Here is a list of Outdoor Christmas Decorations with photos. I am sure that this will give you an idea about Top Outdoor Christmas Decorations and materials for you. Make the most of out your yard, porch and doorway with these breathtaking outdoor Christmas decoration ideas. We compiled some of the best ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations. Take a look at our collection below.

Christmas Jumbo Lights  Outdoor Lawn Decoration

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Waterfall Lights




Normally, every family cherishes some old Christmas decorations as the inheritance from their parents and grandparents. They are more valuable due to the stories behind every ornament and their sentimental values. But, every generation likes to buy additional ornaments as new and beautiful decorations are constantly available in the market and online. Sometimes you also make some Christmas ornaments on your own for your children. Your children can also make some ornaments as part of their arts and crafts classes.  These ornaments have sentimental values for your family and they are used for decorating the special Christmas tree. There are several Christmas decoration ideas that you can think of year after year. Planning the same with the involvement of the family is a special bonding task in itself.

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Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations

Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations

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Outdoor Christmas Snow Man

Christmas House Outdoor Decorations

Below you can see some wonderful outdoor Christmas decorations of an house.

A small Cape Cod style house outlined with White Christmas Lights and Lawn Ornaments in Medford, NJ on December 24, 2014.

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Unique Christmas outdoor Christmas Decorations


Hula Hoop with String Lights Decoration

Here’s an expensive yet fabulous Christmas light decoration for your yard or porch. Use your old hula hoops, wrap them up with string lights and hang them. Complete the set-up with garlands of Christmas balls.

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Mesmerizing Christmas Balls

Create a magical atmosphere in your front door with these luminous Christmas balls, decorated with red ribbons and bright string lights.


Christmas Planter


You don’t have a spend a lot to decorate this Christmas. You can use planters, some greens, Christmas balls and berries, then set it up outside.

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Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Decorate your window sill with these simple yet beautiful green wreath with red ribbons.

Source: The Thrifty Decor Chick

Rustic Outdoor Christmas Decor

Let’s go rustic this Christmas. If you have an old watering can lying around, you can use that to decorate and create a dreamy setting in your porch. Place it wherever you want, decorate with pine needles, pine cones and berries.

Source: Hospitality Designs

Wooden Snow Man


Put your creativity to work this Christmas. No need for an actual snow to make your own snowman. You can use wooden pallets. Arrange them and put them together. Paint a face of a snowman and complete it with burlap ribbon.


Cute Outdoor Christmas decor

You can also use logs to make a snowman. Stack three wooden logs to form a snowman body and head, then put a piece of wood on the top. Draw a face on the top log, wrap the neck with ribbon and you have your wooden snowman!


Green and Rustic


Tweak and spruce up your outdoor lamps this Christmas. Put some greens and berries on it. You can add more color if you want by adoring it with ribbons.


Giant Bell


This is such a cute Christmas decoration – a large bell! I love the colors and the design. Perfect for your outdoor.

Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decoration


Here’s another mesmerizing outdoor Christmas decoration.

Giant Lollipop Decor



Disney-Inspired Wreath


Tire Christmas Tree


Don’t throw away those old tires. Spruce it up by turning it into a Christmas tree perfect for outdoor. Just stack it up, paint it green and decorate with colorful ornaments and ribbons.


Paper Plate Candy Ornaments


Decorate your porch and windows with these colorful candies made of paper plates and cellophane. It’s easy to make and you can have your kids help you while doing this. It’s a fun bonding activity this holiday.


Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations

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You can use different figures like dolls and angles, colored balls, bells and fancy lighting for your Christmas tree decorations. At the top of the Christmas tree, you can use the special golden Christmas star. You can also decide a color theme of the decoration like red and white.

Christmas Candyland


There are so many discounted outdoor Christmas decorations that you can check out from dollar stores. These lighted Christmas pinwheels are so beautiful and perfect for your lawn and porch.


Outdoor Christmas Lighted Hanging Basket Decor



Outdoor Christmas Tree

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If you are staying in a village or town near the forest, you can make it as the family outing for choosing the perfect tree and bringing it home. Sometimes, the farmers specially grow the Christmas tree for selling it to you. If you are living in a city, you can purchase the perfect tree from the market as there are a variety of Christmas trees up for sale. If you do not want the real tree, you can also buy the artificial Christmas trees and decorate it.

Make Wooden Snowflakes With Lights



Outdoor Lantern


Christmas Mason Jar Lights


Upcycled Ladder



Wooden North Pole Yard Stake Outdoor Christmas Decor



Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Every family has the old Christmas ornaments which have been inherited from the previous generations and have sentimental value.  Apart from that, you can also buy cute and beautiful ornaments from the market or online.  You can also make the Christmas ornaments with your own hands as a craft project with your children.

astounding outdoor artificial christmas trees



North Pole Sign Plate


Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

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It is one of the important parts of the decor.  You can use the strings of different colored lights like the red, green and blue or the combination of these colored everywhere in the home, in the front and backyard of the home.

Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decorations

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Putting string lights inside and outside the home is one of the unique way of decorating the home. If you care and are conscious about saving the electrical energy, you can use the Led string lights, which require less energy to light than the normal one.

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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If you feel that by buying stuff from the market, you are encouraging the commercialization of the holy occasion, you can make simple and cute Xmas decorations at home. It is yet another activity, where you and your family can sit together and bond with each other.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

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There are many ideas with which you can decorate the door of your home. You can put a beautiful wreath on the centre of the door. You can also decorate it with strings of the colored lights. Put holly and mistletoe at the top of the door.

Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations

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There are many ideas with which you can decorate the outdoor yard of your home. If there are any trees or bushes in your outdoor yard, you can decorate them with the strings of different colored lights. You can encourage your children to make a display like the scene of Lord Jesus’ birth in the yard.

