Get inspired with these Indoor Christmas Decorations that will turn your home, from dull and plain, into majestic and fabulous Christmas home. Create a holiday ambiance and express your joy for this season throughout your house with these indoor Christmas decorations ideas. Here are some fabulous Indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas for you.

Indoor Christmas Decorations

We have different types of ideas for a wide set of choices whether you have a traditional home or contemporary style, these indoor Christmas decoration ideas will surely inspire you. This consists of easy and unique decorations to a simple and elegant touch. Here we have a variety of decoration ideas that will fit in to your room and drape it with the holiday spirit.

1. Snowman Christmas Tree

Christmas Snowman
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Here’s one of the simplest and probably the cutest Christmas decoration ideas – A snowman Christmas tree. This is a two in one Christmas decoration that is great if you want to impress your guests or visitors or just want to show your creativity. Unique and cool idea for an indoor Christmas idea.

Wonderful living Rom for Christmas




Cozy Indoor Christmas Decorations

Wonderful Indoor Christmas Decorations

2.Christmas Dining Room

Christmas Dining Room

What a festive way to celebrate Christmas Eve with this colorful and fabulous Christmas dining room decoration. The colors of the decors and ornaments surely give that festive mood to the room. This is one of the best christmas decorating ideas you could try if you want something elegant and magical.


3.Cute Snowman Display

Cute Christmas Snowman


Cute snowman display. If you want your indoor christmas decorations with aqua theme, this could be your set-up. A couple of snowman figures, plus aqua blue plates and ornaments and voila, you got this cool Christmas decorating idea. Don’t forget to add some miniature christmas tree to complete the set-up.

4.Snowman Pole

Here’s another creative and well-thought of Christmas decoration idea. Turning a post/pole into a snowman, creative, isn’t it? I bet you also want to try this on holiday.


5.Hanging Balls

Had enough of greens and garlands? This year, you may want to keep your Christmas decoration with as simple as hanging a few Christmas balls in your banister. Yes. You can try different colors and sizes. Just use contrasting colored ribbons and balls. This christmas decorating idea is perfect for those who have plain walls and plain-painted stairs/banisters.

beautiful homes decorated for christmas

Below you can see some beautiful Homes decorated for Christmas

A Simple Christmas Decoration

Simple Christmas Decoration

If you prefer some simple Christmas decoration ideas, this one could be your best bet. Get your dining room ready for the christmas by decorating the chandelier with some greens and holiday decorations. Don’t forget to include a centerpiece too – chunks of red candles perhaps?


Festive Indoor Christmas Decorations


For some festive Christmas decoration ideas, a festive and colorful set up in a corner this holiday featuring tinsels, nutcracker figure, greens and lights.


A Beautiful Nativity Scene Display

One creative way to display nativity scene. This rustic indoor Christmas decoration setup will truly catch the eye of your guests on Christmas. This can be a great focal point in your indoor Christmas decorations. Definitely love it!


Easy DIY Christmas Decor

Want an effortless, last-minute Christmas decorating idea? How about filling a glass cylinder with light bulbs of different color? This is probably one of the easiest christmas decoration ideas anyone can try this holiday.

Space-saver Christmas Decorations

This indoor christmas decoration is perfect for those who don’t have ample space but still want to enjoy a view a sparkling and colorful christmas tree. Form a tree outline in your door with a christmas light. Decorate it with Christma balls and snowflakes.

DIY Christmas Decor Indoor

And you can make your own Christmas decorations. With a little pinch of creativity plus a few material, you can make this beautiful indoor Christmas decoration where you can display your photos and cards.

Simple but Elegant

Keep your christmas decorations two-toned. This time, how about red and white? Well, red has always been associated with christmas so it’s kinda given to use it while decorating. As plain as it may seem, white would go along well with red. This year, try white christmas tree and decorate it with vibrant red ornaments.

Red and Merry


Hanging Stockings

These are great to hang on bedroom doors, but you can also create your own hanger like this one. Personalized stockings are even better because they make your home look very cozy. And won’t it just be fun to wake up on Christmas morning and find your stocking filled with little trinkets?


Peppermint Topiary


Snowmen Fridge

Have a plain white fridge? Tweak it a little and turn them into these cute snowman fridges with just a few ribbons and paper cut outs.


