Christmas is a festival celebrated with unparalleled joy and frenzy all across the world. Every year the houses are decorated with cheerful ornaments to capture the spirit of the festival. The decorations are the heart and soul of this season. Your front porch makes the first impression on your visitors. It is the first thing that people see before entering your house. However, most of the people tend to overlook the door and entrance. Here are 15 simple door decoration ideas to spread holiday cheer in your surroundings.

mixed green wreath

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Mixed green wreaths: 

Wreaths are perfect ornaments to welcome guests to your home.  A wreath combined with fruits, plants and feathers make sophisticated front door decorations.  Mixed green wreaths symbolize strength and happiness. It also captures the essence of the garden with its fruits, flowers and leaves. Use a glue gun to fix the apples and other fruits around the wreath ring. Then select an assortment of flowers like juniper, eucalyptus and pine cones and weave them into the wreath, filling the gaps between the apples. You can also add a few pine cones for an enhanced texture. Finish the wreath with golden cross stitch border. The monochromatic colors will also modernize the look.

candy cane wreath

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Candy cane shaped wreath:

Candy canes, the holiday’s favorite sweet treat, can also be used as an ornament to hang from the front door. Candy cane shaped wreaths with red and white ribbon are everyone’s favorite. They provide a cheerful look to your yard, entrance and fireplace. Accentuate the wreath with red and white ornaments, green apples and glitters for an appealing look.  You can easily prepare candy cane wreath yourself. It will make a great Christmas craft project for your kids. Alternatively, you can also use small candy canes to create a beautiful red and white wreath. Enjoy the beautiful sight of this wreath throughout your holidays.

rose wreath

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Rose wreath:

Rose wreath can never go out of trend. They provide a stunning entrance to the house, besides adding a pop of color. Combine the rose with bay leaves and white berries to make it look lush and full. This will also provide a strong burst of fragrance. Hang the rose wreath against a mirror to create a dramatic effect.

paper wreath

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Paper wreath:

Paper wreaths are in a rage right now. It is an excellent way to reuse your spare gift-wrapping paper. Paper wreaths are environmental friendly and look attractive hung on the door. Take any paper of your choice like handmade, wallpaper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper and make cut outs in different shapes and sizes. Coat the wire with silver paint and attach the paper cut-outs to the wreath using a glue gun. Adorn the wreath with ribbons and bows for an enhanced effect.

red berry wreath

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Red-Berry Wreath:

Collect some greens and berries this fall and use them to spruce up the entry door. Beautifully textured, charming circle of red berry wreath will add brightness to your home and the surroundings. They look all the more beautiful and intense when combined with evergreen leaves. To make a red berry wreath yourself, take a few branches of winter berries and attach them 16 inch wreath wire with the help of a hot glue gun. Continue adding smaller branches until it becomes full.  Use two ribbons with different types of texture to create a beautiful bow at the bottom of the wreath.

phot frame door decoration

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Photo frames:

Transform your old picture frame into an amazing Christmas door decoration. Paint a large, old frame in the color of your choice and adorn it with a cluster of ornaments. If possible, choose the frame with sculpted detailing to create visual depth. You can enhance the effect by hanging three identical frames in a vertical stack. This will add a vintage look to your overall décor.

door lightings

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Lightings are the most popular choice for decorating the doors and windows. Illuminate the contours and edges of the door to make it appear larger. This will create a magical effect on the overall look. For a radiant effect, wrap the lights tightly around the fences, columns, railings, walkways, topiary trees and other architectural details. Use energy saving LED lights to control power consumption. These lights are also cool to touch, unlike the incandescent lights.  Mini and net lights are the best for decorating outdoors. You can also use a pre-lit Christmas wreath to illuminate the house and front door.

vintage door decoration

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Vintage décor:

Shabby, yet chic, country style doors are in trend in these days. A little imagination and artistic skill will transform an old door into a unique treasure. The old country doors have vintage hardware and architectural details like raised panels, which can add charm to your Christmas decoration. The old screen doors with its beveled wood and glass and peeled paint will give your décor a vintage and unique flair. Garnish your old door with wreaths, lights and garlands. The key to this decoration is keeping it as authentic and original as possible.

merry christmas signs

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Merry Christmas signs:

Greet your holiday guests with a charming and well-decorated “Merry Christmas” sign. “Merry Christmas” signs and boards are on the most common Christmas door decoration. The greeting symbolizes the cheerful spirit of the season. There are several different designs of “Merry Christmas” signs available in the market.  You can also make these signs on your own. Illuminated “Merry Christmas” signs look very attractive hung on the door, especially in the evening and night. You can stick the “Merry Christmas” signs stickers if you have a glass panel. This will add life and color to your front door glass panel.

ice skate wreath

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Ice skates wreaths:

Ice skates door wreaths are a delightful and fun alternative to regular wreaths. The decorated ice skates hung on the door capture the essence of Christmas perfectly. You can purchase pre-lit and decorated ice skating wreaths from the store. You can also reuse old skates into a Christmas wreath. Paint the skates white and sprinkle some glitter on it to make it shine and sparkle. Assort the skates with artificial green leaves, berries and red and white shoelaces. You can also add a large bow in green and red color, keeping with the tradition of Christmas.

christams garlands

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Christmas garlands:

Garlands, just like wreaths make a perfect decoration for your doors during the Christmas. They are a perfect complement to your bright and colorful door decorations. Garlands, unlike the wreaths, are versatile and can be arranged to form different patterns. You can also drape the garland on railing, pillars, handrails and posts also. Christmas garlands come in different shapes and designs like pine garlands, flower garlands, garlands with frosted snow designs and so on. You can also wrap the garlands with lights for a beautiful look.

metallic decoration

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Metallic decoration:

Christmas is all about glitz, sheen and glamor. Metallic decorations add a touch of glitz and glamor to your front door. They act as a centerpiece, drawing the attention of the neighbors, guests and passerby. Metallic decorations look best when paired with other decorations like a wreath or garland. The subtlety of wreath and garlands will contrast well with the metallic shine. You can also dress up pinecones, ribbons and leaves in metallic shades like copper, silver, gold and bronze.

stockings door decoration

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Stockings are a must have for the Yuletide season. They are usually reserved for beautifying the fireplace. However, you can also place them on the front door to bring holiday cheer. Traditional stockings with “Merry Christmas” etched on them can make interesting pieces for the front door. Add in some battery operated mini lights in the stockings. This will make a beautiful sight at night. You can also make Christmas stockings by yourself. Make sure you select rich, vibrant colors and lovely Luxe fabrics for making the stockings.

christmas doormats

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Welcoming doormats:

An attractive welcome doormat not only helps to keep your home clean, but also adds a punch of color to the overall look. Choose the color of doormat matching to the house décor to preserve the consistency of the entire decoration. The mat should be sturdy enough to withstand the traffic. Personalized welcoming doormats will make a strong statement on all your guests.

silk flowers wreath

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Silk flower wreath:

Silk flower wreath is an excellent alternative to fresh flower wreath. A rustic silk flower wreath will add a charming appeal to the front door. It stays beautiful all year round and can be stored for future use. Make a bold statement with bright colors or use delicate roses for a romantic look. Take silk flowers like winterberries, hyadrangeas, magnolia or poinsettias and stick on the wreath wire using a hot glue gun. To get an old-fashioned look, use white or gold roses.  Add some metallic feathers and trimmed ribbon for an elegant touch. You can also add LED lights through each flower until the entire wreath is decorated.

Thus, you only require some imagination and creativity to get going. Hope you find this article helpful. Do not forget to share views in the comment box below.