Christmas Wallpapers Gets You Into The Holiday Mood

I know everyone would agree if I say Christmas is never an ordinary event each year. Knowing it’s a season of homecoming for folks working away from home, a bonding moment among family members and relatives, sharing of good cheers among the neighborhood, reconciliation among conflicted parties and especially a time of self reflection about what Christmas spirit is really all about. Bright and colorful Christmas decorations among the households, schools, offices and especially department stores where shoppers are more busier than usual. Christmas season is considered a peak season in terms of traveling and shopping. To mention the playing of our all time favorite Christmas songs even on public vehicles. Amazingly these activities would set our mood for the festive Christmas holiday but do you guys know there’s more you could do to let everyone know that the Yuletide season is almost here! Just a few steps away from your Christmas stocking and it’ll be filled really soon. lol

What I’m talking about in this post is particularly intended for those who are gadget literates. Those who own desktop computers or laptops, Ipads, tablets, android and smartphones too. Supposed you’re an active user of these techy items, why not set your default wallpaper or desktop background into a marvelous live Christmas wallpaper. What’s surprising about the Christmas backgrounds and screensaver these days is that tons of live wallpapers (gif or moving wallpapers) are available all over the net.  To have a Christmas wallpaper hd on your computer or phone background would make you smile every time you look at it. I’ve always said this but I’ll say it again, Christmas is always magical. It gives us that light, soothing feeling and that good vibes is always welcome right?

Tell you these free Christmas wallpapers are not just for a desktop wallpaper. It’s very useful even to more individuals having different interests and hobbies such as:

Layouts/Designers/Banner Stylists/Backdrops

Christmas is also a peak season for those who create banners and streamers of Christmas parties and gatherings. It would be useful for them to collect ready made Christmas wallpapers to make their job easier. Some large images would suit well for a stage backdrop that’s commonly tarpaulin these days.

Here’s a Red Christmas Wallpaper with a combination of green. Love it!

Christmas Cards/ Bookmarks / Invitations / Tags / Postcards

You may find lots of these printed items on the department store, but if you have enough time you can actually create a personalized one. Since Christmas quotes and messages are found everywhere online, it’s even a relief that Christmas wallpapers found online and ready for download would suit best for your project’s background. The spirit of Christmas also brings out that sense of creativity and artistry for some fellow arts and crafts lovers, I know. 🙂

Photo Status / Photo Greeting/ Photo Messages / Photo Quotes

Call it whatever you want haha! What I actually mean is the usually “text greetings” on social networking sites would be a lot better if done using Christmas images. You just have to download a Christmas wallpaper of your choice, edit it on paint or power point to add Christmas messages and greetings using stylish text then even put your name at the bottom making it a personalized Christmas love note from you. Isn’t it sweet? Stuffs like these are usually famous on email, Facebook tagging, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickrs, Instagram and Weheartit.

The choices in finding the best Christmas wallpaper designs are endless. From different sizes, colors, pictures that include ornaments, Santa claus, snowflakes, Christmas trees, Christmas balls, Christmas lights, candles, gifts bells and many more designs that would sure change anybody’s mood upon seeing it. A list of different Christmas wallpaper sites will be provided below so be very happy you’ve found this blog. For now, I’m giving you my Top 30 Christmas Wallpapers. I hope my taste qualifies to your standard.


Merry Christmas Wallpapers

Some photos are also wonderfully done with “Merry Christmas” greetings and here are some of them.

Here’s a Blue Christmas Wallpaper with Santa on sleigh and reindeer.

And here’s a Santa Christmas Wallpaper with Frosty the snowman. Isn’t it funny like Santa’s still fixing the last character to make it a perfect Merry Christmas?:))

Jesus Wallpaper for Christmas

Christmas is Jesus’ birth, so if not his picture it could either be a photo scene of The Nativity of Jesus in the manger. For the very devoted Christians who choose to send out lovely Christmas postcards for your brothers and sisters in Christ, these could be great options to print out. All you need is a nice photo paper or hard bound card board and a nice ribbon to decorate it. I’m sure the recipient will be very blessed to have this.

 Above photo is a Jesus Christmas wallpaper with a “Merry Christmas” message.

Christmas Tree Wallpapers

Here are beautiful Christmas wallpapers having Christmas trees in it.  These wallpapers will be very useful even for banners or streamers because notice there’s a large space for text. I’m sure you’re happy to see a green Christmas wallpaper, a red Christmas wallpaper, a blue Christmas wallpaper and even a black Christmas wallpaper with the Yule-tree! 🙂

Christmas Lights Wallpaper

No doubt Christmas is also a season of colorful lights! To describe it I’d quote from Aladdin theme song, “shining-shimmering-splendid!“. Awwww the first one is really cute 🙂

Christmas Ornament Wallpapers

Since there are Christmas tree wallpapers and Christmas light wallpapers, some folks are even interested with Christmas ornament wallpapers. Ornaments are the little lovely stuffs you hang on your Christmas tree. Whether they’re balls, figurines, canes or whatever you wish!

