Christmas is a joyful and festive time of the year. It is also great time to share our joy and express our affection by exchanging gifts. If those involved are android smartphone users the task of finding the right gift becomes simple. Here are 35 great ideas for buying gifts that would bring a smile of joy and appreciation on the faces of your dear ones and friends.

Google Chromecast


Google Chrome cast is a very convenient program to enjoy contents of sites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Hulu etc. without relying on a dedicated smart box set up along with the TV. Using the smartphone the user will be able to project a lot of phone apps on the TV set. Gifting a subscription to Chromecast will be wonderful idea. It is going to be definitely a potential addition in your android smartphone user’s collection. It allows us to stream video content from phone to a tv in an instant. It can be easily employed to show presentations and games as well. It is capable of even streaming up to 4K resolution and even supports Google’s cloud platform.

Polaroid wireless mobile phone mini printer

This device helps us in printing our photos in an instant. It helps us in printing our memories which can be cherished forever from anywhere with the help of a Bluetooth connection. It has a pocket-sized form factor and can print the colour shots on a 2*3-inch photo paper. It is a complete set of sticker sets, photo papers, printer, photo album and carry case. If there is a specific budget in which you have to buy the gift then you may choose to buy the camera instead of a complete set. There are various colour and design options available as well so you may choose the most unique one for your loved one.

Anker nebula capsule

This is a portable projector that runs on a battery. It can easily project 100-inch HD content on a wall without any wires. You can connect it with your phone or computer or any other device and can play the videos and movies easily. Its main feature is that is supports Chrome cast and allows to stream videos very easily. It is quite reasonably priced as well. You can charge it with the help of a USB C port.

Phonesoap 3

This is a smartphone sanitizer which with the help of UV rays disinfects the exterior. It has a unique design and has openings for holding the charging cable and also a cradle for the phone.

To use it you just need to keep your phone inside it while you go for your sleep and by next morning your phone is going to be completely squeaky clean. The added feature with it is that you can even clean your credit cards or earphones by simply placing it inside. It is highly recommended as it has multiple advantages at the cost of one. It has all the essential features that you generally expect from a sanitizer. This gift is definitely going to make the Android user happy.

Moment Tele Lens


The smartphone already has a fairly good camera, but we can enhance the quality of photos clicked even further by attaching an additional lens like the Moment Tele Lens. It has a focal length of 60 mm and helps the user to get better portraits, landscapes, and action photos. You loved one will be surely thrilled. This is the perfect gift if the recipient likes photography as the lenses expand when taking a picture. A variety of lenses are available now a days depending upon the need and the kind of pictures that have to be taken.  The lenses are a part of the case that easily attaches to your phone.

Tech21 Evo Tactical Case:

Your relative or friend will be pleased to receive as a gift the Tech21 Evo Tactical Case that can be sued to protect his android phone like Galaxy S8. It is capable of protecting the phone even it gets accidentally dropped from a height of 3 meters.

 Mophie PowerStation XL


Fast draining of battery is a vexing issue smartphone users face. The use of a Mophie PowerStation XL will save them from this problem. It has two USB ports for charging more than one devices simultaneously. It can be used to recharge the phone several times. All these features make it a great gift.

Android Figurines

These are customised figures that are all based on the Android robot mascat, and these are suitable for the age groups of all fans. A wide range is available of the same. But generally it’s a blind box so we don’t know what design it contains in the inside. All the figures that are present inside are three inches tall and are perfect for the display units and the desktop. You can even find one that is based on the theme of Christmas. Each design is prepared by different set of artists so that they remain unique. It is a highly recommended gift for your loved one as it is unique as well as reasonably priced.

MagGrip Car Mount:


A car mount is a simple but useful gift for all those who own a phone and drive too. There are many variations of the mount available but choose one that fits smoothly on an air vent, and does not obstruct the road view.  It can be used to mount any type of smartphone as it has a magnetic pad. Surely, such a gift will be deeply appreciated.

TrackR Pixel:

It is a normal tendency to lose or misplace our keys, wallet or even the smartphone. To recover it effortlessly, we can use the TrackR Pixel. It is a very compact Bluetooth tag.  The missing phone can be traced by tapping the Pixel. What a great gift at this festive time!

Google nest hub max:

Now a days people use Google assistant and Google duo very frequently for their calling purpose and this is the reason why Google nest hub max will make a perfect gift for them as it has various features like it makes it easier for the person to use all the features in the above mentioned devices with a set of fair field microphones, 10 inch screen and a set of speakers.

Its design as well as the external design goes with any set of décor quite fairly. Plus it also has a camera which helps to check the live feed from the phone only. It is perfect from the point of the view if the budget as well and I think will make the recipient smile from ear to ear with its various features.

An App store gift:

If you want to give your smartphone-loving friend or family member a pleasant Christmas surprise, you can gift them a generous gift voucher/coupon. He can then buy whatever he likes from Google Play. It could be movies, Apps, music, and games to be installed in the smartphone.

