15 Best Golden Christmas Trees Decoration Ideas

With the people around you going crazy boasting of their awesome ideas to brighten their Christmas trees to create something memorable and unique, you might feel a bit let down and pressured to come up with something even better. But don’t you fear, you still have a chance to dazzle your friends and family with some of these brilliant innovative ideas of having a very golden Christmas this year. Just pick one and go from there. Remember its Christmas and nothing you do is wrong. Oh! Just one thing it needs to be a golden Christmas tree! For this to be spectacular you’re going to need gold, trust me.

With all the decorative ideas currently circulating the market, it’s hard to find something unique. So here we are trying to get in the festive mood and exploring what best reflects our personality and mood with gold, of course, did you think we’re going to leave that!  No, no way!

And for those of you who are doubting, no you can’t do that here. Some of you may even think why gold? Just because its looks pretty, of course it does, but more than that what it represents. Got you? Didn’t I? Color Gold has always been widely accepted and is chosen to represent success, grandeur, achievement and accomplishment but also it has been associated with illumination, compassion, magic, sparkle, glitz, and glamour. So, it represents something for everyone, doesn’t it?

Here we have fifteen different decorating ideas for you to decorate your own unique and personalized Christmas tree to bring a livelier touch to the festivities. We have all sorts of choices for decorating whether you like your Christmas tree to be traditional or for it to be modern— the choice is up to you. You can experiment with colors, themes and create something unique. There’s no harm in trying!


Golden Christmas tree decoration ideas


So what are we waiting for, let’s explore the sparkling brilliance.

15 Best Golden Christmas Trees Decoration Ideas

  1. Let’s have a Royal Christmas this year

This year it is special what with Meghan Markle getting married to Prince Harry. And we are talking about The Royal Wedding of the Year. We are all set to have a Golden Royal Wedding Themed Christmas.

Let’s begin to decorate our golden tree with crowns and tiaras, with little castles ornaments. Oh! Don’t forget! We got to add prince and princess too.

  1. Celebrating with Love

There’s a lot of love just shimmering around. Want to hold on to the moment with your plus one? Here is what you’re going to need to celebrate your love. Just for the two of you.

Hmm… To do just that we are going to need hearts, really bright ones red and pink and white, you could choose on personalizing it by doing it by yourself, just choose the material silk, paper anything really or you could choose on writing sweet messages on them or you could decorate your golden tree with Soft-Stuffed Hearts. What to choose?

Really even after telling you all about it?

  1. Who needs a Rainbow?

Don’t want to restrict yourself to one color?  How about having a bunch of them? Or just having a rainbow? Kids will probably love this one, having all the colors of rainbow on the go.

Decorate your tree with colored disco balls. You could also have rainbow-colored lights to brighten your spirit and your golden tree up.

  1. In the mood for an Angelic Christmas

I know right, nothing says spectacular like angels, with their golden halos and white feathery wings. You don’t need to worry yourself whether it’ll turnout okay because it will. We are talking about angels, who doesn’t like them?

So let’s get started on our decorating! With lots of feathery wings and white sheer fabric bows. With cute angel figurines and Christmas ornaments, you sure can have the best Christmas tree decorations for this year.

  1. Where there’s light there’ s also shadow

Where’s the fun, having the same old color themes, it time to try something different, to try something new. We are talking about Black and Gold.

This is going to be stately and poised affair. To make that happen you need to decorated your sizzling tree with black colored ornaments the reindeers, the sledge, and a lot of black ribbon bows. And lots of glitter the black kind!

  1. Its beach time

Missing the beach, the warm sun and sand? You don’t have to, not when you could decorate your tree with sea shells. It’ll look otherworldly those soft shells on the backdrop of gold. With blue sheer fabric depicting the waves, you are all set on having the beach times.

  1. Something Traditional with something Green

So what we already have a golden tree we sure can add holly leaves to make it traditional and modern. Add lots of garlands and wreaths and we bring something traditional to our something modern Christmas tree.

  1. Hmm… Maybe Balloons

Here we are trying to achieve something cute with balloons. Could probably use figurines made of balloons too. In one color or different colors as your mood take you. Decorate away your golden beauty.

Oh! Oh! Should probably keep away from sharp objects and watch out for the kids.

  1. Its Toys time

Christmas is all about family and being happy. And what better way to celebrate than going all out with toys, to create Christmas which is memorable.

And if you have younger kids obsessed with toys then this sure is going to light up their faces and bring the magic of Christmas to your home.

Decorate your tree with toys, your favorite, your kids favorite, soft toys, teddies, cars and fire engine. Go all out! This is perfect to make as the kids will surely enjoy decorating your Christmas tree.

  1. Feeling like a Pirate, Let the adventure begin

Coming up with decorating idea and for creating the atmosphere to be engaging and stimulating, can be hard. For a theme to appease the kids without making the others suffer through it can be right there with winning an Olympic medal.

Well you sure can achieve that. Some of you are probably thinking-“Yeah! Sure!” Seriously have I ever let to guys down like that? To make the above happen all you need are some pirates and treasure hunt.

Decorate your Christmas tree with ships, coins, with pirates’ figurines and Pirate flags hosted on your tree. Forgetting something? Are you? Adding clues, the treasure clues? Make this Christmas exciting.

  1. Let’s make a Wishing Tree

With all the traditions that are being followed during the Christmas, we could add little something to bring us together as a community and family. Why not have a wishing tree for this year.

Decorate your golden tree, letting it illuminate your wishes for your loved ones. Deck the tree with handmade cards with all the wishes and blessing that you want to share as a family. Let them be read out at midnight of the 25th.

  1. Away from home… Still left with memories

Are you the unfortunate one not being able to go back home? Or is it your First Christmas that you have to spend in your dorm with your room mates? Don’t feel like doing much, but still want it to lift up your mood?

This is probably for you; others too can pick this one and add on to family traditions and bonding by turning this Christmas golden with memories.

Decorate your tree with photos, of your family, friends, your trips, photos that hold some story that you want share with your loved one. So what are we waiting for share the stories, your laughter and your joys. Get those lazy bones moving, it is time to decorate!

  1. Feeling on top of the world…Let’s fly away…

Want to attempt something different, something that gives you a good feeling, makes to wish for wings?

This year let the birds flock your golden tree. Decorate away with feathers you could use the authentic ones of parrots or dove if you can get your hands on them or just buy colored feathers from nearest store. Use small figurines or soft toys of birds or you could decorate with paper doves as well. Let your imagination guide you to the skies. No, come back down, we have a tree to decorate.

  1. This year Santa comes in Red and Gold

It’s impossible to have a Christmas without Santa. But this year Santa doesn’t come in Red and White, he comes with the gold!

Decorate your tree with all things Santa! Decorate away your tree with red and white ornaments, including candy canes, and top the tree with a fur-trimmed hat. It’ll be awesome with golden leaves and red cherries.

  1. Winter Wonder Land and here it arrives

We can’t cover all the beautiful decoration ideas, but we simply can’t leave this one out. But up here there is a twist, this year the snowflakes don’t land on silvery snow, this year they fall on gold.

Replicate snow flurry by scattering flakes around the golden leaves. Create something spectacular and classy. So what we copied from the Disney we adding something new, making it classier and edgier

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