. This is just another Small thought that you can add to your Christmas tree decor.

Let’s Go Text and Tinsel


We often used tinsel for various creations that we undertake. The golden pencil has its own class when it comes to choosing the right colour for your Christmas tree decor. We strongly suggest you to use Golden tinsel for writing an amazing Christmas message which can make everybody smile and you may simply have that message hanging on your tree using a thread which is going to combine them and create a perfect vibe for Christmas.

The Mercury Glass Mini Ornaments


Mixed metals have their own different Shine as compared to other metals when it comes to decoration. One of the best ways to decorate your Christmas tree with these mixed metal ornaments is using the Mercury glass ornaments which are easily available in the market and give your tree the perfect vintage look that you require in a Christmas party on your tree.

The Floral Garland


A long floral garland can prove to be one of the best ideas for Christmas decorations when it comes to adding colours to a Christmas tree. This will give a perfect Grace to the whole decor and will prove to be definitely a great idea for making your Christmas tree beautiful. This is going to add a winter touch to your Christmas tree decor and is definitely going to be loved by all.

The Antlers and The Flowers


Using the antlers is a great way of letting your kids know about the Santa and his sledge story. You might also want to tell your kids that Dasher, Dancer and Prancer are on their way to your place.

The Black and White Tree


Use black and white strips cut long of sheets of paper and surround your Christmas tree with these strips to give your tree a perfect retro look. Use this idea when people of all ages are around because black and white is loved by all.

The Agate Ornament


An ornament such as a hanging geode will definitely add up to the beauty of the Christmas tree that you are decorating. It will give a shining hit of colours when looked at among the branches of the tree. You can also make the glided edge look even better by attaching string lights to it.

The Marquee Christmas Tree


Use huge marquee letters of the alphabet and decorate your Christmas tree with these with or without giving a message. Even a single word written with the marquee letters is enough to grab the attention of almost everyone in the room. Write anything related to Christmas or positivity, like Smile, Happy, Joy, Bells, Jingle, Santa, Jesus, Stars etc.

The Chocolate/Treat-Filled Cornucopias


Chocolates are something that are loved not only by children, people of all age groups. Even we adults long for treats at all times. So, the idea of hanging small paper cones filled with treats and overloading with chocolates, why not? People are going to love you for doing this as everybody needs something extra before they leave from the party or gathering. And when it comes to chocolate, nobody says no. You can also put small marshmallows in those cones for people who enjoy eating them because marshmallows have almost the same fan following as of chocolates.

The Scented Ornaments

With the fragrance of French lavender these ornaments are specially hand painted and specifically designed to be hung on a Christmas tree that is going to be made by you. You can also make your own scented ornaments easily by painting small pieces of cloth, sewing them together and adding your favourite perfume fragrance to them.

The Rainbow Ornaments


Adding colours to your Christmas tree is the most important part of decoration. If you are in need of anymore colours, this rainbow ornaments are the best idea you could opt for. Not only are these full of colours, but also child proof and shatterproof at the same time.

Metallic Spheres


Make your own ornaments if you have a few regular office supplies, some kitchen twine and a pinch of creativity in your head. It’s very easy to make spheres out of these things which must be later attached to a string and hung on your Christmas tree to add to its wonder.

The Felt Banner


I felt banner can also be very interesting for people to look at when it’s on your Christmas tree. Get a banner with a good message that is related to Christmas just like ‘Be Merry’ or ‘Merry Christmas’. These banners are the best way to get attention of people towards your Christmas tree and the message is also going to enlighten their mood and make them feel that positivity at your place and the Christmas vibe can be felt too.

Pinecones and Snow


Using oversized huge ornaments for decoration of a Christmas tree can add a little drama to your otherwise ordinary and traditional Christmas tree. We strongly suggest that you use these oversized ornaments like snowball ornaments and pine cone ornaments for decorating your Christmas tree as these are not very common but it will definitely be loved by all.

Twinkle Lights


The lights when burnt out are considered waste by us and we usually throw them away. Well stop that right now and start saving your burnt-out bulbs and chandelier lights because a little Sprinkle of coloured sand can make them sparkle and Shine in a whole new different way.

The Shades of Pink


This is something which is not very tough to do and can be very effective and helpful in the decoration of your Christmas tree. All you have to do is choose your favourite colour whether it’s pink or otherwise and Goa board with everything available for decoration in that particular colour whether it’s garlands, tinsel, ribbons or anything else. This is going to give your tree a good theme for decoration and you could also contrast your Christmas tree with the colour of your room.

These are some ideas that can lighten up your place just with a few interesting ways of decorating your Christmas tree before the Christmas party that you are organising for your friends and family. This is going to add up to the bliss at your place on Christmas Eve and make everyone feel happy just by being there.

So, make sure you decorate your Christmas using at least one of these ideas or you could go for mixing things up a bit.