Who’s excited for Christmas? Everyone is! Yes, everyone is excited for Christmas and one of the factors that trigger this excitement is the part of decorating our own home. Some of us may be a little short on the budget, but that’s no problem! We have many different ways of making our house look great on Christmas without spending so much money. To have the perfect set-up all we need is a pinch of creativity, a sprinkle of imagination, and whole bunch of love. So let us spread love on Christmas and get some of the greatest ideas on what to do with your house for this season. Here’s an early Christmas present for all of you. May you enjoy and have fun in discovering some of these tips for Christmas living room decorations.

Everything Nice

Christmas Living Room Decorations

Red, green, and everything nice, name it all and my christmas living room decorations has it all! From stuffed toys on the ground to the stars that top the tree, you can find joy in this living room that is greatly designed for Christmas. For this, we can replace the floor mat with a green or white one to match the concept of the design.

Image Source: Uratex.com.ph

Repurpose a ladder

Christmas Living Room Decorating Ideas

How about this idea?? Convert your living room to a magical Christmas spirit


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White Christmas


As I look at this photo, I can really feel the purity and cleanliness of one’s home. I love how the space was maximized and the materials used were very simple yet it gave a different look to the whole picture. We can also add some white garlands above the star so the walls would not be that dull.

Image Source: Housetohome.co.uk

Silver Beauty Christmas Living Room Decorations


Silverwares really have different effect when it comes to christmas living room decorations, don’t they? Just by using these uniquely-detailed-design materials, one could produce this great output. Another thing that I really admire with this one is the lighting star on the wall because it does not only add beauty to the picture, but it a very significant symbol during Christmas.

Image Source: Goodhousekeeping.co.uk

True Colors


This colorful set-up would really get the attention of many! As you can see the different colors that the floor mat has, also matches with the colors of furniture and decorations for Christmas, which gives the joyful appearance of the living room. We can add some Christmas lights on the corners of the room so the surroundings would be brighter.

Image Source: Pinterest

Classy Christmas


“Simple yet very attractive” Not only it is easy to make but also very affordable yet it produces a Christmassy feeling to your home. If I were to eat at this dining table, I would definitely not leave even if I’m already done!

Comfy Socks


The first things that I really noticed with this one are the Christmas socks that hang on the wall, it’s so adorable don’t you think? As I look at this photo I feel comfort and peace, not to mention the white walls that add beauty to the whole picture. I really think that this set-up would give everyone, even the visitors, a homey feeling this Christmas.

Image Source: Sandandsisal.com

Christmas Valentine


At one glance you would think that this is a preparation for Valentine’s Day, but no! The theme also fits for Christmas season, which also has the color of red. This one is a very lady-like themed design for Christmas and I’m pretty sure that every girl would definitely love this.

Orange Christmas


Now this one is different. Christmas has many colors, but it is rare to find an orange-themed Christmas, right? That is why this one caught my attention, it shows uniqueness and creativity as it uses two very different colors that are not really in line with Christmas yet it can still portray a picture that would remind us of Christmas season.

Christmas Living Room Decorations (Majestic)


The title “Majestic” just says it all! What I love with this one is how it represents Christmas in a modern way. It also shows class and elegance that gives your living room a whole new different look. We can place some white and silver Christmas socks to hang on the wall so it could give more of the Christmas feeling.

Glow in the Dark


There’s one word that could describe this, “mesmerizing.” The view I can see in this photo is really breath-taking. Just by looking at it I could already feel relaxed and calm, what more if I would do this to my home and have this atmosphere. Having this surrounding while cuddling with the one you love can absolutely make you feel happy and complete!

Image Source: Homemydesign.com

Joyous Christmas


Wow! This christmas living room decorations has space indeed. One of the things that occupied much space in this room is the huge Christmas tree that can be seen at the right side of the photo. I would love to have this Christmas tree as I want it to be a symbol of my fruitful and enormous year ahead of me. For this one, we can add some gifts at the bottom of the tree to add some decorations to it.

Image Source: Homedit.com



This one sure is pretty! It’s very simple yet it makes a good impression to those that would enter the house. It shows a simple way of welcoming and preparation for Christmas, a neat and well-organized living room for a family that lives happily with each other. In addition, we can place some red Christmas socks on the walls to make it livelier.

