As Christmas fast approaches, one has fleeting thoughts about the items of Christmas decoration around the house, that’s aside from thinking about of what kind of Christmas gift or Christmas present to give to family and co-workers. The Christmas lights are a great item which brings a warm glow to many in the frosty nights. For some in addition to the sentimental feelings come a larger than normal electric bill or ashes as a result of a fire ignited by these very beautiful Christmas ornaments. Step up the environmentally safer, economizing light-emitting diode (LED) Christmas lights which replace the regular incandescent lights in the colored casing.

Where to buy Christmas Lights?

Both types of Christmas lights (LED and incandescent) can be found in the major supermarkets (like Target) as well as at the on-line Christmas sale retailers Their prices are almost the same. When you get to the store to buy the Christmas lights you will be spoilt for choice as the lights comes in all shapes and sizes.

Incandescent Christmas Light VS LED Christmas Lights

The difference between the incandescent Christmas lights and the LED Christmas lights is a whopping thirty three percent (33%) increase on your power usage as a result of using the normal incandescent lights. Bear in mind, that the LED Christmas lights remain cooler than the incandescent ones. The regular lights usually heat up the longer they are used and have been known to cause fires. The LED lights, as a result last twice as long as the incandescent lights. “Consumer Reports” have shown that the LED lights last for over 4000hrs compared to 2000hrs for the ordinary Christmas lights. Think about it, no worry about replacing LED light for most of the festive season. With the incandescent lights, one has to have several spare bulbs knowing that one or two may give out before Christmas is over.

Types of LED Christmas Lights

Come with your portable chair so that you can be relaxed as you try to make up your mind. The lights range in size from miniature to the regular sized Christmas lights. Pick from strawberry shaped, Santa Claus, reindeer, raspberry shaped, snowflakes, snowmen, to name a few. The lights can be multicolored or monochrome strands. One can buy the individual lights in, almost, all the colors of the rainbow – red, purple, blue, orange, green, and white. Rope lights and fun figurines like Santa, the reindeers and artificial Christmas tress can have LED lights. Once the choice is made, make sure that the items picked have LED lights.

The Green LED Christmas Light

How green are you? There are solar powered LED lights! So in addition to the LED lights lasting long, being cooler thus no unplanned fires, lower electric bills, you can use sun rays to make the nights brighter as they automatically come on when the sun sets. During the day, the solar batteries charge at no cost to you as long as the sun shines or there are UV rays in the air.