Google Play Gift Card

If you are not sure regarding the applications or the movies that your recipient might be having, a Google Play Gift card is going to be the most suitable option. It will enable them to buy the digital item that they like or need and it includes a variety of options like movies, music subscriptions, e-books and games which can be easily viewed on the Google Play Store. This is a cool gift to make when we are not sure about the choice of the recipient.

Xiaomi Powerless Charging Bank

Most of the smart phone users generally have a traditional charging bank and so a wireless charging bank could make different and a useful gift for them. With the help of this kind of a power bank you can easily charge your phone by simply placing it on the device, basically it does not require any wires to charge your phone. Also it can be carried with you anywhere and you can charge your device at any point of time which adds to its other features. It is highly preferred by the smart phone users.

Sphero BB-8


Star War films are always popular. The related BB-8 replica from Sphero robot is a wonderful gift for its fans. They can use an app downloaded in their smartphone to control the robot. It is a fairly expensive gift that will truly delight the recipient, and have hours of fun.

Google Pixel Buds


These are wireless headphones that work well with special brands of smartphones. They pair well and allow access to Google Assistant, adjust the volume well and even carry out translation between languages if a suitable phone app. is installed. A welcome gift indeed!

Google Home:


This Google Home works in tandem with Google assistant and if your friend or relative has it already, you can gift the Google Home and give him a richer experience of entertainment. It has enhanced features like answering questions, playing trivia games and a bit of home automation.

Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast Audio :


If the friend or relative already has the basic Chromecast, you can give him a nice surprise by gifting him with the new Chromecast Ultra. It supports 4K streaming. You could also gift him with the, Chromecast Audio which can convert old wired speakers into good wireless ones.

External Battery Packs :


The gift of an external battery pack to support the smartphone user in your family or friend circle will be a very practical and useful step. After all, the battery life is so vital for smooth use of the android phone. There are plenty of choices available among such external packs.

Fitbit Charge 2:


In case, a dear one in the family is keen to get into good body shape and keep healthy, you could gift the person a Fitbit Charge 2. It tracks your workout pattern, heart rate, blood pressure, etc all through the day. It is a very useful gift as it serves other purposes as well like alarms, calendar, weather forecasts etc. Your loved one can wear these while walking or exercising which will help their workout in a better manner. As it provides a daily goal so it even becomes easier to track and achieve the goals.

A Phone Case:

Smartphones have become quite sophisticated these days. However, physically they are quite delicate. Hence they need to have protective cases. Thus, it will be a good idea to gift your friend or family member a well-designed and suitable case for his phone. You may also get a personalized phone case made for them with their photo or any message that you may want to convey them. This is going to add a special gesture to their day as personalized gifts always send a feeling of warmth to the recipient.

Bluetooth Speaker:


A compact and portable Bluetooth speaker adds great fun to our life. We can easily buy the compact and handy Bluetooth speaker providing high-quality audio quality for a moderate amount. Gifting such a speaker to one who enjoys listening to music on the Smartphone is a great idea. You may look for features like durability, portability, and other effects,they are also an economical gift to make to your loved ones and these are surely going to delight their mood and make their day more special.

Bluetooth Headphones:


It is easy to find moderately priced but efficient and lightweight Bluetooth headphones. These are a securable ear loop option that add to the comfort of the ears. We can even wear them while exercising or in between a task as they are quite handy. You may choose from a range of options and look for options like rechargeable battery, durability, portability and other effects. Models like the Creative Sound Blaster Jam are reliable with a battery life of 12 hours. The sound quality is rich and these can be used with great comfort. Your relative will be delighted to get such a gift.

Android TVBox:

This is wonderfully apt gift to present to an Android user in your family, who looks for complete range of entertainment to watch on the big screen. These Android TV boxes provide the complete range of gaming and media apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Wireless Charger:

In case your colleague or dear one in the family has a Smartphone like the   Samsung Galaxy, with a glass-back, you can thinks of gifting him a wireless charger that is Qi certified. You can completely charge the phone overnight.

Smart Home setup:

If your family member is already tech savvy and has a Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can enhance the home environment by gifting them with additional Smart Home set up items like a smart Philips light bulb kit. Other similar options are a WeMo smart plug and a Nest Thermostat.

A Brand New Phone:

If the family member happens to be some one really close like your spouse or dad or mum, it will be a great idea to gift them a brand new android phone to replace the old one. Good quality phones are available at fairly reasonable rates. You may choose from a wide range available in the market from the brand of your choice, with the technology and features that your loved one might be needing.

A USB C or Mico USB cable

To supplement the new phone a relative of yours has bought, you can thinks of gifting a good quality charging cable. Make sure the cable is a branded one and it matches the USB charging port in the person’s new phone. They help in offering a connection and support high speed transfers. They have various other on the go features as well. These are easily available online and can be even found in the market easily. These are quite reasonably priced so they are a budget friendly gift to make as well.

A MicroSD card

In case your friend or colleague’s android phone has MicroSD card slot, you can gift him a MicroSD card. Micro SD cards are available in different capacities, block size, read mechanism and write mechanism. They are priced based on the technology. That will help to add to the internal storage capacity of the phone that will help the person make use of more apps and functions.