Funny Christmas Wallpapers

Here are some humorous, clever or funny Christmas wallpapers you might wanna use. All of the photos below are about Santa. Making fun of him? No way!! (just a bit I guess) 🙂

Hey Santa not a good idea! You’re supposed to be a giver, not a burglar!

Santa fell and hurt the concrete.

How would you react upon seeing Santa Claus and a reindeer waiting for a bus at the bus stop on a broad day light? Where’s the child-fantasy of Santa riding on a sleigh? Like what happened?!!!

Oh a flat Tire! Funny Santa Christmas Wallpaper

Santa learning ice ski.

Disney Christmas Wallpapers

Since Christmas is most loved by the kids and Disney is also loved much by the kids so we now understand the relationship of these two. lol. Walt Disney cartoons have tons of really HD Christmas wallpapers and looks like the whole gang from Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck are really enjoying the season too. Few Christmas Wallpapers from Disney Princesses too.


Nightmare Before Christmas Wallpapers

This musical fantasy film got popularly associated with Christmas because Jack Skellington who is from Halloween town and got tired of seeing the usual Halloween season and same old monster characters around. He accidentally opens a portal (door to a different world) to be at the Christmas town and celebrate the holiday. He was obsessed with how residents of Christmas town prepare for the season so along with his gang they plan to kidnap Santa and take over Christmas. Sounds fun ei?Here are some of the best high quality Christmas Wallpapers of this film.

Hello Kitty Christmas Wallpapers

Little girls would surely love to see these cute and sweet Hello Kitty pictures on your computers or laptop! Yayyy, I myself love them.


Charlie Brown Christmas Wallpaper

Charlie Brown is not just an ordinary Christmas themed cartoon. It’s very touching and had the intention to share the spirit of Christmas. Happiness can’t be found only on extravagant things, sometimes you find it in the most simple, humble and yet meaningful stuffs. Just like when Jesus the Savior was born, he wasn’t born in the palace or temple instead on a manger where a king was not expected to be.

Pink Christmas Wallpapers

Well, I’m not being bias but from Hello Kitty here’s some eye candy Pink Christmas backgrounds that not only kids would love, even the ladies would surely do!


Piece of advice

Upon saving or downloading images all over the net, make sure you’re not getting pictures with large watermarks are the center of it. There are lots of free Christmas wallpapers without these marks. Next, you have to check the image size before saving it. If you could find the largest as possible, then that would be the best. If not, a HD Christmas wallpaper would be sizes 1024 x 768 above. Search on Google, click “Images” then “search tools” and set it on large so only large to largest photos will show up. Size is important especially for huge projects like backdrops, backgrounds and streamers so the image will not pixelize.

Christmas Wallpaper for Android

All free! You just have to be connected to internet to be able to install from Google Market playstore. I’m giving you the most rated and most downloaded Christmas wallpaper apps. Also giving you the developer so you won’t be confused since there are lots available. To have any of this app on your phone would be easier for you to set it as background, some live wallpapers too for easy MMS sending and social networks sharing too. Have fun!

Cool Wallpapers HD by Kappboom Inc. (random wallpapers & 232,697 rated it 5/5)

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free by Jetblack Software (19,533 rated it 5/5)

Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper by Kittehface Software (19,848 rated it 5/5)

Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper by 7art Studio (6,986 rated it 5/5)

Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper by 1473labs (10,305 rated it 5/)

There are actually more awesome collections of Christmas desktop wallpapers all over the net so keep browsing. I know it’s a hassle to transfer a picture from your laptop or desktop into your phone, so what do I suggest? If you’re using an android phone or tablet, well you should be happy I’ve save the Top 10 Christmas Wallpaper Android apps for you. Changing from one photo to another, even daily would be much easier this way. Smarty I know!

I’d be very glad to hear about your instant favorite sites in case I have not included them in my list above. You are very much free to download Christmas images found in this blog, pin them on Pinterest, Twitter share if found useful and a Google plus is highly appreciated. Let the holiday spirit become even more evident having Christmas wallpapers on your computers at home or even at the office. Also set it on your phone and tell you it’s going to be a sweet morning greeter when you get your first hold of your mobile early in the morning. Merry Christmas everyone!

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