Christmas-Decorating-IdeasAs the big day rushes closer, there is so much to do – buying Christmas gifts, choosing the best Christmas hampers and corporate gifts and preparing for Christmas menu and, oh so little time. Make a list of what needs to be done before Christmas Eve so as to prevent your being overwhelmed.

Grouchy people create a damper for this joyous festive season. Consider the following simple, yet memorable, Christmas decorating ideas.

Decorating a Christmas Tree

Trimming the Christmas tree is usually the highlight of the decorating ritual in many homes in America. There are three types of trees to choose from when contemplating this tradition. You can buy a real live tree for your home from the tree farms in your locality with instructions on how to help it remain green until January. There are artificial trees in your favorite store. Here you can choose between the tall trees which are set up on the floor and the small ones for a desk/table top. Whichever one you choose, enjoy decorating it leaving enough space near it for the Christmas gifts and hampers that will grace your home.

Christmas Trees Decorating Ideas

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Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas


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Christmas Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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Christmas Home Decorating Ideas


Set A Holiday Atmosphere – Make a poinsettia- wicker center piece. Decorate a wicker basket with garland and ribbons. Place a poinsettia in the basket and put it on your table. Buy different sized baskets and plants, a variety of ribbons and garland. Make a few more centerpieces which you can give to guests, who bless your home, as gifts when they leave. As you get geared for the festivities, buy or make an ornament that will be used over the years as part of the family tradition. This being the first year that the decorative piece will be used, mark it with the date it begins its work in your family Christmas tradition.

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Natural Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you have green fingers, you can choose from the variety of poinsettias in the area green house to decorate your home. This will be a way to bring the outdoors inside. Place the plants in strategic places to accent the other Christmas decorations. Do not despair if plants die in your care. There are silk poinsettias that you can use in place of the real deal. These can be used repeatedly after dusting the cloth.


Create a Nativity Scene – The set you choose to use will depend on how adventurous you want to be. Will the scene be set indoors or outdoors? Either way you will be spoilt for choice as you can have anything from wood to porcelain pieces. How is your charm offensive? Real people and animals can be a part of the scene! This scene can be as simple as having Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manger or as elaborate as getting all the animals, shepherds, and Magi to join the trio with a recording of the story playing in the background.

New Christmas Decoration Ideas


Over the years, green, black and red have been established as the official colors for the Christmas festive season. This color combination also applies to Christmas hampers and corporate Christmas gifts. Make it different this year. The daring individual or family can create their own theme at this time.

Seashore Christmas Ornaments

She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Gold, silver, white, green and blue would be the most ideal color scheme for this Christmas decoration theme. A whopping collection of shells can be used to make Christmas garlands, wreaths, Christmas gifts, gift basket decoration, Christmas hamper ornaments and center pieces for the tables. Seahorses, mermaids and mermen, crabs, oysters, lobsters, starfish, octopus’ and other marine creatures make wonderful ornaments. Just buy the plastic versions as the real deal will make for a smelly house. Fish nets on the ceiling or below the tree will complete the effect as she sells sea shells by the sea house.

Festive Christmas Floral Arrangements

These can be made from dried flowers. Set an extra place at your table this year and put the flower arrangements there. Flower arrangements could be a nice Christmas centerpiece on your dining table. Great conversation piece.

Ornamental Christmas Candles

Place a big tall candle in the middle of a pedestal dish. Arrange different glass and crystal ornaments and smaller candles in the dish. Place this dainty dish in front of a mirror for a reflective effect.

New-born Theme Christmas Celebration

If a baby is due in the month of December then you can have a baby theme. Have your baby shower in your home so that the deco will carry over to the deliver time. Rattles, small cuddles, binkies, baby bottles etc make wonderful Christmas ornaments for the tree. Other baby items can be hung around the house and the baby’s room.

Snowman Christmas Theme

This unique Christmas decoration theme will send you to your craft store to get different colored balls to build indoor snowmen. Gold and white ribbons, gold beaded garland will add a spark of warmth to the theme. Bring the snow indoors by sprinkling cotton balls or spread white lace around the Christmas tree. Under it, arrange the family’s christmas gifts and presents to exchange on Christmas eve.

More Creative Christmas Decoration Ideas

This could be the beginning of a tradition in your family to be carried for generations to come. What theme suits your fancy or is close to your heart? Start with one or two items. As time and seasons come and go you can build, sew, knit and crochet the object of your tradition. Examples are Santa’s, wreaths, snowmen, cards and more. Look in antique stores and attend auctions to get classic pieces.

Create snowflakes from different materials. This will transform your home into a winter-wonder-land over time as you make more intricate patterns of the flakes.

Make a new family montage every year on mounting card which will be framed and hung on the wall. The family members can come together with their memorable photos to cut and past onto the montage.

Return to nature and get pine cones, branches, leaves and the like which can be painted and decorated and used as center pieces on tables or wall hangings.

Create different scented potpourri using your favorite spices, dried fruits and plants.