It is up to us how to make our table more interesting and eye-catching when other people come around to visit our home. Here I’ve gathered some of the greatest Christmas tables setting ideas I’ve seen on the internet. Now what you are going to do is just decide on which one will be serving as your inspiration for your own Christmas tablescapes. So feel free to look and have fun!

Wonderful Christmas Table Setting


Sweet Christmas

Image: source

What’s a better way to have a sweet Christmas? Candy canes on the table! I also love how the pine cones were used for this one. To make it more interesting, we can add some tiny Christmas bells on the edges of the wooden platform placed on top of the table.

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Candy Tubes


It really screams “Hello everyone! It’s Christmas day!” I really like the red table cloth as it matches with everything that is around it, and the color combination just fits perfectly for the whole picture to be called as a great design.

Bells Ringing

Image: Source

Are you ready for your stomach to be full? Just ring the bell and the food will be served. Who wouldn’t want to dine in this set-up, right? It’s like you’re in the presidential table!

Guardian Angels

Image: Source
Image: Source

I really like how the religious aspect of Christmas combines with elegance to have a great concept, not to mention the lovely effect that the candle light gives. I also love how the angel figures are placed in the dining table, as if they are guarding even while you are having a meal.

Girly Christmas

Image: Source

Prettyyyyyy! For me this one is really cute as the colors used blended well with each other. It can really catch the attention of many, especially girls, even to the tiniest detail that it has.

Red Lights

Image: Source
Image: Source

“Simple and neat”, best way to describe this photo. The Christmas balls together with the candles and ribbons would remind everyone that Christmas is coming, therefore we should get ready to celebrate!

Gifts for You

Image: Source

Wow! Just by looking at this photo it helps me find peace and serenity, what more if you would do this to your own home. What I can see is not only a table filled with gifts, but a symbol that every meal we are to dine is a blessing that we should be thankful for.


Image: Source

Ever dreamed of having a dining table with a touch of nature and some cute stuffed animals? Well here it is! This is really perfect for people who are nature-lovers, and even if you’re not you would still tempt to have this set-up. Dining with the animals is indeed more fun!


Image: Source

Simple yet you can obviously determine that this one screams for the Christmas season! Poinsettia being one of the traditional decorations for Christmas, and gifts as one of the symbols of Christmas, now let’s have a toast for the perfect celebration!


Image: source

As my favorite color is green, I would definitely love to have this set-up on my table. Just look at how the tiniest details can make this one more interesting and how bright an idea it is to place a tiny-looking-plant on the plates which could symbolize the bounty fruits we have received.

Little Town

Image: Source

Not easy to make, but definitely worth the time and patience. I don’t know how but just looking at it in the photo, this one really brings joy to the hearts of everyone. With the bright colors used, it lightens up our mood and generates happiness to those who sees it.

Swing from the chandelier

Image: Source

Now the chandelier has two purposes, and as far as I can see it is really doing great in its job! The light, the Christmas balls, and glass wines, everything just matches with each other perfectly. We can add some red-wrapped candies on the table to ass some sweet effect on it.

Reds and Sparkles


One word to describe this one, “Fantastic!”. I really love the idea of placing the Christmas balls in a dessert tray as if they are part of the meal. Maybe you can add some tiny-wrapped-gifts under the dessert tray so it would not be plain-looking.

Farm-style Christmas

Image: Source

What happens when you combine farmhouse-style and the Christmas season? Tada! This is what you get. Just notice how unique is the design of this one, with a wood used as a placemat. I would definitely be willing to dine in this table!

White Christmas

Image: source

White and silver really makes a good combination. I love how the table is set-up as if it’s is to remind us that it is Christmas day! Also, the beautiful lighting that the tiny Christmas trees have gives a charming effect at night.

Green Overload

Image: Source

The very first thing that really caught my attention is the arch-formed grass that I am definitely sure was just a bright idea of the owner. For this one, you can add some green apples on the plate to emphasize more the concept of the design.

Tree of light

Image: Source

It is a perfect sight at night as it gives a sparkly light. These lighted branches are indeed the center and attraction for this masterpiece. Also take a look at the effect of the shadow produced by the lighted candle, beautiful isn’t it?


Image: Source

You can easily determine the theme of this one, pinecones! Who would have that you can have this look just by using pinecones, indeed the maker of this one has an artistic side and a great imagination. And it also displays resourcefulness, just look at how the candle holders and steel cups are used to have this set-up.

FRUITTY Christmas

Image: Source

Yummy yummy yummy! It does not only show what you can do to your home, but also what you can do to your food. Placing the food in a jar is somehow normal, yes, but this one has made a great transformation on how to make it fancier and add some glamour to it. With the perfect combination of colors and bright ideas, you can surely produce these. We can try adding some pretty little leaves or petals around the base of the jar to make it more beautiful.

Floating candle

Image: Source

This one looks like it was really designed for a big event. The coordination and placement of each and every material used was arranged perfectly and nothing seems to be out of place. The only that is lacking is the wine for the feast! Cheers to everyone!


Image: Source

You need not to go to restaurants on Christmas, because with this you would surely have your own store where you can eat and feel at home. This can be a nice surprise for the one you love just to satisfy his/her simple food pleasures for Christmas. Not it is easy to make, but also very affordable.

Warm and Cozy

Image: Source

Can anyone please invite me to this house? I really am getting hungry! But first let us notice the beautiful lighted candles inside those tall candle holders as it give an appealing effect for the entire look. For the tiny details, we can add some fake snowflakes on top of the table and some pine cones to give a more Christmassy feeling.

Christmas Mansion

Image: Source

Now this is a mansion! The silver color of the furniture and ceiling gives a classic effect for the whole picture. As the silver-colored furnishings and red decorations combine in one picture, it produces a sophisticated output that anyone would ever want to have. As it is arranged properly and neatly, I would definitely consider this as an amazing one.

Round Life

Image: Source

As you can see, this one is filled with purity and cleanliness that is why it is so refreshing to look at. What I like about this one is that it gives a deeper meaning for Christmas, which is “life is round and continuous, it is a cycle and it has no end.” For me it does not only beautify your home but also gives an inspiration to each and everyone.



I am not sure if it is edible, but it seriously makes me feel hungry! One of the popular treats for Christmas is the ginger bread, which everyone loves to eat. It is a very nice way to design your table with this one as it not only reminds you of Christmas, but also invites you to the table to dine.

Fruitful Christmas

Image: Source

Now get ready for a breathtaking photo! I really find this one very stunning not only with the effects done on this photo, but also with the design produced and presented by its maker. These tiny trees that serve as a décor for the table may not be easy to make, but definitely would have a great effect to your set-up.

SPOT the difference

Image: Source

Wow! It is like looking at a Dalmatian dog. I just love the effect of how the black polka dots harmonize with the green-colored table cloth and ribbons. For this one we can add some green herbs surrounding the plate to have an alluring effect

The silver platter

Image: Source

The set-up of the table matches with the theme of the house, and definitely it produces a really nice outcome. What we can add with this is maybe a golden bell placed on the upper left portion of plate and some golden little beads on the base of the tray.

Wedding Glamour

Image: Source

Oh my gosh this just melts my heart! By the time I saw it, I really felt peace and joy, and it’s an amazing effect given by just one photo. Everything that you can see just coincides with each other, from the cloths up to the tiniest detail of ornaments. I would definitely love to have this one on my wedding!

Color your Life

Image: Source

What we usually see are designs that have a certain color or a combination of two. With this one you could see many different colors but still has a great effect and output. It could really brighten up your day as it gives and welcomes you to a colorful day ahead.