Card and Photo Display Decor

This is a perfect way to display your christmas cards and family photos. Just decorate your stairs with garlands and ornaments, then hang your framed photos with red ribbons.


Majestic Christmas Tablescape

One of the most majestic christmas decorating ideas for your dining table. I love the combination of red and white here, specially to the plates.


Space-Saver Wall Christmas Tree

No room or space for a Christmas tree? Worry not, you can have your own tree ( a lighted one) on your wall. Like above christmas decoration idea, this is another way to save space for a christmas tree.


Simple and Cozy Christmas Table Decor

Use those lovely and dainty wine glasses into Christmas centerpiece this holiday. Just fill ’em up with ornaments and greens and they’re good to go. This is one of the easiest last-minute christmas decoration ideas you can pull off this coming holiday.


Adorable Christmas Lantern

This is such a cute and adorable Christmas lantern, with just a few hanging Christmas balls and ribbons as decoration. This could be a perfect christmas decoration inside your house.


DIY Indoor Christmas Decor

For those tight-budget decorators, you can use this simple and easy-to-do Christmas decor idea. Use some clear glass, twigs and pine leaves. Light ’em up with LEd string light.


Christmas Decoration Idea for Your Dining Area

A well-lit dining room with festive decorations and ornaments is one way to boost up the mood even more on Christmas eve. Decorate those chandelier with hanging Christmas baubles and some pine leaves. Wrap them up with some ribbons too.


Fabulous Mantle Decorations

Here’s one of the cutest and most fabulous mantel set-up I’ve seen so far. The decoration is quite simple yet oozes with elegance. The colors of red and green contrasting well against the plain white wall.


Snow Village Christmas Tree Ladder

There are so many ways to display a snow village and one creative way is using a ladder. Join two ladders and wrap them with garland and lights. Then on each step, display those figures and ornaments.


Festive Indoor Christmas Decorations

This is quite festive and really beautiful. The simple red curtains were beautified by those string lights. The wreaths are also good to look at.


Simple Christmas Elegance

No need to get too complicated when decorating your indoor. You can use those stuff that are just lying around like clear glasses and cylinders. Pile up some pine cones, pine needles and Christmas balls on those glasses. Make them more beautiful by adding lights.


Fish Bowl Snowman

No need to wait for the snow to make a snowman. Why would you if you could create a snowman out of fish bowls. Yes, you can stack fish bowls (of different sizes – from biggest to smallest). Put some faux snow inside and some miniature Christmas tree and snowman figures.


Snowman Door

And you can also have a snowman on your door, just like above image.


Beautiful Christmas Tree from Amazon



Amusing Christmas Dining Table Decoration

Katie Lunne's centerpiece in her Grafton Hill dining room is made up of mostly natural, easy to find, and inexpensive items. It is made of tree branches and colorful holiday ornaments.
Katie Lunne’s centerpiece in her Grafton Hill dining room is made up of mostly natural, easy to find, and inexpensive items. It is made of tree branches and colorful holiday ornaments.


Christmas Tablescape


A.Gregory from says “One of my favorite aspects of the holiday frenzy of entertaining is my annual Christmas tablescape for my family’s Christmas dinner.  Each year, I come up with a new “theme” and decorate the table in a new way.  I’m always looking for cost-effective ways to do this.  I mix and match my existing dishes, and often re-use decorations from past years in different ways.  This year, the theme was “woodland”, and I used all natural materials (except for the red berries).  I loved it!”

Yes Gregory. Not only you loved it. I also loved it, and I am sure folks from pinterest will also love it.

Simple Christmas Indoor Decorations



Easy Christmas Indoor Decorations

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Looking for easy, simple but unique. Yes the above is all that. You can join with the tens of thousands of folks who re pinned it


Christmas Decoration-photo garland



Christmas Decoration on Piano


Wonderfully decorated Indoor Christmas Tree



Marvelous Indoor Christmas Decoration with beautiful Christmas Table


Christmas Tree in Living room


Poinsettias are seasonal during this time and are great for decorations as well. Red ones usually are appealing to the eye and perfect to put on garlands and Christmas trees.

DIY Indoor Christmas Decorations


Be creative. Just take a twine and collect memorable photos or Christmas cards and hang it with clothespin like this one. A very simple and creative way for decorating your window this coming holiday.

