2018’s Christmas week is just around the corner and there is so much fresh vibe in the air. Christmas is all about decoration and those sparkly stars hanging from the ceiling? While the best decoration is still that traditional Christmas tree hailed with a shinning golden star on the top. But what’s best about Christmas is that our favourite celebs go all out on the decoration and we just love that, do not we? So, here are the 20 best celebrity Christmas decorations of all time. These Hollywood stars not only celebrated the Christmas in style but their houses were a treat of a sight in itself.

Nicky Hilton:

Our favourite Nicky celebrates Christmas and thanksgiving in style. Her house is nothing less than a treat to watch in the month of December. The black and white theme was used in the decorations which were just pitch perfect with the tiles on Nicky’s house. She shared this photo at the time of Thanksgiving in 2017. The house has some other glittering decorations such as gold and glitz stacks of presents.


Giuliana Rancic:

she is a beauty and so is her house in the time of Christmas. Giuliana shared the photo portraying her putting a golden star and some finishing touches on her Christmas tree. The decoration of the tree was very lovely and the hanging Santa was too adorable to miss.

Britney Spears:

our diva celebrates the Christmas in style. She shared a photo of her hall where a complete elf themed Christmas decoration was done. The giant Christmas tree was lovely and its shine was magnificent. The tiny sofa enhanced the elf look even more which was lovely. The lush flower bouquet and prancing reindeer were so nicely placed that it fit right into the Christmas decoration.


Kris Jenner:

Kris’s room is one of the most iconic celebrity rooms of all time. The spiral staircase is just a legendary architecture that we have seen so many times on the TV. In 2017 Christmas holidays, Kourtney kardashian posted the image of his family posing in front of the magnificent Christmas décor. There were x-mas trees and the black and white flooring made the decoration look so much amazing.

Mariah Carey:

We all know Mariah and the reason for that is nothing but her famous song on the theme of Christmas. Yes, we are talking about ”All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Since then, Mariah and winter celebrations go hand in hand. She posted a picture of herself showing off her magnificent Christmas tree. The room had a pretty lovely decorum and the white colour theme of the walls complemented this decoration so well.

Nick Jones:

Nick Jones is the talk of the town these days because of his wedding but while the promotion Jumanji he almost missed the Christmas last year. Although he managed to decorate his house in a simple manner. He posted a picture on his instagram handle where he was embracing the goodness of a Christmas tree decorated with silver and white ornaments and they were red accents too. The decoration looked simple and attractive at the same time.

The kardashian Family:

one of the best things about Christmas and social media is that The Kardashians go all out on the decoration of their houses and we are in for the treat. Last Christmas, Martha posted some of the holiday card photos which showed the beautiful home décor on the theme of Christmas.

Megan Davison:

when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree no one can beat Megan. On Last Christmas she posted a picture of her beautiful X-mas tree which was nothing but a treat for our eyes. The tree was decorated with hanging Santas, bears climbing up the tree and the ornaments used in the decoration made it so much lovelier. The lighting strips done their work perfectly and all together it looked as some sort of masterpiece. It is the best celebrity Christmas decoration of 2017.


Steve Harvey:

Steve is one of the few Hollywood stars who are the talk of the town not just for their talent in acting and cinematography. But, they are pretty well-known for their Christmas celebrations’. Last years’ Christmas was a blast for Steve’s fans. He posted a beautiful picture of his house’s Christmas decoration. The decoration includes two giant black glass penguins which were too lovely to miss. The centre of attracting here was the Christmas tree which was lit with yellow lights. It also had bluish-green ornaments hanging all around it.


Kelly Ripa:

If you are looking for a celebrity’s Christmas decoration which is filled with flashy lights, then Kelly’s house is the perfect place for you. Her simple yet enticing Christmas tree was just too lovely to miss this list. The lights and the ornaments perfectly complemented each other. It was a site to behold as it offered the real vibe of thanksgiving holidays we were looking for.

Jennifer Lopez:

our favourite JLO celebrates the Thanksgiving and Christmas in a lot more colorful way than other stars. As her fans know how much she loves the colour ”RED”, it was not a surprise to find out that the tree had a lot of red in it. The decoration was very beautiful with all the red flowers and a shining golden star on the top. Also, the yellowish-red lighting was the heart of the decoration.

Justin Bieber:

One of the most controversial singers, our Justin carries a much hyped holiday spirit. He posted a video of himself decorating his Christmas tree. Later on he sang and danced on the favourite Christmas song “jingle bell rock”. The decoration was lovely with red and white ornaments and a ceiling-touching golden star on the top of the Christmas tree.

Sharon Osbourne:

Ozzy and Sharon share the real excitement of Christmas and thanksgiving. They posted a picture of themselves decorating the house and the hall. Just the picture was enough to bring the Christmas vibe back into our lives. The decoration was very pretty and the diversity of colours made the place even more wholesome.

Miley Cyrus:

we all know who the diva shares a Larger than life persona. Her enthusiasm of Christmas is shown in the efforts she put up to decorate her house on the occasion. She posted a beautiful picture on her instagram handle which showed her Christmas tree’s decoration. The Christmas tree was magnificent and had many tiny details with great meanings such as, the hanging guitar.

Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka who has recently gained quite hype since the release of Baywatch and Quantico. Her love for the western culture could be seen by how much time and effort she puts on decorating her house on Christmas. Last year Priyanka posted a picture with her friends decorating the hall and the Living area of her house. The beautifully lit tree had a white morning star on top.

Jenna Dewan Tatum:

Jenna and her daughter Everly celebrate the festival of Christmas in a very rich manner. Last year Tatum posted a fascinating picture where she was crouching down to add lights on her sparkly tree. The Christmas tree was so colorful that it was a treat to watch. It had stars, lighting, multicolored ornaments and many great decoration accessories.

Ed sheeran:

Who doesn’t love Ed sheeran right! The star carries a lovely vibe with him. Last year he posted a picture of himself showing off his “Perfect” creation which was as perfect as his song. The Christmas tree had the depth of a variety of colors. There were ornaments all over it and it was covered with a colorful array of lighting.

Nicky Hilton:

Nicky is a quirky diva who is loved by her fans throughout the world. Her Christmas decorum is quite breathtaking. She posted a picture of colorful Christmas tree and a well-decorated staircase. There were reindeer and white cushions as snow. All in all it was quite a sight.

Peter Andre:

Christmas decoration is all about the display of winter and its elements which Peter’s Christmas tree had in every bit of it. It had such a cozy vibe to itself and the decoration of the tree was a treat to watch. There were lights all around it and you can find sever hanging birds here and there. The golden snowflakes and silver ornaments all put together resulted in a lovely Christmas decoration.


Joanna Gaines:

Joanna posted a throwback picture last year’s Christmas of a beautiful tree which was decorated in a very nice way. The hangings had some much diversity in it that it made the decoration looks striking.

So these were the top20 best celebrity Christmas decorations of all time. With Christmas around the corner we are excited to see how this years’ Christmas celebration are done by our favourite celebs and will the new one’s be so striking that they can beat these enlisted decorations.


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