Discount Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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If don’t want to spend much money for Christmas decorations, you can find the discounted Christmas outdoor decoration items in the market on the eve of the big day. You can also check the websites online, which give lot of discounts on the outdoor Christmas decoration items to the customers.

Christmas Outdoor Holiday Decorations

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If you lead a busy lifestyle and haven’t yet been able to buy Christmas holiday decorations items, don’t worry. Go online, you can find many websites, which sell the Christmas holiday decorations at reasonable rates. Also, they deliver these items at your doorstep as soon as possible after the payment.

Christmas Lawn Decoration Ideas

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You can involve your family in discussions about the Christmas lawn decoration ideas. You can decide a different theme every year and invite even your extended family to come up with ideas based upon the theme. It will be a good fun for your family.

Luxury Outdoor Christmas Décor

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If you can afford an unlimited budget for Christmas decoration, you can visit different luxury stores and buy your Christmas ornaments from these luxury stores.

Disney Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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If you and your family are Disney fans, you can make or buy the cut-outs of the Disney characters and put them in your backyard or in front of the door. You can decorate them with the string lights matching with their characters and the colors. It will become a memorable Christmas for you.

Christmas Star Lights as Easy Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Xmas star is a very special decoration item. Most of the time, it is cherished by you as you have inherited it from your parents and they have inherited from their parents, it goes back to many generations. It also signifies the love and joy of the birth of Lord Jesus.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Sale

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Apart from homes, every commercial place like the offices, shops and others put Christmas trees and the other decorations to celebrate Christmas season.  An important part of your Christmas celebration is to visit the market and other commercial places to enjoy their Christmas decorations with your family.

Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decorating Ideas

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The magical glow of Christmas wreath lights is an important part of the decorations. You can hang the wreath in the hall and the door and decorate the wreath with the magical strings of lights on them.

Wooden Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Christmas is never complete without the magic of Santa Claus. You can buy various types of Santa Claus decorations in wood like the reindeers with the sledge, cute elves, Santa Claus with his wife, Santa with the presents. The possibilities are endless with this theme.

Snowflake Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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If you love white Christmas, you can decorate your Christmas trees with lots of artificial snowflakes. In fact, you can take the theme of white Christmas and decorate your entire home with snowflakes everywhere, on the Christmas tree, on the mantle, on the door etc.

Religious Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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If you have decided the theme of decorations this year as something religious, you can display of a scene from the Bible, like the birth of Lord Jesus. You can put up a crib, that is, scenery of the stable, consisting of Joseph, father of Jesus, the three wise men and Mother Mary holding infant Jesus.

Christmas is a renowned festival celebrated globally. Families that are spread all over the world specially gather at one place to celebrate this festival. So, it is natural that you would like to decorate your home and backyard to reflect the happiness of meeting your family members and share the joy.

Snowman Figure for Outdoor

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A snowman is always a symbol of Christmas. The jolly character never fails to amuse both adults and kids alike. Lighten the mood of everyone else with this big inflatable snowman. The adorable rubber figure has got so much to say you better let passersby see it for themselves.


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Old wooden stands can be easily recycled into something more festive, something more joyous like an outdoor Christmas decoration. Give it the right amount of sparkle with the mini Christmas tree attached to it. The poinsettia plants give it further color and hue. The garland on the base gives it the  right amount of green.

Santa and Friends

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Santa Claus and his reindeers would sure bring your back yard a pleasant surprise to everyone. Once you plug the power cord of this outdoor Christmas décor, the rubber figure automatically inflates.  Perfect for your perfectly trimmed lawns, these inflatable characters would give life to the greenery. Not just for kids but this décor is also for adults alike.

Snowflake Cutouts

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Give your front door the Christmas boost with the dangling decors. Give your hanging plants on your terrace a little push with snowflake cutouts. Then cutouts can be made into different sizes and designs. The outdoor decorations dancing with the wind gives the perfect impression of light and tranquility all combined into one unique idea.

Big and Bold

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Is there a big boulder just lying lifelessly on the corner of your yard? Transform it into something fabulous like a Christmas gift. The red linear paint and the red bow on top create the perfect illusion of a one big ribbon. This outdoor décor is so simple yet so captivating.

DIY Wooden Snowman

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Are there old piles of wood on your yard waiting to be disposed? Save the environment and reuse those wood piles into something like a rectangular snowman or a Christmas village people -your imagination is the limit. The used Christmas wrapping paper can then be turn into their colorful hats and scarf. Helping Mother Nature has never been this fun.

Christmas Chair Decor

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An old wooden chair just lying around your balcony can join the Christmas celebration just by putting ornamented garland on it. The garland makes anyone who sits on the wooden chair special and loved. The pine cones and the red fillers give it that Christmas spirit. Turn something that you seldom use into something that is eye-catching.

Christmas Land

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Turn your front yard into something that resembles like comfy bed and breakfast lodging.  With the pale yellow lights, guests would sure to remember Mama’s home cooked Christmas pudding. Add the pine garlands festooned to bring the nostalgic memories. Experience Christmas back when you are just a kid still believing in Santa Claus.

Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decor

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Give life to those boring telephone cables and wires with this round outside Christmas decors. The red balls on the center of the rounded twigs give a stylish mid area. The pine leaves on the top portion provides more color to the piece. The décor swaying with the cool Christmas air gives a relaxing feeling to everyone who passes by.

Sparkling Christmas Globe

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Share the Christmas mystery with these spherical lights adorning the concrete chalice or anything that can hold the lights. The Christmas globe is easy to make with just a couple of household items like wires and tapes. The light emits soothing warm to anyone who beholds the outdoor décor. This is especially true if you have so much love to give.