Country-Inspired Christmas Tree


Make a mini Christmas tree. This is perfect if you don’t have enough space for a normal tree to put inside the room. This is definitely cute with a natural style.

Simple Indoor Christmas Decorations

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Shiny red Christmas balls are perfect for Christmas trees and to be used as indoor christmas decorations. It’s the most common ornament for decorating your tree. Enjoy decorating and admiring your tree as the holiday season is coming.

Silver Christmas Ornaments


Shiny shimmering silver balls are wonderful to look at as they will sparkle on your tabletop. This is a great decoration as it can fit in to every color of houses.

Country-Style Indoor Christmas Decorating Idea


A very country style Christmas indoor decorations for your living room that will definitely remind you of your childhood. Keep it simple and stick to the old memories.

Blue Christmas


A somewhat blue Christmas. Definitely nice if you have a white room as it will bright up against the white base color of your walls. A very soothing effect to the eyes as it contains light colored decorations.

Chic and Sassy


Simply chic and sassy Christmas living room decoration. This is a good idea if you have a daughter as you will both have fun decorating the room.

Festive in Green and Red


A simple decoration for this holiday. Hang Christmas wreaths to your wall above your couch and pick up some flowers to put at the coffee table for a more relaxing feeling.

Christian Christmas decorations for Indoor


If you want a Christian way of spending Christmas, this is a perfect idea for your living room. A religious way to celebrate this coming holiday.

Traditional Christmas Table decorations

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For a classy idea table set you can put a basket at the center full of pine cones, garlands and ornaments. Add up a fashionable candle light and there you have it! Stay in the traditional colors of Christmas.


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If you don’t have garlands to put at your staircase, you can improvise and twirl wide stash around the handle. Simple and easy way for a Christmas decoration.

Simple and Relaxing

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This table setting is perfect if you want to dine outside or at your backyard. A natural relaxing feeling to add for your table setting is to add candles as it shows a soothing effect and good romantic feeling throughout the table.

Indoor Christmas Decorating Idea for your Home

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If you have a white based color wall, adding a little green and splash of red color can be appealing to the eye for it is shocking and relaxing choice of colors. Enjoy the liveliness of your room with this appealing indoor decoration.

Green Stockings


Hang a couple of socks and choose a color that is opposite to your base wall to make a statement for your decoration Christmas stockings. Try to add some gifts or letters inside the socks to add some touch.

Candles and Garlands

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A very white Christmas indeed. Stick to the white color for a calm and relaxing living room Christmas decoration. Embrace the lightness of this room and enjoy the joyous feeling of the holiday spirit.

Candle Decorations

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Candles are classic for every occasion. Just add some garlands and Christmas ornaments to feel the spirit of this coming holiday season. And you are perfect to go!

Candle Centerpiece



Candles to make your home feel warm and light during the holiday season. Arrange them with greenery pots and put them on your living room or dining table.

Wooden DIY Christmas Tree

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Collect set of woods and make a sign out of it. Add Christmas quotes or some lovely sayings that will show your love for this coming holiday with white paint or any light based paint color you want. This is an inexpensive way for a Christmas decoration as you will use much more of your creativity here..

Rustic Christmas Chandelier

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Bring the nature inside your house with this indoor christmas decorations! Create a basket out of twigs and hang pine cones around the edge. A red ribbon is a nice way to hang it all up above your table. A very nice idea if you love the outdoors as this surely has the feel of it.

Personalized Christmas Wreath

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Inexpensive plus elegant way for a decoration. Bundle up pine cones to form a circle and add old photos of family or friends in the center. Hang it up with bright colored ribbon and enjoy your holiday as you make another memorable Christmas.

A Colorful Bunch

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Don’t throw old Christmas light bulbs that are not working anymore. Just put them in a nice glass container. Try and see! The mix of colors will be perfect, place it on coffee tables or wooden furniture to brighten the place.

Fireplace Decor

Image source:

Socks over the fireplace are the most common way to hang them. Place your Christmas letters or gifts inside the socks and wait for the Christmas season.

Wine Glass Candle Holders

Image source:

This is an easy way and somewhat amazing to look at. Take your wine glass upside down and add candles on top, you can also add flowers inside the glass for an elegant effect. Simplicity and beauty all in one!

Santa in you home


You will feel delighted to see Santa in your living room on Christmas season