Image Source: Flickr.com



Do you love statues and artifacts? Well here’s a great suggestion and idea on how to prepare your living room for Christmas. I am one of the people who can be easily amazed by statues even how simple it is, that is why I really appreciate the beauty of this one. In here you can see that even a single piece of decoration can change the whole picture and give it a new look.

Image Source: Deivos.com

Giant Tree


I can say that this is one of the most glamorous designs that I have seen so far! I love the tall Christmas tree and how it was designed with the use of typical Christmas decorations that you could see in every store during Christmas. The garlands and lights that hang along the stairs really blended well with the theme and color of this house, which is why it makes a great effect if combined together in one set-up.

Image Source: Pinterest

Vintage Christmas


Do you know the very first thing that I noticed with this photo? Yup, you’re tight! It’s the painting of the dog near the fireplace, I just find it very cute and yes I do love dogs. Not only it shows the cute dog, but it also gives you a vintage style Christmas that you may want to experience in your living room. For this one maybe we can add some gifts wrapped with vintage-styled wrappers and place it under the tree or near the fireplace.

Image Source: Pinterest

Have a cup of coffee


It’s like having Christmas in a coffee shop! I love the ambiance of this one as it gives a cold feeling that fits for winter season, the perfect time for cuddling with the one you love. Having this set-up really invites me to have a cup of hot chocolate, one of the best medicines for cold weather. What we can add with this one are some gifts under the tree and tiny Christmas bells above the fireplace.

Image source: Thefrugalhomemaker.com



Do you wanna build a snowman? Well I think with the look of this one, you could possibly do it inside your house! At first glance you might think that this snow is real, but then again this is just a work of art and imagination. It’s very fabulous and I can tell this right here is the centerpiece of the house for Christmas. I do believe that the word “magical” pretty sums up this set-up.

Image Source: Serendipityrefined.com

Breezy Christmas


Having this icy theme is really getting popular this Christmas eh? You can now bring the weather outside your house into your home! One thing that I love with this one is the lantern hanging on the ceiling because it gives a different effect and is uniquely-designed that greatly matches the theme of the house. For some additional details, we can hang some white decorations or figures on the wall that would fit with Christmas season.

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Room of Perfection


Want to visit a room with elegance on Christmas? Here it is! I really the admire the perfection of the lighting for this photo as it emphasizes the great paintings hanging on the walls. The lighted candles give a more thrilling effect that made the room full of mystery with a touch of Christmas season.

Image Source: Flickr

The Guardian Deer


Notice the deer beside the Christmas tree, very nice isn’t it? And even he has some decorations on him! Not only the deer gets the attention for this, but also the Christmas tree and pretty silverwares placed on top of the table. What we can do is to hang some paintings on the wall that would match with the theme and color of the living room.

Image Source: Pinterest

Pink Overload


Every girl who loves pink would definitely love this one! No matter how small the Christmas trees are, still it can bring joy to everyone especially when it is this cute. The placement of each decoration is very nice and really organized, that is why it is good and neat to look at. We may add some beautiful paintings, preferably white or pink, to give more color to the house as well.

Perfect Blue Christmas


If some people love pink, others love blue! This one would give a great idea to those who love the color of blue and fond of decorating their house for Christmas. I love this one as the color is very refreshing to the eyes and it somehow imitates the color of the sky, which I think everyone loves.

Glow Within


It seems like the Christmas tree is glowing even if it’s daylight. It shows a really simple set-up but from its looks, I can already feel the overflowing Christmas spirit that this house has. To add some color, we can place garlands on the corners of the ceiling and Christmas lights surrounding it. I am sure that this Christmas living room decorations will transform your living room to tru Christmas point.

Image Source: Traditionalhome.com

Peachtree Street


Well I think with the design, you can obviously tell that the person who made it is very merry! It may not be that spacious but you can still make a masterpiece of your own. With the ribbons, Christmas balls, and some great lights, you can already make the perfect Christmas tree on Christmas time.

Image Source: Pinterest