A Selfie stick:

Though it sounds basic, a compact and well-designed selfie stick will make a wonderful gift to your dear one who enjoys taking group photos. Select a top class piece with a smart Bluetooth connection. It should also have an adjustable bracket so that it can be used conveniently. Quite a variety of selfie sticks with different features and characteristics are available in the market as well as online These are typically extensible and help us in taking selfies with the help of a camera phone Some of these are tethered using Bluetooth controls.

A VR headset

The VR (virtual Reality) Headset is an attractive add-on for any android phone owner. If you wish to give a joyful surprise to your relative or friend, find out the kind of android phone he has and choose an appropriate VR headset. Some of the options are the Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and Google Daydream VR headset. They have eye tracking sensors and gaming controllers. They give a completely different experience to the users and are must have for any android lover.

Android smart watch

Your android phone loving relative will delighted to get a compatible smart watch as a Christmas gift. There are a number of designs and models in the market. A few examples are the Huawei Watch 2, that looks sporty and Fossil Q Explorist that has a classic look. It must have an elegant and unique design with a good battery life. Now a days several other features are also available in the watches like the heart rate reader, alarm, weather and calendar which makes them more suitable to gift. They are quite reasonably priced as well and are also an added accessory for the recipient to have so they are going to make the recipient fall in love with them as they prove completely useful and have become a necessity to suit the modern lifestyle of today.

A smart speaker with Google Assistant

The smart speaker that is part of the Google Home Mini is a highly useful and affordable gadget. The Google Assistant is built into the speaker. This opens up a world of possibilities for the love one you gift the smart speakers to. He will be thankful as he gets to control various smart home gadgets with its help. This gift is going to make the recipient’s work easier and I am sure they are going to thank you for the same.

A pair of wireless headphones

The advantage of the wireless headphones is that you can use it very conveniently and with that do not have headphone jacks. One superior quality set is the Bose QuietComfort model. They appear sleek and the sound quality is excellent. They are also handy and can be carried anywhere which makes it more convenient as they can be used any time and these make a wonderful gift.

A Cleaning Kit:

In order to keep our Smartphone clean and beautiful, we should have a safe and effective cleaning kit.  It essentially has a screen-safe spray and cleaning cloth.  Gifting a good quality cleaning kit may not cost much, but it will be accepted happily and appreciated by your relative friend. It is a necessity for any android user as cleaning ensures safety from any virus attacks and it is quite reasonably priced too.

A pair of touch screen gloves:

In the winter, regular users of android phones are advised to use a pair of touch screen gloves to ease their work,such a pair keeps your hands warm and clean and yet is sensitive enough to let you use the phone screen as if you were not wearing gloves. They make a wonderful gift for a loved one at Christmas.

A Phone grip and stand:

A simple and cute add on for an android smartphone is the Pop Socket. It is a specially designed phone grip that sticks on to the back of the phone or its case. It provides a strong grip to hold the phone easily. It will prove a handy gift for your relative or friend.


To get the best out of the smartphones, we need to go in for a few subscriptions to special sites and apps. Like Google services.  But it costs money which many hesitate to spend. If we can arrange a gift subscription of these to a friend or relative, he would be definitely delighted. He can use it happily at his convenience and also they can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

Jam Heavy Metal

This is a bar speaker which is quite an attractive but affordable gift item. It is made of aluminium and the sound quality is great. It is a Bluetooth speaker that can easily be connected to any phone. A smaller and sleeker version is the Anker Sound Core. A wide range of options is available and one can be easily picked up depending on the need and the budget.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

This is a set of beautiful and highly efficient wireless earphones. The features are awesome. The set can be charged quickly, has good sound quality and comfortable to use. The earphones are magnetic. As these are quiet handy and reasonably priced so they make wonderful gift to give to your loved ones.

Gamesir G4

This gift is specially designed for all the game lovers out there. This is a popular Bluetooth gamepad which is compatible with Android smartphones. It is also provided with a flip-out holder that keeps the phone secure. Hundreds of games work well on this game pad. Any young or teenage relative of yours will be overjoyed to get this gift.

Google Cardboard:

Cardboard VR goggles from Google enhance our Virtual reality experience q great deal. The pricing is also modest. It works well with smartphones with 4 to 6 inches screen size. A welcome gift for your dear ones who are young at heart. It is going to give your loved one a warm gesture and they will definitely be happy to receive it as it makes a perfect and a useful gift.

Google Pixelbook:

If you are in a very generous mood to express your love and affection to a dear one in the family, you can gift the person a Google Pixelbook. It is a special laptop that is compatible with Chrome OS, and several Android apps. It is very sleek and portable has Google Assistant in built.

The gift ideas mentioned cover a wide range of accessories and add-ons to enhance the overall experience of android smartphone users. They come in different price range so that you can buy whatever you can afford to and yet make your loved ones feel delighted.

They will definitely love and appreciate your thoughtful gesture.